It Started With Devils & Artefacts

WARNING: I write my fanfics from a phone and on move. So, there will be some spelling mistakes, plus English is not my native language. Though I have an editor this time so, it should be better. Chapter every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until it catches up with chapters in Discord SYNOPSIS: A genius inventor dies and wakes up in his younger self-body... Only that it wasn't truly his younger self, more like an alternative younger self from reality where supernatural is real. To make it even better he finds out that someone decided that he is the successor to Solomon and now he has powers to enslave devils... It's time to cause some worldwide chaos from one's garage! Tags: Neutral-Evil Mc (enslavement, selfish Mc), Harem (obviously), Inventions, tech progress, Sacred Gear creation, AU DxD universe (part of Dragon's Omniverse) This fanfic is a STEAMROLLER with the main focus being Mc progress and his technologies and how it affects the world around it. So, if you want drama, suspense, epic battles for no reason, this one is not it. Prologue 2k words, regular chapters 5k words ~~~ For advanced chapters (+5 chapters, 25k words) my pat: pat reon.com/DragonsFics OR Discord: discord.gg/denoffanfics ~~~ P.S.: I do weekly voting on Patreon if you want more chapters for this fic (or other fics ) vote there.

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Standard Protocol

"Master, allow me to show her around." Le Fay took a step forward as she smiled 'sweetly'.

"I know some things about Technomancy and how you run things in your Faction." The witch proposed.

Marcus hummed for a second. He pondered on her suggestion. He has no opinion on this, so why not?

"Sure, do explain to her our contribution system. Agares wields time; there is quite a bit of potential in that." Marcus mentioned that as he returned to his work, three holographic screens appeared around him.

"As you wish." The blonde witch slightly bowed before walking over to Seekvaira, who looked at the maid with a calculating look.

"Allow me formally to introduce myself; I am Le Fay Pendragon—one of Master's earliest maids." The witch mentioned the last part with smug pride.

In a sense, she was one of the very first! She was living in his 'garage' when he was still starting! Sure, she wasn't there when he was creating the basics of his technomancy, but it was still early!

Le Fay even pondered on the stupidity of Venelana; that devil woman didn't use such an opportunity to become his close associate.

Hell, even now, Marcus is ignoring her in a sense, such a brutal invasion, and she is nowhere to be seen.

"Pendragon? Are you perhaps related to King Arthur in some way?" Seekvaira asked curiously.

There is a chilly look in the girl's eyes for just a few short seconds before returning to normal.

"Indeed. I am a descendant of Morgan herself; I inherited the 'magic' of Britain."

"I see, such a unique set of people you have, my— Master." The Greenish-blond devil girl commented; she realised she had called him 'Master' even if she had not intended to do that.

It appears the power he used on her is already affecting her psyche.

"Indeed, my Maids are very unique: Le Fay, Jeanne d'Arc, Atalanta, Hyppolita, and of course Artemis. Though a couple are missing, my Head Maid is at home, and the last one, a Dhampir girl, is in Kuoh."

'That quite a line-up: if he were a devil, it would be a top-class peerage.' Seekvaira, for a second, compared them and imagined them as peerage with traits of the chess pieces.

"It's a pleasure meeting you all. I have no doubt we will be working together for a while." She said 'while' with a deeper meaning.

She has no doubts they will be around for a long time.

The maids nodded in their unique way. Only the Silver-haired Dragoness looked at her with annoyance, making Seekvaira slightly uncomfortable.

"Come with me. I will take you to the Icarus, the Airship over there, where I can do some showing around."


Once Le Fay took the devil girl and remnants of her peerage away. Gu Yuena looked at Marcus.

"For a slave, she surely has an attitude."

"Oh? And you are obeying a human." Nyx huffed at Gu Yuena

"Says the Primordial who got beaten so badly she is in love with the very same human." The Dragoness huffed back.


The casual admission made Gu Yuena lose the momentum she was building! The Silver head undid her crossed arms and tried to come up with something, but in the end, she was out of words.


As Le Fay is helping to show Seekvaira around, Marcus is building up his network and infrastructure.

Wartime is the best time to develop things he never considered or cared about before.

For example, stationery defences like turrets. Since the alchemist is dealing with hordes, why not invent a particular type of fortification wall?

Then, add machine guns. Marcus already introduced Heavy Gunner, so why not expand on that?

Mandalorian Bounty Hunters, the gear includes Jet Packs, flame throwers, and an array of gadgets.

Midway through that, the Alchemist decided to reform S.P.B.A.

Something similar to what Romans went through when the Romans introduced the legions before the rise of the Empire.

Since Quinella decided to go with 'Knights', he can borrow from that.

The main force will be known as Forward Knights, the front liners which are the bulk of the force; the Rangers will end up retrofitted to be Assault Knights; they won't just have sniper rifles; this is where Marcus is inserting the Bounty Hunter trope.

Turning them into jet-pack soldiers who snipe, work behind the back lines and cause chaos.

Then, his Personal guard, or as Quinella calls them, the Royal Guards. Marcus is thinking of rip-off the Red Guards from Star Wars—similar style, dressed in ceremonial armour with weapons which use de-atomization.

'Sounds cool; I will play around with their gear once I establish a connection with Ars Almadel Salomonis.'

Tartarus' Abyss manipulation is starting to piss the Alchemist off.

Casual connection is impossible, so he must reinforce the space corridors.

But this is good. Marcus needed an excuse to start working on the Honkai thing he was thinking. So, he decided to make relay satellites,

In simple terms, he needed an 'extra layer' of existence to make Honkai; to do that, he decided to position extra satellites around the globe to create a special net. Inside this net, he will create 'Honkai'.

To test this out, he needs connections between the Underworld and Earth.

Working between boundaries is the best way to develop this new tech.

As he was designing satellites, Aurora interrupted him.

[Sir, another three Airships are entering the Underworld.]

"About time." Marcus looked at the clock. Around 13 hours have passed.

[Apart from that, S.P.B.A. I Have noticed that the Wraiths' movements are changing.]

"Hmm? In what way?"

[The front lines ones are still recklessly attacking, and we have lost approximately 247 men, but the ones behind them started to retreat.]

"Angra Mainyu is preparing his upgrades." Marcus acknowledged that; he then looked at Gu Yuena.

"Go, observe the frontlines, and notify me what kind of upgrades that thing will introduce."

"Very well, I am getting tired of waiting anyway."

The dragoness proceeded to walk towards the double doors and the outside.

"And what about us?" Hyppolita asked with a hopeful voice. This time around is the perfect opportunity to go to the front lines!

"You can all go; only Atalanta remains."

Jeanne and Artemis slowly nodded as they walked towards the doors alongside Hippolyta.

Only Nyx and Atalanta remained with him.

"You know I could do some serious damage to Angra Mainyu forces~" Nyx used this opportunity to get close to him.

"That would ruin my plans."

"He is giving me time to develop stronger and more powerful techomancies. You wreaking havoc in his ranks will diminish his armies. As it is, I already have six airships in the Underworld; that's enough power to power 6 Pantheons." He said with a sigh.

Seeing how Nyx wanted to sit on his lap made Marcus roll his eyes, so he grabbed her, and place her on his lap.

The Primordial Goddess, for a second, didn't know what to do, but she ended up leaning into him quite comfortably.

While this was happening, Atalanta looked with a big frown; this sadistic blob of energy was taking her spot!

"I see. Angra Mainyu mentioned something similar. I suppose he was right, calling you his greatest rival." Nyx acknowledged the similarities between them.

Well, she doesn't care about the details; she only cares about this moment when she can enjoy such attention!

"Indeed. Now, let's see where I was—" Marcus returned to his engineering on the support satellites and the support dish.

He will build one in his new territory, pointing it at the sky. There will be a direct connection between Underworld, Ars Almadel Salomonis and his Base on Earth.

This way, he can have real-time updates everywhere.


Lady Gremory looked down from the window towards the monsters roaming their lands.

It has been several days since these things started to wreak havoc in their lands.

The brown-haired devil pondered on what to do. She can sense her Master in the Underworld, and even now, she can feel his forces increasing; his presence in her homeland is growing by the minute.

This war was no longer just Devil conflict against Evil Gods but something more.

'He hasn't contacted me at all. I guess I dug my hole with that neglect over the years.' Venelana grimaced when she realised how bad this had become.

A few minutes later, her husband returned; he looked perplexed.

"Any news?" She asked with a hopeful voice.

"A massive barrier appeared over the capital; Four giant airships are floating in the city centre. From the description we have, it's Marcus Goldman's vessels." Zeoticus Gremory said with a thoughtful gaze.

"...Four…By Satans…"

"My thoughts exactly. His army just keeps on growing." The Crimson-haired Devil said with a similarly shocked voice.

"Any news on how they are planning to move?"

"None from what I saw; they are turning Lilith into a Military base."

'If he is doing that, he is not planning to leave.' Venelana thought to herself.

"From what Leviathan mentioned to me, he is a possessive person. If he is doing that, he is not planning to leave the Underworld."

"Underworld settled by a human. What is the world coming to?"

'It's more than that. Master is doing something that Solomon intended to do if he lived longer. Turn the Underworld into his permanent playground.'

"Regardless, we can't stay here for long. I suggest we move towards Lilith." The Brown Haired devil lady suggested.

As she suggested, a golden light started to replace the sunlight.


"An Airship?"

Venelana focused on the connection she had.

'That's Serafall. She has a ship of her own!?'

Part of her got jealous. Serafall is his second pillar. Yet, he gave her a warship?

Even if the Brown-haired devil lady knew she messed up and wasn't close to her Master, she was still jealous! That's a warship! She could have saved a bunch of devils with this vessel!

Moments later, the turrets opened fire and proceeded to destroy the Wraiths on the ground. After the initial bombardment, gunships descended, dropping soldiers, spider walkers and other machines.

A few minutes later, another gunship descended, revealing Serafall and— was that Roygun? Venelana was surprised to see the second-ranker of Rating games to be with Leviathan!

But that's most likely because the Satan Leviathan is collecting stranglers.

The pair of Gremorys went to meet them up as they were clear to leave the castle finally. Before this, they could only fly around. It was the safest way to move around.

"Thank by the Satans, you two are fine!" Serafall swiftly went over and hugged the pair. A few moments later, she pulled back and asked the burning question.

"How many survived from your household?" She asked with a worried tone; she couldn't sense much of mana from the castle.

"...Our servants sacrificed themselves to let us hide in the castle's top tower. After barricading several doors, the ghost-like beings didn't bother to check after the initial few."

"I see… that's their way of fighting. They care for weaklings, while the strongest are for the Evil Gods' entertainment.

The magic in the air forces anyone with low power to fall asleep. This way, there is even less chance for devils to survive."


"That, of course, if they survive the initial onslaught."

"Ma'am, we have orders to return to the frontline; the Wraiths are regrouping." One of the soldiers interrupted the conversation.


"Yes, according to the preliminary calculations done by Aurora, Angra Mainyu, that God is upgrading its grunts. The chance of that happening is 90.5%."

"I see. Let's go then. Tell your men to collect their toys!" Serafall had no chance. If she ignores what her Master tells her, she could lose command of her ship.


"Come, you two. You are coming with me, or do you want to stay in the castle?" After giving the orders, the older Ex-Sitri looked at the pair of Gremory.

"We are coming with you."

"Good, I don't want to return with empty hands." The current Leviathan said while looking at Venelana.

The brown-haired devil lady, for a second, wondered if Marcus had sent Serafall to pick her up.

As the trio boarded the gunship, the soldiers proceeded to pick up the mechs from the ground. A few short minutes later, the airship flew towards the frontline.

The Leviathan is working towards recovering her family's land.

"Welcome to Daedalus Class Airship, the fourth of this type to be built; I named it Salvation." Serafall started to explain as they were walking towards the bridge.

"I know it sounds cringe, especially when it comes from me, but cringe is fine when it's the only thing which can help devils survive this mess."

"I agree. But what is the situation? How many survived? How is the council? The pillars? Other cities?"


To Zeoticus' words, Serafall cringed.

"The initial attack destroyed almost everything. People like you two, Sairaorg's peerage, Roygun and Seekvaira's with her few pieces, have survived. I am still looking for more." The last remaining Satan said with a heavy voice.



"...N-No way…"

"You never wondered why there are so many of those things? It's our population. Even if you destroy them, they go to a pool and resummon to the frontlines soon after."


"But what about Satan Beelzebub? Satan Asmodeus?"

"Both are dead; Ajuka became something grotesque, and Falbium got eaten by Fenrir.

However, there is still some hope. Diehauser should be alive; he was nowhere near big cities. Maybe some other high-rankers should be around."

Serafall's voice had some hope; she was hopeful that this would end hopefully for her species. In a worst-case scenario, they could use Marcus technomancy to bring them back.

But such a thing has consequences.

"...This… is far worse than I expected."

The Leviathan nodded at their reaction.

"Yes. This is what we were afraid of if the news that Biblical God is dead would surface and other pantheons learn of it." The last remaining Satan said with a severe look.

"As you can see, they did figure it out and made such a move."

What Serafall said is true; now they have gods from different pantheons moving around in the Underworld and doing whatever they want.

What is making the Ex-Sitri annoyed is that Heaven is not doing anything! It feels like they are just waiting and watching what is going on.

"Satan Leviathan, I have something to mention to you." Zeoticus proceeded to speak.

"What is it?"

The group arrived at the bridge of the Airship.

"The original Gremory is still with us. She is sleeping right now soundly in a specific location. I don't want her to end up killed when she is in such a vulnerable situation."

Serafall blinked a couple of times, hearing that Original Gremory was not dead.

"T-Then we should recover her!" The twin-tails Satan exclaimed with a happy voice.

"Then let me show you where she is." Zeoticus walked over. A map appeared in front of him! For a second, he blinked a couple of times. He didn't expect that!

"Before we go there, can we do this alteration to our journey?" The Ex-Sitri asked the airship's second in command.

"Possible, three more airships entered the service; one is moving towards your front line."

The news made Serafall surprised; she then looked at the time; it had been 13 hours since they arrived in the Underworld.

"Good, then we can make this side journey!"

"...Right, let me show you where it is; it's in Gremory territory, a resort of sorts if you would; it shouldn't take long."


Marcus' second in command was sitting on her throne located in the airship's bridge; holographic displays surrounded the artificial intelligence-turned-human. Even though she was leading her forces, she was still doing another job, and that was double-checking her Creator's work.

From improvements in weaponry to the reformation made in S.P.B.A., all of that went through her vetting before being applied.

"Mistress, an airship is joining us on the frontlines."

The Platinum-haired girl turned her head towards a screen in the distance. She could see an identical ship joining her; the only difference was the number on the side of the hull.

It was six.

"It appears another three joined us. This development means the remaining two will join us in less than 5 hours." Quinella said with a calculating tone.

"Send schematics to the ship and order them the construction of Yeagers and eventually my Integrity Knights."

"By your command." The second in command nodded as she proceeded to instruct the new ship.

In the meantime, Quinella watched how the new ship started to launch the troops the airship already had on board.

By this point, they have close to 38 thousand troops deployed, but such a number pales in comparison with how many troops Angra Mainyu has. The only reason Marcus troops are winning is sheer technological advantage, which could potentially disappear soon.

That thing has sent most of his troops back, leaving behind the unruly ones to be purged by Marcus Forces.

A cruel tactic befitting an Evil existence like Angra Mainyu; however, the issue is how well those forces will improve.

The Frost Giants and Greek monsters like hell hounds, Cerberus, serpentine creatures and the Minotaurs have been dying left and right.

Now that the wraiths are not in the picture.

They are gaining land at a rapid pace.

"Hmm, what is this?" Quinella saw the new data she had just received from her Master.

"...When did you cook this up?" The girl blinked a couple of times as she started to read what he was planning to do with satellites.

The next step in Realitus technomancy, or as it's called 'Imaginary Space'.

An extra layer over existence, in this space, anything can be made and then sent out into the real world. This Imaginary Space will work with the glass-like particles created by Realitus.

But, the issue with this for Quinella is that she never heard her Master working or mentioning this before.

It came out of nowhere, especially the next thing she saw. The three beings Marcus plans to create will wield the Imaginary space as a weapon.

The 'Herrschers' or in other words 'Lawmakers'.

'As always… they are girls…'

The platinum-haired assistant pouted, reading over the rough fundamentals.

The powers look impressive, but these beings will have glaring weaknesses. The main thing is that their powers will only work within set boundaries.

For example, where the satellites are in place.

'Well, whatever…'

The girl sighed as she started crunching numbers; she could already see specific improvements possible right now, like a large Realitus crystal instead of particle dispersal.

That needs some research!

~~~~~~Couple Hours Later~~~~~~

Marcus was outside, overlooking how Aurora bots placed a large satellite dish on a prepared structure with the help of gunships from the Icarus. A few minutes ago, he sensed someone entering the perimeter. He could feel Kuroka entering Lilith.

Several short minutes later, his soldiers approached him.

"Supreme Commander, a pair of people entered the perimeter. A Cat yokai and a silver-haired teen. The teen is dead."

"You said dead? Let's see if we can undo that. Prepare the medical chambers."

"By your command."

The Alchemist followed after his soldiers. Soon enough, he saw banged-up Kuroka holding the corpse of Vali.

"His soul hasn't left his body. Albion is using his power to do that."

Hearing that Marcus used his senses, he could feel a thin energy layer around the body of the last Lucifer.


With hand motion, he used his psionic energy to pick the body up.

"Follow me; my S.P.B.A. can spare a medical chamber for him."

The black-haired cat Yokai followed him with a nod. She didn't stay quiet as she started to tell him what had happened.

"After we left your ship, we went to look for Azazel and any other Fallen; sadly, we didn't find anything. Upon returning to join Thor and Baldur, we found a person who looked like Ajuka Beelzebub, but it was not him; an evil God possessed him. This God consumed Baldur, Thor and Loki! This thing turned those Gods into nutrition!"

"Wait. You all went to look for Azazel? He is in my Base recovering from broken bones and a fractured spine."


The cat Yokai facepalmed.

"I thought you all knew where he went to." For a second, Marcus felt weird miscommunication happened here.

"That muscle head!" Kuroka looked pissed for a second, but she recovered as they entered the chambers.

Her eyes widened slightly as she saw a massive facility with many glass containers and bodies floating in them.

"You are making life en masse! Holy!"

"Pseudo life."

He explained as he made Vali's body float into a medical chamber; the moment his body was inside, Marcus turned the machine on with his psionic interface.

The liquid started to flood the interior. The chamber scanned Vali's body, thoroughly diagnosing what was wrong with it.

"He blew up his heart like a balloon."

"Can he recover?" Kuroka asked, as she already knew what Vali did.

"That's a stupid question." He looked at her with a deadpan look.

"Right. Sorry, I am new to this whole magic science thingy." The cat girl shrugged at him.

"Yes, well, the liquid will rebuild him according to his DNA. He will be 'brand new' from top to bottom, including his cells."

"In English?"

"Imagine billions of tiny pieces shedding his body and then rebuilding it from scratch; whatever was missing will be added back."

"...I see."


"I will skip my medical check-up."

"I wasn't offering one for you. I am helping Vali because he helped me quite a bit." Marcus shrugged at her.

"...First time hearing that."

"How you see 'helping' is different for you and me."

"...Ah yes, you science types are weird for me, nyaa…" The cat girl shrugged. She was giving up on understanding Marcus Goldman.

"I know. You can rest in one of the rooms if you want."

She looked around; the place gave her creeps, so she nodded at him.

"Yeah, I will take on that offer."

"Good, Atalanta will show you to your room."

As they left the chambers, the lion girl joined them; Kuroka finally saw this 'Atalanta'.

The cat meets the lion.

"...Nyaa… what are you?" The cat Yokai internally freaked out at how strange was this lion girl! She can't sense any 'Nature' energies from this girl.

"A maid." The Lioness replied with a flat voice.

"...nyaa, I can see that! What is your species!?"

"...not your business, cat. Now follow me. I will take you to a spare room." Atalanta completely ignored the question and motioned for Kuroka to follow her.

Marcus snorted, seeing the interaction between those two.

After dealing with Vali, he returned to managing the construction efforts.

He can't wait to connect the Underworld to Earth!


The last remaining Satan looked curiously at the teen-looking crimson-haired devil in front of her.

This devil was Runeas Gremory, the original Gremory! This devil had some similarities with Rias, but Rias is more similar to Venelana than Runeas.

The Original Gremory is with them, and they are back on the airship, flying towards the frontline as quickly as possible.

However, the recently awakened Gremory looked cautiously at Venelana and Serafall!

"You two… you two are HIS pets?"

Serafall and Venelana looked shocked! Runeas saw through them!

"What do you mean by that?" Zeoticus asked with confusion.

"Ars Goetia is flowing through them."


"Solomon's magic. I can sense that because I still have mine; while not active, I can feel familiar vibes. I can't believe there is someone who has that magic!"

Zeoticus gasped when he heard THAT name! Solomon! That name sends shivers through his body!

"But I thought it was just a myth! Something original Satans used to keep devils in check and be frightful of humanity! To antagonise us against humans!"

Runeas looked dumbly at her descendant.

"Just how much history is lost thanks to the Civil War?" The original Gremory asked, more like she asked herself.

"Venelana! What is the meaning of this? What happened to you?" Regardless, Zeoticus asked her.

"Don't bother; I doubt she can explain." Runeas interrupted since she knew few things about Ars Goetia.

Before the brown-haired devil could explain herself, Serafall was the first to answer.

"We can. There is no meaning to hide. Evil Gods have wiped out nearly all of the devils. There is no government to speak off."

"Ah, yes. Just like the Original Solomon. Using opportunities to spread his influence." Runeas exclaimed, but her annoyance was growing.

With annoyance, her demonic energy started to get agitated and with that.

Bridge main doors opened, and around twenty S.P.B.A. soldiers rushed in and pointed their guns at Runeas.

"Chaotic elements aboard the bridge are strictly forbidden."

"H-Hold it!" Serafall started to panic! What the hell is going on?

"You think few high-class soldiers can stop me!?"

"Cease your provocations, devil! Or you will be thrown into jail. The Supreme Leader shall decide your fate." The leading soldier told with a commanding voice.


"I won't return to obeying the whims of a megalomaniac human!"

Runeas increased her power output, and Serafall looked petrified for a bit. The situation was terrible! If fighting breaks out, it will be on her head!

Serafall rushed forward and grabbed Runeas hand before using her demonic power to suppress the Original Gremory.

But this was not good enough for the military as S.P.B.A. opened fire. And it proceeded to shoot arcs of lightning.

"H-Hold it! Why are you shooting me!?"

"Standard protocol."

Runeas clicked her tongue as she sensed complete suppression of her Demonic powers. It appears Solomon's magic is far more advanced than she remembers. It seems this successor has spread it far and wide with his faction!

Seconds later, the pair were out of commission.

And the next moment, Quinella appeared from Realitus particles.

"Can someone explain why I am getting reports that devils want to take over the 04 airship?"

The assistant questioned with a confused look.

She looked around.

The platinum-haired woman saw Serafall on the ground with a crimson-haired devil.

"I have no time for this nonsense. Take this bunch to the cells and command the ship back to Master. He can solve this at his leisure."

The girl casually waved her hand before finishing her call.

"W-Wait a second!"

Venelana nearly panicked! What did she do!? She was one of his pillars!

However, the twenty soldiers on the bridge pointed their guns and proceeded to shoot.

"…stupid…protocol…" The Brown-haired devil lady is well aware of the brutal methods of Marcus Goldman's protocol.

As one man once said to his nephew before his death: With great power comes great responsibility. In this case, power is easily acquired; it can be quickly taken away.

Serafall got her airship without checking out the protocols to operate it. Since it is a military vessel, it has even more strict control.

"Umm… I give up?" Roygun, who was at the side, raised her hands.

"Standard Protocol."

They opened fire regardless, knocking her out with electricity.



Marcus massaged his forehead when he saw reports rolling in from his 04 airship.

Serafall brought in a bunch of devils; one of them was an original devil who noticed Ars Goetia. Showing hostility on the bridge is a first-class ticket to the cell.

Since Serafall interfered, she got knocked out as well. This result meant a captainless airship.

With her gone, Quinella took over and placed all devils into cells.

So, instead of flying to the front line, the airship returned to his new base in Lilith, and now he has to waste time dealing with the unruly Devil.

"So what's the deal? I am a busy individual."

"Ugh… why did your soldiers attack me? I could have dealt with the situation!" The Ex-Sitri complained while holding her head. Next to her was Runeas, who was doing the same thing.

"Did you even read the protocol? I gave you a warship. A pantheon killer, and you can't even do basics?"

"I-I-I forgot?" She kind of forgot? The genocide of her species made her forget these small things!

"Right, and that's why you are here."

"So you are this generation's Solomon." Runeas finally spoke as she looked at the interaction between these two. She wanted to see what this new Solomon was about.

"He is my distant relative; his book appeared before me; I learned his arts and created what you see around you."


She wasn't impressed or dissatisfied; for her, Solomon wasn't that long ago.

Her dissatisfaction is making her don't see anything positive.

"Regardless, Sera. You didn't follow the basic rules. You allowed a hostile person on the bridge."

"H-How could I know she can see Ars Goetia! And would react like that!?"

"There is a thing called 'caution'." He said with an eye roll. For someone who used to run foreign affairs, she is acting way too stupid. But then again, the situation is terrible, and she is trying to save all the devils she can.

"I know, I know, damn it! Can we slide this one under the rug? I promise to be more careful with your airship!"


"Fine, this once I can pull this under the rug. There won't be next time. If you do something similar again, I will strip the command of the airship, and as punishment, you will be installing water pipes in my new bases all over the Underworld."

Serafall paled after hearing that. There is no way she is doing that! No way! That's it! She is going to read everything there is on the protocol! To hell with this! It's like some sort of secret club! Everyone knows the protocol except her!

"I-I understand!"

"Good, now go; I will speak with this unruly devil in the meantime," Marcus motioned for her to leave as his gaze dropped to the crimson-haired devil, staring defiantly back at him.


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