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Doesn't this world deserve a better end? The main character finds himself in the world of "Jujutsu Kaisen" with the power of the Red Priest from "Lord of Mysterios." Hello everyone, I am amattsu, the author of "Jujutsu Kaisen: Red Priest Pathway". Unfortunately, I had to re-upload this fanfic to my account because, for certain reasons, my co-author Vandalizer cannot publish it on their own account. patreon.com/amattsu

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Chapter 31. Yellow brick road (Part 2)

"Sukehiro!" This word was immediately followed by a heavy hand landing on my shoulder, one that could, inadvertently, break the bones of an ordinary person.

"It's good to see you again," I said as I turned around and smiled at the guy who was slightly taller than me.

"It's only been a month, but I've already missed our meetings," Todo replied, laughing cheerfully.

Our meetings... Every time we meet, this guy tries to instill his love for idols in me, inviting me to various concerts in Tokyo. Indeed, a month ago, we attended Takada's concert.

"You've gotten stronger," I remarked, my gaze shifting to Yuji, who was standing a bit aside.

"I finally understood what you meant when you described the taste of cursed energy to me," Yuji replied, stretching his shoulder and smiling from ear to ear.

"Well, you had an excellent teacher," I smiled back. "Todo helped me understand a lot, and he even imposed his understanding of 'taste' on me."

"You're making me blush, brother," Todo laughed brazenly, clearly pleased with my words.

"Long time no see, Sukehiro," the gentle voice of a girl, Momo, interrupted our dialogue.

"Hello," I responded, my gaze moving towards the girl, behind whom stood Mai, Nobara, and Utahime. "You become more beautiful with each passing year. I wonder who will be the lucky one to have you as a wife?"

In response, Momo's face turned red.

"Are things going so tough with Maki that you've decided to hit on Momo?" Mai cut into the conversation.

"Don't even mention it," I sighed wearily. "That iron lady is all about herself... Maybe I should change tactics and try from her sister's side?"

"If you think I'm going to help you win over my sister, you don't know me well," Mai snorted, crossing her arms under her chest, which pushed her ample bosom forward.

"I thought you'd actually enjoy watching a scoundrel and jerk like me win over your sister," I replied.

"Your smooth talk won't work on me," Mai gave me a disdainful look.

"Alright, alright," I raised my hands, admitting defeat, and turned to the third girl from the Kyoto school. "So, how are you all doing?"

"Great," the blonde smiled confidently. "Though, your younger one spoiled my mood."

"I'd gladly fix your cute face again, just ask," Nobara's voice came from behind the girls.

"To become like you?" Momo's mocking voice was like a "red cape" to Nobara. "No, thanks, I'll pass."

"Girls, enough," Utahime stepped in from behind Nobara, positioning herself between her and the group of girls from Kyoto, then gave me a vigilant look. "Hello, Sukehiro."

"Hello," I replied, still feeling uncomfortable communicating so formally with this woman, but she insisted on it, so I didn't argue.

"Brother, are you free tonight?" Todo asked.

"Of course," I replied immediately, curiosity piqued. "Which idol's concert are we talking about this time?"

"No, no," Todo said, scratching his head with a chuckle. "This time, I thought we'd celebrate our reunion and my newfound brotherhood with another friend!" With that, he gave Yuji a hearty slap on the shoulder, eliciting a grin from him.

"I'm game for whatever it is," I declared, then paused, noticing not all of our usual company was present. "Where is everyone else?" I asked, turning to Utahime for an update.

"Noritoshi Kamo, Toge Inumaki, Megumi Fushiguro, and Maki Zenin sustained injuries during an encounter with a special-grade curse. Kasumi Miwa was sidelined before the confrontation," Utahime explained, her posture upright and her tone formal, yet tinged with concern. "Their injuries aren't critical, but they'll need some time to recover," she added, her voice softening at the end.

"And what about Panda and Mechamaru?"

"Panda is currently looking after the Tokyo school's students. Mechamaru is with Noritoshi and Miwa," she informed.

I looked around at those who were present and asked, "Did any of you manage to enjoy yourselves, at least?"

"No," the girls answered in unison, their tones a mix of frustration and disappointment.

"Of course," Todo and Yuji said simultaneously, their spirits undampened by the events.

Observing the contrasting responses, I couldn't help but smile warmly at the resilience and camaraderie evident in our group.


Despite the tumultuous start to their first event, the Kyoto and Tokyo school exchange was merely paused for a day. In a surprising turn, a baseball match was selected as the subsequent event, sidestepping individual matches for something more team-oriented. Tokyo school clinched victory yet again.

However, our planned meeting — Todo, Yuji, and myself — was derailed, leading us to reschedule for today. Yet, it seemed fate had its own agenda for our assembly.

"I thought today was about having fun!" Todo's complaint reverberated through the ramen shop, his disappointment palpable.

"Will you just eat and keep quiet?" Mai's frustration was evident as she nudged Todo's head down towards the table.

"Could you try not to draw attention?" Momo glanced around, embarrassed.

"Let's keep it civil," Noritoshi added his voice to the mix.

"Tuna," was Toge's simple yet affirming reply.

"Panda finds rude shouting in eateries quite disagreeable," Panda chimed in from a corner, subtly hidden by my [Conspiracy].

"What immaturity," Nobara commented, resting her chin on her hand, observing the scene unfold.

Maki, Mechamaru, and Megumi opted to stay out of the verbal fray, choosing silence instead.

"It seems like sensei was trying to bond us in his own way," Yuji noted, hardly pausing between mouthfuls of his second bowl of ramen. "Though it appears not everyone's on board with the idea."

"He had hoped for some quality time with us," I added, smiling, "but Satoru's presence turned his ideal 'date' into this unexpected gathering."

"I hardly ever come to Tokyo," Todo grumbled, visibly irked by the turn of events. "And here I am, confined to a ramen shop instead of exploring the city."

"Satoru believes that shared meals foster stronger bonds," I remarked offhandedly.

"Though, the ramen is admittedly tasty," Miwa commented, her voice low but sincere.

"Don't you start, Miwa," Mai retorted. "This boor may lack manners, but he's not entirely wrong... To be sat at a table with this..." Her eyes flickered to her sister before she hesitated and then sighed, dismissing the thought.

"Care to finish that thought?" Maki prompted, an edge of challenge in her voice.

"I've nothing to say to you," Mai snapped, tension simmering between them.

"You're acting like a child," Maki responded, shaking her head.

Mai scowled, the comment stinging.

"To lighten the mood, how about karaoke after this?" I suggested, hoping to divert from the brewing sibling rivalry.

"You don't even enjoy karaoke," Nobara pointed out, skeptical.

"True, I'm not one for singing, much like Toge," I admitted.

"Salmon," Toge interjected, momentarily distracted by his noodles.

"Yet, I'd appreciate the chance to hear your 'angelic' renditions," I added, looking towards the group with a half-smile.

"Karaoke could be interesting," Todo considered, his mood lightening.

"That sounds infinitely more entertaining than sitting here," Momo agreed, warming to the idea.

"Let's see who can actually carry a tune," Yuji enthused, eager as he tackled his third bowl of ramen, the prospect of karaoke sparking a new excitement among us.

Nobara's declaration to accept the karaoke challenge sparked a wave of enthusiasm among us. Her eyes gleamed with a competitive spirit that was infectious.

"I'll participate too," announced Mechamaru, his mechanical voice tinged with a hint of uncertainty.

"Panda didn't realize robots had a singing feature," Panda commented, eyeing Mechamaru with a blend of curiosity and amusement.

"You might find yourself surprised," Miwa chimed in, throwing her support behind Mechamaru with a confident smirk.

As Momo and Nobara began their search for a suitable karaoke venue, complaints and jokes about the distance and vocal abilities began to fly.

"It's too far; I might as well walk to the ends of the earth," Nobara exaggerated.

To which Momo quickly replied, "Are we Sorcerers or fragile porcelain dolls?"

"Let's agree on no mocking my singing, okay?" Miwa interjected with a playful smile, already anticipating the light-hearted teasing that karaoke could unleash.

The arrival of Gojo Satoru, with his trademark carefree grin and blue eyes shimmering with mischief behind his sunglasses, shifted the atmosphere instantly.

"Decided on karaoke without me, did you?" He effortlessly captured everyone's attention, his excitement for the upcoming event unmistakable.

Yuji's immediate enthusiasm at Gojo's interest brought forth a wave of collective excitement. "Really? Are you joining us, Sensei?"

"Absolutely," Gojo responded with a casual wave of his hand, boasting, "You'll find I'm quite the singer."

That claim was quickly challenged, "That's a bold lie. Remember Nanami's reaction last time?Remember Nanami's reaction last time? He almost strangled him with his tie." I couldn't help but blurt it out, eliciting laughter and skeptical looks.

"Nanami simply lacks appreciation for true talent," Gojo countered with a dismissive snort, clearly enjoying the banter and the attention it drew.

With Gojo's joining, the mood lightened significantly, anticipation for the evening's karaoke growing. Laughter and playful exchanges filled the air as we wrapped up our meal at the ramen shop.

Observing the camaraderie and joy amongst us, I was filled with a sense of contentment and hope. This moment captured the essence of the future I yearned for—a future of laughter and shared joy, where the dangers we faced daily were but distant memories, and where happiness was not just a fleeting dream.

This gathering, likely our last before the events at Shibuya, felt like a promise—a vow that we would all survive to share moments like this again.

"Sukehiro," Maki's voice pulled me out of my reverie. "Let's head out"

"I'm coming," I replied, standing up from the table.

As we left the ramen shop behind, heading towards an evening of laughter and music, I made a silent promise to myself and to the future: next time we gathered like this, we would all be there, alive and together.

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