1 Can I Go Home With You? (1)

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In a quiet flower shop.


A light golden notebook was slammed heavily on the table.

"Too much, this is too much!"

A little girl in a red dress was lying on her stomach. Her beautiful big eyes were wide open, and her tone was very fierce.

"Why did he say I'm stupid!?"

"And that I don't know anything?!"

Yun Si gritted her teeth and stared at the light golden notebook as if she was going to stare a hole into it.

At the side, the little white flower in the small flower pot shook its petals and said in a baby voice, "Sisi, did you misunderstand Master Jiuge?"

"I think he treats you quite well..."

Yun Si glanced at the flower and the corners of her mouth twitched, "He said it himself. I'm an ominous red spider lily. Although I'm good-looking, I'm just so-so."

"I heard every word clearly. What misunderstanding could there be?"

The little white flower fell silent.

"But... But I still think that Master Jiuge is very good to you..."

It whispered, "When you fell down by accident last time. You don't know how anxious Master Jiuge was..."

"What?" Yun Si did not hear clearly.

The little white flower immediately silenced itself.

"No... It's nothing."

"I just feel that... Master Jiuge must have his reasons for you to come here to train."

Yun Si was taken aback, her face expressionless. "No, Little Taosheng. He just thinks I'm stupid."

Taosheng was speechless.

That day, she went to him with red eyes and said that since he did not like her, she would not bother him anymore.

Jun Jiuge looked at her. In the end, he sighed and tapped her forehead, seeming a little helpless. "Stupid."

"How can, how can you be this stupid?"

She was so angry that she turned around to leave with her eyes red.

But he pulled her back.

Then, he gave her this light golden notebook.

"Stupid Ah Si, if you don't know anything, then go and learn."

He held her hand, a helpless smile flashing across his calm and gentle purple eyes. "Go learn everything that you should."

"When the time comes, you will understand what I mean."

He raised his hand, his fingertips gently brushing across the beautiful flower ornament on her forehead.

The handsome man used a beauty trick, then, while she was in a daze, he sent her into The Small World.

Yun Si was speechless.

She still felt that he thought she was stupid.

She pouted her lips.

Taosheng waved its petals and said in all seriousness, "Master Jiuge said that you have to write down everything you've learned in the book. He'll check it later."

"You can go back when you've filled your notebook."

Yun Si was taken aback.

She sneered, picked up a pen, turned to the first page of the notebook, and wrote: Jun Jiuge is a b*stard!

Taosheng was speechless.

The next second, on the light golden notebook, the content that the little girl had just written disappeared.

There was no trace of it at all.

Yun Si was stunned.

She did not believe it and wrote again: Jun Jiuge is a sc***ag!

The next second, the sentence in the book disappeared again.

Yun Si was surprised.

Taosheng, who was at the side, let out a "pfft" as if it really wanted to laugh, but was trying its best to hold it in, "Sisi, didn't Master Jiuge say that you can only write what you have learned in the book, and you can't write anything else."

"You'll fail if you just write a sentence. It'll disappear automatically."

Yun Si was speechless.

Was that b*atard a demon?

Taosheng laughed, rubbing it in.

Its flower branch was bent from laughing.

The branches and leaves trembled with laughter, gloating over her misfortune.

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