237 Combat Style!

Translator: ryuxenji Editor: H2dH2mr

After the 10-second protection period, Ling Lan did not wait for her opponent to make the first move like in her previous match. Ling Lan believed that [All-Rounded Expert]'s irreverent attitude made him unqualified to even operate a mecha into battle.

Thus, Ling Lan operated her rabbit mecha to leap forwards without any hesitation. With a powerful spring, her mecha flew like an arrow parallel to the ground. In an instant, she had removed the carrot-sword from the rabbit's mouth and swung it forwards fiercely, drawing a brilliant red trail of light through the air, slashing at the cockpit of the humanoid mecha.

"Warning! Danger!" The other's mainframe only had time to give this one warning before the initially brightly lit cockpit was plunged into darkness. Then, the system's voice rang out, "You have died in battle. Please choose whether to continue to the next match or to leave?"


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