It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets

In her previous life, Su Anya was plagued with misfortunes, and the root of her misfortunes was herself. Her cowardness filled her path with pain and sufferings. Su Anya was kicked out of the school as she was framed for cheating in a competition, at that time she couldn't even fight for her own justice. When her most trustworthy best friend stole her designs, she didn't even have the courage to confront him. Her sister died as a result of her carelessness, making her despised by her own brother. "You are the most selfish person." These are the words that kept haunting her, and she wanted to run away from them. Finally, Su Anya found an escape route, i.e., death. After suffering, the heavens give her a second chance, and Su Anya is reborn ten years back. In this life, Su Anya had decided to make amends with her regrets. Su Anya's plan does not include revenge; instead, she intends to make peace with all of her regrets. Regret for not taking a stand for herself. Regret for distancing herself from her brother and sister. Regret for being a weakling and a coward... In this life, she will make peace with her regrets...

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[Bonus chapter] Last Breath(2)

Su Anya's mind went blank, and she felt her blood turn cold. She turned to face her aunt, who was gasping for air. She was helpless and unable to comprehend anything.

"A..An…ya." Lin Xinyi addressed her between breaths.

Su Anya dashed towards her, clutching her hands tightly on her own. "Aunty, don't overwork yourself. You will recover. These doctors are trying to fool you. You'll be just fine. Yes, I will make everything right this time."

"Ta..ke c…a..r..e o..f M..o M..o Q..in…g..er." She took her last breath after saying her final sentence.

The room fell silent, and only the beeping sound of the machine could be heard. Su Anya sat there dazed, making no movement.

Lu Ranyash approached her and placed his hands over her eyes to block her vision. "Please, Anya, be strong." In a low voice, he said.

Seems like his voice jolted her out of her trance. That made her realize her aunt had passed away. She began to sob over his shoulder. Lu Rayansh wiped her uncontrollably flowing tears. He didn't like seeing her cry like that, and his heart clenched at her teary face. He'd never seen her on the verge of breakdown before.

Su Anya believed she had made no changes in her life. But she didn't even realize that her aunt had left this world without a burden this time. Li Xinyi realized that the little girl who had always been timid and shy had finally matured.


Su Anya went into her apartment after finishing the formalities for her aunt's funeral. Her teammates and friends went to see her one day.

"Anya, could you please open the door?" Shen Yue stated quietly.

"I need some breathing space. Please leave me alone." Su Anya stated in a dry tone.

She had been thinking about what had gone wrong for the past few days. She knew in her heart that it was too late for her to save her aunt. But the opportunity to live a second time made her believe she possessed the power to alter the fate of the people.


Another knock came at the door. Su Anya sighed, thinking that Shen Yue and the others had not yet left. "Yue Yue you...," she said as she stood up and opened the door.

She was taken aback when she saw the person standing outside the door. She was surprised to see Lu Rayansh there.

"What brings you here?" She inquired.

Lu Rayansh relaxed, seeing that she was no longer depressed. "I'm worried that you'll starve yourself if you lock yourself in your house. So, I've come to invite you to lunch."

Su Anya frowned at him, sensing his concern for her. "There is no need, Mr. Lu. I'm all right. I hope you can leave if there is nothing else."

She was about to shut the door when Lu Rayansh grabbed the door frame. "I think you need some fresh air, Miss Su. Are you planning to live in this apartment for the rest of your life? Move on."

"I know it's not as simple as it sounds. Life never stops for anyone; we must face joy with a smile and hardship with courage. Su Anya was not someone I knew who was easily depressed. Give yourself a chance. A second chance." Lu Rayansh had said everything he could think of to make her feel better. He doesn't want her to become depressed as a result of her aunt's death.

Su Anya was taken aback when she heard him. She reflected on the second chance that God had given her, and how she could waste it like this.

When she noticed he was about to leave, she said, "Mr. Lu, lunch will be from my side."

Su Anya began to walk ahead of him before he could turn around to respond. He put his hand in his pocket and began following her from behind.

For lunch, they went to a small noodle shop. "I hope Mr. Lu doesn't think this place is unclean. Don't worry, Aunt Wu makes everything delicious while keeping hygiene in mind."

Su Anya had seen many people avoid eating here because they thought it was unhygienic; the majority of those who came here were those who couldn't afford expensive meals. Because the food was inexpensive and tasty.

"I am not a picky eater, Miss Su, and I am not some second generation rich kid who looks down on this place." While picking up the menu, Lu Rayansh said.

"Given how frequently you come here, why don't you suggest something delicious?" He stated while passing the menu to her. Su Anya took a look at the menu and began ordering food for both of them.

"Young lady, I haven't seen you in a long time. You must be preoccupied with your studies. You should also look after yourself. Take a look at how much weight you've lost. You must eat your proper meal or your health will suffer." Mrs. Wu provided them with lunch. Su Anya was someone she had known for a long time. Her heart aches as she watches her get thinner.

"Aunty, I will listen to you and take my meals on time," Su Anya said with a smile.

Lu Rayansh observed this scene in silence. He felt relieved that there are some people who genuinely care about her. He could tell she only had her aunt as a family member. When she was arranging her aunt's funeral, he didn't see any relatives.

"Eat your food. If it gets cold, it won't taste good." She said this as she noticed him lost in thought.

He began to eat his food. When he took the first bite, it tasted delicious. "In the future, Miss Su, I can blindly trust you when it comes to finding a tasty food place."

They left the restaurant after finishing their meal.

"Thank you for having lunch with me, Mr. Lu." Su Anya said, attempting to bid farewell.

Lu Rayansh could tell she was attempting to push him away.

"Miss Su, It was an honor to share a meal with you. You should go home as it's getting late. I'm going to leave." He didn't make things difficult for her. His goal had been met by bringing her out of her house for some fresh air.

Su Anya turned to face his residing back. She was puzzled by his concern for her.

She didn't understand what he was up to. Was he feeling sorry for her?

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