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Yes, this will be the typical story where I will have to make several clarifications to avoid problems in the future.

First, and I think most importantly, if you're reading this you probably already have an idea of what the story will be about, but I still feel the need to mention it. The story is based on an H (hentai) so obviously I'll write explicit +18 scenes even though I don't have the goal to base the story completely on that topic, so if you really don't like this type of content or if it causes you any discomfort of some kind (first of all, I don't know what you're doing here if that's the case), I suggest you find another story to read and save yourself unnecessary comments, thanks.

Another important point and that is also to save me more comments, English is not my original language, so I am aware that there will be spelling or consistency errors that I may not be able to correct, so I hope you take this point into account.

I write this just for fun since the idea just occurred to me and I had the need to write it, I don't know how good it is, but I feel that it is enough to share it.

And… After all this text that maybe no one will ever read, just enjoy the story.


"Sigh...There's so much to move." A brown-haired girl said tiredly as you could see her skin covered in sweat from the summer heat. "Why didn't you warn me that there would be so many boxes?"

She directed her question to the person coming down the stairs behind her. "You have no right to complain at this point, Rena. I asked you several times if you were sure you wanted to bring that much with you." Answered the voice of an older woman who had just put the box she was carrying in her arms down to reveal the stern expression she was giving to the younger girl.

The older woman was a mature beauty with delicate facial features and short dark brown hair. The curves and proportions of her body were enough to attract the attention of many men, plus she looked younger than she actually was.

"But mom..." The girl who went by the name of Rena started to protest, but she was interrupted by the sharp look that her mother gave her.

"Not at all. Today you start a new chapter in your life as a married woman, you are no longer a child." She scolded her daughter severely, and Rena cringed in fear and remained silent before turning away from her mother to focus again on unpacking everything.

The boxes were reduced over time until there were only a few left compared to the ones that were in the beginning.

"Well, that should do for now, I'll make sure to finish fixing everything up tonight!" Her voice of joy came out of her after realizing all the work she had done.

"Hehe, congratulations, Rena. You really worked hard."

"By the way, in this box, I found a lot of clothes that I had forgotten to wear before and I don't think I'll be able to use them in the future, you should see them and take the ones you like mom."

"Huh, I don't think I should, it won't look good on me."

"But what do you say?! Whatever you wear looks great on you, you have a very sexy body for your age and that combined with the right clothes will make men gape." The girl could not stop laughing while saying all that at the same time that she noticed the flushed face of her mother.

"Don't talk nonsense, Rena."

"It's not nonsense, you've been single for a long time, it's time for love to knock on your door." The roles seemed to have been exchanged at that moment as the girl scolded her mother at that time.

"That..." The words that came out of her did not have enough volume to be heard by her daughter, and at the same time, it made her mind form ideas that only she knew what they meant.

"Damn, the hours flew by, the girls must be wondering where I am, I'll make sure to finish it all up later!" The girl had gotten up and taken her bag as she headed to the door of the apartment while she was yelling all that.

"Make sure you are very careful, remember that you are pregnant." The serious voice of the woman sounded again and she could not be ignored by her daughter.

"I know, I know, you can rest easy, I won't do anything dangerous, plus I want to take advantage of all the time I have to enjoy myself before I can't even move too much."

"Sigh... Sometimes I think you're still a little girl."

"Yes, but I'm your little girl. And I was serious about the clothes, you can take whatever you like. Ah, I almost forgot, Akio said he's coming back tonight, so I'd appreciate it if you make enough dinner for the three of us."

"Don't worry, I'll do enough."

A few last words of farewell were exchanged between the mother and daughter so that later the door would close again, leaving silence to take over the place.

"I guess I should let her have some fun, I'll have to help her tidy up the place a bit."

A few hours passed again until you could see how the evening light was gradually entering through the window, the view of the apartment was even more acceptable, and a somewhat hesitant woman was looking at a few boxes that were stacked in a room wondering what she should do.

"I really don't think there's anything left for me... But maybe I'll find something to at least use while I'm home, let's see..." With her hope alight, the woman began to search inside the boxes, but after several minutes, there was only one thought in her head.

"E-Everything is too revealing." Every piece of clothing she had found was discarded by her since just imagining wearing one of them, made her quickly shake her head and search to find another set of clothes even more provocative than the previous.

"I was right, I can't wear any of this... I'd better go get the ingredients for dinner." Ending up a bit disappointed after that, the woman grabbed what she needed to leave and walked away from the apartment building until she reached a typical convenience store to find what she needed.

"I think I'll make some curry tonight, it's always been Rena's favorite, hehe... Ah!" A scream of surprise had suddenly come out of her as she had caused a small bookshelf to fall to the ground and that was because she had accidentally pushed it with her butt.

"Sigh… I think I should lose some weight…"

She had already left the store and forgotten about the embarrassing accident earlier as she continued to think of herself. The sunset had already disappeared and the night was the only thing present, the path that the woman was following was too lonely at that moment and she was feeling a little nervous for some reason.

She was picking up her pace to get out of that area quickly, but as if her suspicions were right, she had to take a detour that unfortunately led to a dead-end at the same time she heard voices right behind her.

"Damn, she's just an old lady, so we won't get a good price."

"You must have hope, there must be subjects who pay enough, and if not, we can simply offer it to someone to do what they want with it."

Those voices belonged to two subjects who were not too easy on the eyes as well as had the image of a dangerous person, and everything they just said couldn't go unnoticed by the woman who was experiencing a lot of fear at the time.

Her first thought had been to scream for help, but the next words she heard besides the small knife that had appeared near her face were enough that her voice couldn't come out.

"You better not do something stupid or the only thing they will find is your body in this place."

A pale complexion formed on her, everything had happened too fast and she didn't feel real, but one thing she was sure of, was the fear she was feeling was very difficult to express and it was enough that she couldn't even move.

She had closed her eyes in an attempt to believe that none of this was happening, that she was just having a nightmare, she was sure that something pleasant would not happen if those people took her away, but her emotions were in total chaos preventing her from doing anything in this situation.

She could hear footsteps approaching her as well as unpleasant laughter making her panic, even more, she had really closed her eyes tightly expecting the worst, but after some peculiar sounds, none of that happened.

"Who are you… Gah!!"

"Bastard, how dare you… Argh!"

Those simple muffled screams from her attackers were what reached her, she still had her eyes closed and she could feel how her body did not stop trembling, but despite this, the voice that she had heard the next moment, was enough so that a feeling of warmth and safety filled her completely as she saw the hand and the face that had appeared in front of her.

"Are you okay?"


"The following I wrote after several chapters already published."

N/A: I have to mention a few things... I started the fic based on the animation of the original story, plus I did everything based on what I remembered.

For that reason, it could be said that there are many changes from the original work to the point where it seems that I only borrowed the main characters to start another completely new story.

For example, I didn't remember if in the animation they said the name of the main character, so I made up a name to refer to her, but her real name is actually Minako. Although personally, I prefer the one I chose.

Another change was Rena's name, I actually remembered it that way, but it seems that her name was Reina, a little mistake on my part.

Also, the fact that they originally lived in the city, etc.

I just wanted to mention this as a little note to anyone who had any doubts about that, but I hope you enjoy the story nonetheless.

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