Jack of Elves Book

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Jack of Elves


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Syndra Elwood is a teenage girl living in Kunan City, the capital of the Fae Kingdom of Senkyo. All her life she faced the extreme poverty and oppression that comes with being a human in Kunan City, so when she is given an opportunity as a servant in the King's palace, she gladly takes it. Little did she know that she was soon to personally serve the tyrant pulling the strings of a cruel regime... Jack Asmodeus Pyre is known to all as the Elven King; a predatorial creature of power hiding flesh-tearing canines behind a pretty face. Stories speak of his horrific acts and rotten personality, but what if he has some good in him, even a little? Is he really the ruthless king everyone takes him for? After a series of unforeseen events, their world is thrust into chaos as it teeters on the edge of all-out war. Syndra and Jack end up alone together, much to their dismay, but they must learn to put aside their differences and work to ensure the survival -- and the improvement -- of their kingdom as they know it.


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