It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets

In her previous life, Su Anya was plagued with misfortunes, and the root of her misfortunes was herself. Her cowardness filled her path with pain and sufferings. Su Anya was kicked out of the school as she was framed for cheating in a competition, at that time she couldn't even fight for her own justice. When her most trustworthy best friend stole her designs, she didn't even have the courage to confront him. Her sister died as a result of her carelessness, making her despised by her own brother. "You are the most selfish person." These are the words that kept haunting her, and she wanted to run away from them. Finally, Su Anya found an escape route, i.e., death. After suffering, the heavens give her a second chance, and Su Anya is reborn ten years back. In this life, Su Anya had decided to make amends with her regrets. Su Anya's plan does not include revenge; instead, she intends to make peace with all of her regrets. Regret for not taking a stand for herself. Regret for distancing herself from her brother and sister. Regret for being a weakling and a coward... In this life, she will make peace with her regrets...

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The Start of the Competition(1)

"Boss, we've arrived." His assistant informed him from the driver's seat. From the window, Lu Rayansh gazed out. He exited the vehicle. He was dressed in a long down windbreaker with a neck muffler. He was fair, almost pale white. His unfathomable golden brown eyes stood out against his pale skin. Some of the female students had hearts in their eyes as they looked at him.

Lu Rayansh walked towards the school, ignoring the stares. Today was the day that many students from various schools came to participate in the "Innovation." Su Anya's school hosted this competition.

"What happened to our team leader? How could she have been late today?" Chen Zhihui expressed his dissatisfaction.

"Anya had already told us she would be late. Don't always speak negatively about her." Shen Yue bared her fangs in his face.

"Huff, I hope you didn't have to wait too long." Su Anya had arrived. She literally ran there, as she was out of breath at this point. She knelt down and tried to catch her breath.

Chen Zhihui wanted to say something, but Shen Yue glared at him. "Anya, we didn't wait that long for you; you arrived on time. But where have you gone?"

"Oh, I need to discuss something very important with you all after the competition." She look around and ask, "Where is Sun LI?" she questioned as she looked around.

"He's making some last-minute adjustments to our presentation."

"Hey, have you heard about a handsome man who visited our school?"

"He is very attractive, but why has he come to our school?"

"Did he come to pick up his younger brother or sister from school?"

"I'd love to have a handsome brother like him."

"I'm dying to get his phone number."

They overheard some girls gossiping about a handsome man as they walked towards the venue.

"Do you want to check out that handsome guy, Leader?" Chen Zhihui teased her with his question. She brushed him aside and walked over to Sun LI to look over their presentation report.

"You have written this report flawlessly." Su Anya was taken aback; Sun Li had written the report in great detail and without error.She now understands that they are the true geniuses. Despite Chen Zhihui's slacker nature, he was also quite intelligent in his field. What perplexes her is why these three geniuses did not even make it past the preliminary round.

"Let's get started and double-check our sequence number."

"Anya" Chen Yiren interrupted them as they walked to get their number.

Su Anya looked at him with her hand folded in front of her. She had no idea what he was after by bothering her in this manner. "Because we don't know each other, you don't need to call me by my first name, Chen Yiren."

"Su Anya, I just wanted to wish you luck in today's contest. I am hopeful that both of our teams will be chosen. By the way, I double-checked your team number. Your team will give the presentation last. You guys are lucky. You'll have more time to prepare."

"Chen Yiren, don't think we don't understand why you're trying to befriend her. Don't always get in our way, because what if you bring us bad luck?" Chen Zhihui commented sarcastically.

"Brother Yiren, we should be ready; we're on number two." Lin Nan noticed that things were becoming awkward, and he didn't want to disrupt their state of mind before the competition. "

He turned his gaze to Su Anya. He noticed that she had matured a lot since he last saw her, when she was very shy. He knew she was a gifted programmer and couldn't understand why everyone in the class assumed she had cheated. He badly wanted to tell them that she had not cheated, but sadly no one listened to him. He was also in the competition and noticed her coding ability. If she were on their team, their chances of winning would almost certainly improve.

"Wishing you all the best, student Su."

"May the best team come out on top in this competition." He acknowledged her by simply stating,

Su Anya fixed her gaze on Lin Nan. He left a positive impression on her. He had been very talented in his previous life, and he had also worked in the country's top Tech company, in this competition he had made a significant contribution to their team's victory. He has a bright future ahead of him. She gave a slight nod in his direction.

"Anya, why does he try so hard to get close to you?" You should avoid him because he is a very bad person." Shen Yue said this with an infuriated expression on his face.

"Don't worry about Leader, Xiao Yue; she's not that fragile and handles him very well." I feel sorry for Chen Yiren; it appears that he will be in big trouble this time." Chen Zhihui spoke in a mysterious tone.

Shen Yue gave him a puzzled expression. She was perplexed as to why he was concerned about Chen Yiren. 'He must have gone insane,' she thought to herself. Unfortunately, Chen Zhihui had no idea what she was thinking about him, or he would have puked blood.

Sun Li and Su Anya were already talking about the project. "I believe you should deliver the presentation."

With a shake of his head, Sun Li expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. "You are the team's leader, and the team's leader is the team's face. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to speak in public. I recall you having a lack of self-confidence in the past; it might be of assistance to you." With some doubts, he looked at her.

Su Anya was taken aback; she had never expected anyone to notice the sudden shift in her personality. She cracked a small smile at him. "You can either change people or force them to change."

'The purpose of this Second Life is to create change.'

"So we'll be the last. I'm already bored because we have to wait so long." Chen Zhihui sat idly in the waiting area.

"If you're bored, why don't you just look at the project? What if someone comes up to you and asks you a question?" Sun Li handed him the report.

Chen Zhihui could see that Sun LI appears to be very interested in the competition. He wasn't too serious about this project at first, even though their names were on the list of students for the competition. He thought to himself as he looked at Su Anya, 'This girl really knows how to change people's minds.'

He was, in fact, interested in this competition. That's why, when Sun Li asked him to read their report, he didn't deny it.

It is now the turn of Chen Yiren's team to present. He made his way to the conference room, where all of the judges and representatives from some well-known companies were seated. The goal of the preliminary round was to impress these representatives in order to secure funding for their project. Chen Yiren gave the Su Anya team a vicious look before entering the room.

Chen Yiren walked into the room and bowed to them. "Hello everyone," he said to everyone. He looked them in the eyes with confidence and told them about his project. Many of them were enthusiastic about his project.

However, Chen Zhihui was dissatisfied with the outcome; the people who were interested in his project were startups, and he wanted to make connections with some large corporations so that his family could benefit. He didn't care about the competition; all he wanted to do was network with some big names.

Finally, a well-known investor expressed interest in their project, and he was somewhat satisfied.

Lu Rayansh listened to Chen Yiren's report as well, but he was dissatisfied with this project. That is why he did not rush into investing. So far, he has expressed no interest in any of these projects. He didn't seem to be getting anything out of this.

Chen Yiren's team exited the room and approached Su Anya's team. "It was a very difficult competition, and a large number of people were invited to participate." As a team leader, Su Anya, you must deliver the presentation flawlessly. You don't have to be concerned. Despite the fact that there were a lot of people in the room. But you don't have to be concerned; they are extremely friendly."

Chen Yiren appeared to be trying to cheer them up, but he was actually trying to make them nervous. He is aware that Su Anya is a timid young lady, and he wishes to undermine her self-esteem. But, sadly, that frail and timid Su Anya had died long ago.

"Thank you for informing me, Student Chen.That is something I will definitely remember." Su Su Anya pretended to be tensed.

"You don't need to be nervous, Anya; you can do it. We have faith in you." Shen Yue made an attempt to cheer up.

"Hey, what are you worried about? What else could happen? You have nothing to be concerned about." Chen Zhihui also made an effort to calm her down.

"Close your eyes and try to concentrate; you'll feel better." Sun Li also tries to cheer her up.

Su Anya's heart was warm. Except for her aunt, no one had tried to cheer her up or trusted her. "Don't worry, I'm not that worried. In fact, I'm very excited."

Yes, she was very excited; she always wanted to stand confidently in front of people. But in the past, she lacked confidence. It's not that she wasn't nervous; it's just that she believes in herself and wants to change her past self.

"Last team member, please be prepared to go next." It is finally their turn..

Su Anya walked with her team behind her until she came to a halt in front of the conference room door, took a deep breath, and then opened it.

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