1 Prologue

There is always something in life that push us to turn tables and spin around like a whirlwind in the kaleidoscope. There are millions of pitfalls out there in a single battle, and who knows how countless feuds there may be in life. No matter, there is always something about life that reminds me about my mom. She always lectures me that no matter how queer and difficult the circumstance as it may be, life is still a colorful hue. Every time you fall, no matter how dreadful the pain you have, there is always a stick to count on that will help you to stand up even in one knee. If it is really too hard to swallow your pride, just cover your choke with a smile and stay still. The thing is, what makes you better is a life apart from regrets. She tells me to never, ever leave my guts to take risk, so that every time a chance comes my way, my door is always ready to welcome every opportunity. In spite of every hardships, I must bear with the pain, that when I get through it, I can now adjust the sail and succumb those dreadful things in life. With that, either I clash or collide with the surge of the storm – la vie en rose.

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