1 1 Jack's silence

He sat in front of the TV staring as the static Dot's filling the screen flowed back and fourth as a empty glass flew by his head smashing off the cream wall besides him,

"Stop! Your going to hurt my son!"

She called out hoping that he would put an end to his violent out burst,

"Awe please, the fucking faggot's too retarded to notice!" He shouted at her intimidatingly,

"Watch" he said as he disgustingly grinned at the thought of injurying the young boy grabbing a metal rolling pin from the draining bored which she had cleaned up from him making bread that morning,

He walked up behind jack creeping silently before yelling

"Fucking Sheppard!" While he took a violent swing at the back of Jack's head with the rock solid metal object knocking little Jack out cold.

The next morning hit and young Jack arrose from his slumber laying in his mother's empty bed with a blood soacked bandage on his head,

He got up and went into the nice clean bathroom to brush his teeth noticing the bandage but shruged it off as it was not the first time Jack had woke up with one wrapped around his sore small head,

Slowly he made his way down the slanted yet steep wodden carpeted stairs,

His small leg's going from underneath his short tender and fradgile body,

He tripped over the first step grabbing onto the wooden oak banester bar just about stopping himself from being injured more,

"Shit, jack baby, be careful"

She said as she ran to catch him in case he fell again,

"Are you okay sweetheart?"

She asked him with a gental and soft tone in her voice,

Jack nodded his head silently while holding it where it was in the most pain,

"Awe baby" she said "is it still sore?" She asked genetally and incredibly caringly,

"Puomm" Jack mumbled as he nodded his warey sore head with tears welling up behind his gental glossy brown eye's,

"Well how about you help mummy clean up baby? And don't worry he's gone out for a few days so he isn't here to hurt you more" she said in a reassuring tone hoping that it would cheer him up,

Jack nodded and started to clean up the floor while his mum polished the glass TV unit before moving onto polish the hard brown oak wooden coffee table,

As Jack cleaned up the floor picking up the glass debree, he noticed a small thick blood stain on the cream colored carpet behind where he had sat and passed out the night before,

"Don't worry about that baby, want to watch power ranger's while I clean up?" She said softly as she sat him on the plush red sofa turning on C.I.TV and switching on power rangers Dino thunder,

"There you go sweetie pie" she spoke to him lovingly placing the telly remote besides him in the position that Jack always placed it before getting back to the cleaning,

As Jack sat back watching power ranger's, his mother raced to finish the cleaning before Jack's sister's and baby brother woke up,

Jack's stomach started to rumble in a hungry fashion,

He stood up and slowly made his way into the cold magnolia painted kitchen to make himself a small shallow bowel of frosted flaked cereal,

His mother finished cleaning the living room and walked into the cold kitchen grabbing Jack and gentally sitting him onto the cold bunker,

"Let me do that baby" she said to him softly

"We don't want you to have any accidents today and we have to keep you from doing to much baby" she said with concern in her soft voice

"We can't get you back to the hospital because your Nana's not awake yet" she followed up with while pouring the milk into his favorite red bowel before making Jack a strawberry milkshake and handing Jack the bowel of frosties,

"there you go baby" she said handing him a cold clean spoon,

Jack started to eat his bowel of cereal before drinking his strawberry milkshake in a calm yet orderly fashion,

He finished his breakfast and his cold strawberry milkshake before climbing off of the cold bunker,

He made his way back into the living room climbing back onto the plush red sofa before laying down on it and falling asleep while his head hurt significantly,

His mother came through with his red and blue cotton blanket and placed it over his sleeping body keeping him warm, and kissed his fore head before going up the stairs to wake up his two sister's and baby brother from their sleep,

Quietly Taylor walked up the stairs making her way to Annabell's room first to send her down to watch Jack as she got Jessica and Anthony up,

"Anna" she said waking her up "watch Jack for me he's sleeping on the sofa down stairs" she said to Annabell,

"Okay mummy" Annabell said in response before making her way down the stairs to watch over Jack making sure someone was there to call him down in case he had another one of his nightmare's which were so vidid and violent that he would wake up screaming in agonizing pain,

No one really knew what happened in his dream's because he couldn't talk due to D.H abusing him and beating him every time he tried to speak,

As Annabell reached the bottom of the stair's and she cautiously approached the sofa to check on her brother who seemed to be sleeping peacefully at the time,

She picked up the telly remote and put on power ranger's so Jack had the noise of something familiar in the background reassuring his stressed mind,

"There you go Jack" she said as she gentally kissed his forehead as he slept on the plush red sofa "Annabell is here" she whispered in his left ear gentally stroking his left cheek as Taylor came down the stair's with Jessica and Anthony in a quiet fassion,

"Thank you Anna" she said while putting Anthony in his car seat before heading back into the kitchen,

Jessica watched as Annabell watched over Jack relaxing him as he stirred whispering to him repeatedly,

"It's okay Jack I have your back and your going to be okay"

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