It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets

In her previous life, Su Anya was plagued with misfortunes, and the root of her misfortunes was herself. Her cowardness filled her path with pain and sufferings. Su Anya was kicked out of the school as she was framed for cheating in a competition, at that time she couldn't even fight for her own justice. When her most trustworthy best friend stole her designs, she didn't even have the courage to confront him. Her sister died as a result of her carelessness, making her despised by her own brother. "You are the most selfish person." These are the words that kept haunting her, and she wanted to run away from them. Finally, Su Anya found an escape route, i.e., death. After suffering, the heavens give her a second chance, and Su Anya is reborn ten years back. In this life, Su Anya had decided to make amends with her regrets. Su Anya's plan does not include revenge; instead, she intends to make peace with all of her regrets. Regret for not taking a stand for herself. Regret for distancing herself from her brother and sister. Regret for being a weakling and a coward... In this life, she will make peace with her regrets...

little_starr · Urban
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143 Chs

Low Self-esteem


A metallic sound came from her door. Su Anya stirred reluctantly under her arm, at the disturbance of her attempt to sleep. She didn't need to ask who was entering; she knew it was Shen Yue.

"Can't you sleep?" Su Anya wondered if it was because of her unfamiliar new environment.

Shen Yue looks down at her toes and hesitates. Su Anya rolled her eyes seeing her acting pitiful.

"If you are here to say good night. Then, Good Night. Go back to your room and sleep." After that Su Anya continues to sleep.

Shen Yue's eyes widened and realized that her pitiful act didn't gain any sympathy. She hurriedly walked towards Su Anya's bed and sat above the head of the bed and said, "Anya, I can't sleep alone. So, can I sleep with you? Please."

Su Anya tossed and turned in her bed, wrestling with a thick fog of fatigue that felt like a heavy woolen blanket draped over her. Her head throbbed with a dull ache, and she was having a tough time sleeping.