It Started with a Bra

Warning: Contains adult content! Jack Wilson, the owner of the world's famous lingerie brand 'Inner beauty' is the neighbour of a beautiful girl named Eva, who is new to the neighbourhood. What happens when the courier service by mistake delivers Eva's package to Jack? Jack opens the package only to find a pair of lacy bra inside it. Ever heard of a romcom story, revolving around a bra..?? ;)

Alaheeza · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
263 Chs

The dress...

They both hugged each other for a long time, when suddenly her father's phone rang. He quickly took out his latest apple device from his pocket hearing the call. "Yes Cloe? What? No way, tell them we will cancel the deal in that case. No less than 50 million dollars..." The man walked out of the room and Eva smiled looking at him, with loving eyes.

She indeed loved her parents a lot and she always respected the fact that she was indeed a blessed child born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she just wanted to explore the world a bit and wanted to have an experience of getting a job, making friends at her own level who do not just talk to her, just because of her family background.

"Speaking of family background, holy shit I am getting late for the event." She looked at the time and quickly locked the door of the room. She then picked up the bags being kept my the maid on the table and she quickly took out the dresses from each one of them. All the dresses were from one common brand 'DIOR' which was the girl's one of the favourite brands.

She first took out a long shimmery black dress with a cute halter neck and a bow at the back. "Hmmm... cute!"

She then took out a red colored mini dress with a tube top attached to it. The dress was a barbie doll style attire and was plain and simple. "Hmmm.. sexy!"

She then took out the third dress in royal blue color, which had a long slit on one side, while it also had a plunging neckline. "Ooohh!! Lovely."

She was about to take out the fourth dress when she suddenly looked at the blue dress again and nodded at it in approval. "You are the lucky one today." She giggled picking up the dress, placing it in her dressing room. She then ran towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. After another few minutes the girl stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a pink colored bathrobe, which had her name coustomised on it. She quickly blow dried her hair, while she switched on the music on a nearby music player, humming the song side by side.

"I hope, I do not get bored to death at the event. And let us not forget that Richard will also be there at the event." She let out a big sigh and rolled her eyes thinking about Richard.