Jack's PTSD -Directors cut- Book

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Jack's PTSD -Directors cut-


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WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTENT MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME. Jack's psychotically sick due to being assaulted by his mums boyfriend and injured, Jack starts to experience episode's of Post Traumatic Stress, unable to control his disorder Jack starts to seek revenge. The first installment to Jack's journey About the author my name is Jack Sheppard I am 22 years of age I have skitcophrenia and psychosis I'm a aspiring author and my goal is mainly to raise awareness for mental health problems as well as psychotic illnesess in my story's I love comic book's and writing novel's I am married and I have a daughter, I am a responsible farther who takes his meducation everyday and I alway's fight for what I truly believe in I am always on schedule and I aim to have at least two new chapters out weekly follow me for more on Jack's story and add both this book and the necronomicon to your library and keep an eye out for new content, Thank you for reading -Jack Sheppard-


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