Jack of Arts

A/N : Alt Title - Jack of Entertainment Title : Jack of Arts Synopsis: Tayaw is a talented musician who never got to fulfill his potential. After losing his purpose in an unfulfilled life full of regrets; he is given the chance to go back in time and do everything over again.Along with a mysterious gift and an unclear mission, Tayaw starts a new life, this time making his mark to the world. "Tayaw is a once in a hundred years musical artist! I just wish he was born in my generation" - Buddy Rich, two-time Gramophone Award winner "I admit he's a good musician, but he's an author first and foremost. He is changing the world of literature for the better." - Helena Paddington, Outcault Prize for Fiction winner, Sohlman Prize for Literature winner. "Despite being a musician and an author, he is to me, the greatest blessing to the film industry. This is his era." - Heo Dong-jun, two-time Academy Award winner for Best Director and three-time nominee. "I don't like him. Why does he use actors who didn't train and grind on the stage? He says he doesn't like my acting? What the hell does the kid know about acting? I've won awards for f*cks sake!" - Merrell Street, five-time Academy Award winner for Best Actor, three-time Toby Award winner for Best Actor. --------------- A ground work for a novel idea in the future. --------------- English is not my first language so excuse my limited vocabulary and bad grammar. thanks

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Real Estate of Television News

January 5, 2012 – Thursday 5 am – Kangan Capital City – Sheraton Hotel


"… And in the other news: A young woman was arrested today with the charge of assault and battery towards her boyfriend. Anne McCall has the details."


"Earlier this morning, the police escorted a young woman after his boyfriend called 911."

("911, what's your emergency?" "Hello? Yes! My girlfriend and I are having an argument and she's attacking me! Please send the cops before something bad happens!")

"The young woman as seen in this censored footage is resisting arrest as the police asked her to enter the police mobile. After her boyfriend, who we'll call 'J' told her that he wants to break off their relationship, she reacted violently. It turns out that the young woman has been abusive to J for years."

["6 years. For 6 years, she would punch me, kick me, or hit me with something when she's mad at something. She wasn't like this when we were in high school."]