363 <King of Close Combat>!

Translator: ryuxenji Editor: H2dH2mr

This kind of mecha displayed the characteristics of its bestial form, possessing four thick and strong limbs. The power these limbs could produce were explosively strong — in close-range combat, its power would completely overwhelm humanoid mecha. As for what kind of bestial form it would take, that depended on the operator's preference. This mecha before Ling Lan was in the form of a kingly lion.

The only shortcoming of this bestial mecha was that it could not enter high altitudes or outer space — the thrust force of its engines would only allow it to fight at a maximum altitude of 50 metres. However, by abandoning high-altitude flight, its ground attack capabilities were greatly increased. It had powerful strength at its disposal in close-range combat — a humanoid mecha would have no way of standing up against the impact of its charges. The only thing capable of putting up some resistance were humanoid ace mecha which specialised in close-range combat.


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