It Was Always You (The Navalta Series # 1) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

It Was Always You (The Navalta Series # 1)


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Ryu Dimitri Navalta is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and happens to be an heir to one of the biggest engineering, construction, and facilities management company in the country, NCFMC - Navalta Construction and Facilities Management Company. The Navaltas are a well-known family of class, sophistication, and honor. Katherine Ysabel Puertollano is a licensed Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician. Her father, Vox Dominic Puertollano, is the COO at Navalta Construction and Facilities Management Company (NCFMC) and the best friend of Yuri Vladimir Navalta, Owner and CEO of NCFMC. Ky currently works at NCFMC as an Engineer. Ky is one the Engineers in NCFMC, she is directly reporting to Ryu, her archenemy which requires her to have meetings with him as a part of her job. Their meetings are usually scheduled every Tuesdays and Thursdays, not until one day, when Ryu's secretary setup a meeting on Monday morning. The Agenda: Wedding. Ky knew Ryu was bound to be in an arranged marriage to Julianna Valencia, the only daughter of Mr. Marco Valencia, the owner of Valencia Real Estate (VRE). She knew exactly what the agenda of the meeting is all about, but why does Ryu wanted to have a meeting with her regarding his soon to be wedding. Ano ang kinalaman ni Ky sa buhay ni Ryu ngayon lalo na't they don't talk that much with each other and sa trabaho lang? Isn't it enough that he broke her heart years ago? Will she be fooled by Ryu's charm and words again? Will she fall for him, again?


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