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What is Jihadul islam

Read ‘Jihadul islam’ Online for Free, written by the author Jihadul_Islam_2335, This book is a History Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Note: This is my attempt on creating a decent fanfiction with my horrible grammar skills and pitiful knowledge of English language. —^— (Lord of the Mysteries + some Magnus Archive elements ) ............. (Statement of Luwen Gardner, regarding the Magnus Institute and all of the Abnormalities. Original statement given November 23rd 1349. Audio recording by Hayden Miller, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, Loen Kingdom. Statement Begins.) Year 1349, November 23rd–Journal of Luwen Gardner. Compulsion... That's it. This isn't a statement! Luwen you're writing on your journal! This behavior is definitely a side effect of working here in this Institute– On this Evil Organization. In this years of my life, I am just a normal and simple civilian in Tingen City of Awwa County. The third child of Gardner family. With a loving family of caring parents and siblings. Studying as a first year student in Khoy University in History department, with few acquaintances- I could say that my life was as good and simple as I wanted it to be. A dream of good life and becoming very very very rich someday. I am a good example of a simple young man. Just a few more years, pass the test, graduate and find a job. My dreams are within my reach! It is a pity that everything that I lived for is 'FALSE.' One day, they came. Forcing me to open my 'eyes'. Beyonders, Pathways, Potions and Ingredients... This world isn't as simple as it seems, and the Magnus Institute- An old evil organization who was beyond and mysterious to the eyes of beyonders... Buried, Corruption, Dark, Desolation, End, Eye, Flesh, Hunt, Lonely, Slaughter, Spiral, Stranger, Vast and Web. Ex- In the game of authority, gods and organizations, I have a feeling that " they–the Magnus Institute shouldn't be here. " Note: Lord of the Mysteries and Magnus Archives belongs to their rightful creators and they aren't definitely not mine.

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Wonder of U (DCxMarvel and beyond)

Too lazy to write but have to do pls read it MC is reborn in the Marvel X DC + beyond MC is a Femboy, a trap and is bisexual Harem Mc was reborn with random 25 + bonus abilities and attributes positive or negative across the Omniverse let's see how it goes...... Tony : Marry me Karyo, Pepper also agreed with me about marry you Captain: Marry me Karyo so that I could always listen to your music and see you always Thor : Throughout the nine realms Nothing compared to you beauty Karyo, Marry me and I will make you the queen of Asgard Starlord : I have travelled across the universe, met countless species but your beauty beats them all Hulk : Hulk loves You,Hulk protect you, You marry us Banner: I love you Karyo and so does hulk, pls marry us BlackWidow : Marry me Karyo Strange: Throughout the multiverse your beauty is unparalleled, so give me the honour to marry you Superman : I love Lois and you Karyo and Lois love you and me so why don't we get marry Flash : Marry me Karyo and I will take you anywhere in seconds Lucifer: I hve tried it with countless woman but let's try something new shall we Karyo There are more but I can't write and remember all that Also MC can travel through the Omniverse and world will come randomly and comics,movies and games ideas will also be random Forgive my grammatical mistakes Amateur in romantic scenes so help me and does have much rizz or pick lines that good so please give me some help and if you guys can also give your ideas here I will appreciate your help

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Demonic Beast and Evil Prince

[Warning: This book has mature content with non-graphic rape] A secret agent, spy, and undercover expert and her whole family were trying to leave their home country to get away from the raging war there. On their way to another country, they were caught up in a terrible tragedy that destroyed everyone. Reincarnated in a completely new era and other world where legends, magic, and mythical creatures are real. Humans had to fight against monsters and witches. She was trapped in the body of a spoiled young girl named Tan Xiuying who grew up in a noble family. She just learned that she was actually a cursed demonic beast after having a dark practice of evil sorcery and she will take her new form at the age of eighteen. Having just risen from the dead and reborn, she dealt with slander and accusations, even being accused of being a traitor to the kingdom because of the girl's grave sin. It forced her to flee due to the angry mob chasing her and demanding her live. She didn’t expect to survive death, but here she is and she's surprised to find herself with a lot of unanswered questions. Questions that take her beyond the bounds of the mundane into the shadows of a world she had never imagined. And then she met Zhu Longwei, the most powerful man, who was the supreme leader of all the clans in the land whom she believes having the answers she seeks, instead she becomes the pawn in a game she never asked to be a part of. There was a person or people out there to hunt her. She knows that none can rest easy until she is captured, but she refuses to play the victim. They'll realize she's not as naive as they assume when she's the one on the receiving end of the hunt until the mastermind is exposed. Will she be able to reclaim her old life? Or is the game just getting started? *** [Disclaimer: This book has some mature contents and non-graphic rape in the beginning. It has some intimate and passionate scenes that explore the romantic relationships between characters. Even though these mature scenes are significant to the story and the characters, it is important to note that they are shown in a tasteful way and are not meant to be detailed or unnecessary. This book is mostly about the mental journeys of the characters and the problems they have to deal with. Those who might be sensitive to this kind of material should read it with care, and it is best for mature readers] This story is purely a work of fiction and is the product of the author's imagination. Some names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. *** Dear my loyal readers, This is my second English novel after "Pregnant with My Sister's Billionaire Fiance". "Demonic Beast And Evil Prince" is an English novel that falls under the genre of Eastern Fantasy. It is my debut work and takes readers on an exciting journey filled with magical creatures, dark forces, and a captivating plot set in an imaginative world inspired by the culture of ancient Eastern Han dynasty and Chinese mythology. Your supports in power stones, gifts and golden tickets as well as some reviews are highly appreciated. Thank you. @Cover design and all character images by the author with AI generated image. Find me in IG @Karensiarose Discord @Karensia

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Arch-Nexus: Astral sage's path to transidence

"Truth is not always known ,what is known need not necessarily be truth"-Vishnugupt Chanikya(i think so not sure) Truth is graced upon and persieved by only those who know how to look for and are willing to seek it. Truth which can prove correct was termed as 'science' by humans and that which cannot be was termed 'mystery' ,'legend' and even 'fantasy' .Whatever be the reality of the 'unverified' it was true that majority of humanity considered them nothing but fallacy ;one of these many 'unverified' facts was that "We are alone in the known universe" ,Despite many sightings of inexplicable objects and signals humans still liked to indulge in their beliefs why? it was convenient to have peace of mind while picking fights among themselves among themself .....and they would surely continue to do the same .....if and only if 'those' incident hadn't shaken their very world view YEAR:2025 people around the globe suddenly died at nearly same time ,this wouldn't be much alarm globally if the cause of death was known to mankind or within the scope of understanding... ,but the reason it caused alarm was because the actual reason for their death couldn't be confirmed by any field of medicine........for there were no radiation ,chemical ,virus or injury found on victims body The deaths almost seemed like the vital organs reaching a mutual agreement to shut down at same time and later convincing rest of the body to shut down !.........well it was so because it was true..... (nah I wouldn't give away reason this early as it is a spoiler ,hmm where did I leave, oh yeah....) Be as it may these deaths were termed 'bio blackout ' and though it's reason being a mystery, And that was the kicker. Mass hysteria ensued across the world, while the folks with little senses were wracking their brain on 'why? and how?'............ people totally glossed over 'who?' who had caused these 'deaths'? And you know what, it turns out that there was a who. It was the being who had caused the deaths in the first place - and it was unlike anything humanity had ever seen before. But who, or what, was it? And why had it chosen this moment to make its presence known? ,and.....oh were the 'dead' ...dead? (nah! ain't nobody there dead if some people are dead and others have gone mad then what am I gonna write story about ,eh? asylum?) As you might have guessed story is about 'dead' transmigrated souls ,in particularly most about a crackpot who went ahead and became a certified nutjob whom no asylums in the world dared to admit him to be crazy af, why? well you see this particular NJ despite being NJ was also powerhouse ,a tycoon ,a troublemaker, Philanthropist ,and few other things and most of which were only his side hussle compared to his main job of a Menace (wut? that much synopsis was not enough? really?.....then I'll add some more this novel is gonna be an adventure through modern fantasy world wherein the mc is thrust into with bare minimum support ,while is expected to fend for himself and thrive in a short period of time ,(note :mc is going to be under mage category not those overused necro-gang or chunni /lame pyromancer sh- you get it when you read it)if he doesn't want to get swept under greed 'foreign' forces that is. what you're still here? have something to ask? ask away)

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