It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets

In her previous life, Su Anya was plagued with misfortunes, and the root of her misfortunes was herself. Her cowardness filled her path with pain and sufferings. Su Anya was kicked out of the school as she was framed for cheating in a competition, at that time she couldn't even fight for her own justice. When her most trustworthy best friend stole her designs, she didn't even have the courage to confront him. Her sister died as a result of her carelessness, making her despised by her own brother. "You are the most selfish person." These are the words that kept haunting her, and she wanted to run away from them. Finally, Su Anya found an escape route, i.e., death. After suffering, the heavens give her a second chance, and Su Anya is reborn ten years back. In this life, Su Anya had decided to make amends with her regrets. Su Anya's plan does not include revenge; instead, she intends to make peace with all of her regrets. Regret for not taking a stand for herself. Regret for distancing herself from her brother and sister. Regret for being a weakling and a coward... In this life, she will make peace with her regrets...

little_starr · Urban
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143 Chs


Inside the Doctor's Office

"You can't rely on them, Su Anya. These sleeping pills only cause addiction. They may help to sleep, but in your case, they are extremely dangerous." The doctor sighed deeply.

"I told you to come for your therapy last week, but you didn't."

Observing her dazed expression. The doctor spoke to her in a soothing tone. "Su Anya, coming here means you want to get better, but you must first show your support. It's not that difficult; you need to summon the courage to emerge from your shell."

Su Anya was suffering from anxiety and depression, which led her to experience tension headaches that can cause mild to moderate pain and may involve stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Because of this, she was beginning to experience insomnia.

Only in her sleep did she feel the pain and fear fade away.

Sadly, she can't sleep only by closing her eyes.

She relied on sleeping pills to get a good night's sleep and was experiencing both physical and mental pain.

Su Anya raised her head and stared blankly at the doctor. "Doctor, I'll come to this session. I'll take my leave now, thank you." She stood up and exited the room. She strolled aimlessly, unconcerned about the people around her. She found herself alone in a crowd.

It was around 9 p.m. when she arrived at her apartment complex. She sat down on the sofa and turned on the television. She looked at the television screen absent-mindedly. Her attention was drawn to the news channel when she saw a close friend.

"What is the name of your designs, Mr. Jiang?" One of the reporters asked this question.

Jiang Yuze said with a charming smile in front of the camera.

"I was looking for inspiration to design this draught and went everywhere to find it. But I had no idea that inspiration existed within me. When my mind was at peace, I was inspired to design and name it 'Peace'."

Su Anya's heart ached after hearing Jiang Yuze. When she felt hopeless, this design was created by her; drawing gives her some peace, but she had lost the thing that gave her hope. Today, however, this 'peace' will always remind her of the betrayal that she felt today. He stole not only her work but also her trust.

She pulled out her phone and dialed the number. She heard a familiar voice. "Hello"

"How could you do this to me, Yuze? You're familiar with that design... That was extremely important to me. How could you...? You are my only friend in whom I have the most faith, but you..." Su Anya's heart was in such pain that she found it difficult to speak.

"Heh" She heard a mocking laugh." Su Anya, you're just a pawn in my game. I saw your talent in designing sketches and hired you in my studio, which is how I became acquainted with you. You have some feelings for me, right? Then I will take it as your token of love. One last thing, you don't need to come to work." He hung up the phone.

Su Anya felt as if her heart had been shattered into thousands of pieces. She might have needed a wake-up call. Oddly, her wake-up call was too much for her already frail heart to bear.

She laughed scornfully and contemptuously at herself. Not sure when that laugh turned into a streak of tears that ran down her cheeks softly and steadily. She put her hand over her mouth to keep the sobs from escaping. But how long could one bury an ache?

Inside the cold room, she looked at herself in the mirror. 'Do you think there will be someone who can give you the warmth that you longed for your entire life?' she felt like her image in the mirror was mocking her. Do you think you deserve that love, heh?'

She covered her ears with her hands, not allowing those voices to enter. "Noooooo!". She screams like she's being ripped off.

She closed her eyes and lay down on her bed. Nobody can hurt her while she sleeps, and she can forget about everything. But Her eyes were wide awake. She took her sleeping pills from the drawer beside her bed. She took one sleeping pill, but it didn't work. She ingested 6-8 sleeping pills all at once. She began to feel dizzy, and when her head hit the pillow, her vision went black. She closed her eyes and thought to herself, "At long last, I can sleep. I've found my inner peace."

The sun shone brightly in the morning, and a gentle breeze rustled the tree branches. The warm sunlight filtered through the curtains and landed on a white bedsheet. The person on the bed was paler than usual.

Su Anya's brows furrowed slightly, and she was dazed. The first thing she noticed was the old familiar room. She looked around and realized she wasn't in her apartment. The study table, her notes, and the room's furnishings were all familiar to her.

It was her aunt's place.

Unbelievable! Su Anya looked around, dazed. Why was she here? Was she having a hallucination? She closed her eyes and tried to remember everything that had happened. She had lived in this house until she was eighteen years old. She recalls being in her apartment.

Su Anya got out of bed and went to the closet, which she opened. The inner side of the door had a mirror. Her skin was pale in the mirror.

She carefully touched her face with her hand. Su Anya couldn't help but cry because it felt so real.

She had a rebirth.

Su Anya exhaled deeply to calm her tumultuous emotions. It was the start of the year 2010, the cold season. None of this was a dream. She'd gone back ten years.

But, if she couldn't change anything in this life, what was the point of this chance? As a result, Su Anya clenched her fist and swore to herself. This time, she must not let others decide her fate.