It's Like Every Day In "The System of Bureaucrats" S1

when the Mc woke up on that tiny desk stuffed with piles of files with yellowish dusty documents, knowing nothing- not even his identity just a voice in his head saying- "I'm nifty, your personalized assistant"

Thedarkhattie · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
2 Chs




Ngh! Why is it so pitch black here and who is count downing?! 95...

Agh! Where am I?! Why can't I speak?! Why can't I move?! Am I paralyzed?!


Wait! Who I am again?!

Why can't I remember a thing?!


Am I even alive or am I dead?! 99!


"System 89031 has successfully established"

*Ting ting!!!*

"Wake up, Duh, you are not paid to sleep HERE!!!"

Like life run back into the body, the hefty long eyelashes flash open disclosing those chocolate brown iris, and at the speed of light he rose his upper portion from that hard wooden table on which he was probably napping, but now was sound awake yet dreaming,

However, hailstorms from has just begun-

"Have you submitted your file that was due this weekend?!"

"W-Which file?" he questioned perplexed, scratching his sleepy eyes, looking around that dull and flickering room with thick curtains- that made it even harder to know if it was day or night,

But still, he couldn't remember anything maybe this is called short-term memory loss, a sleep paralysis perhaps?!

"These!!!" That man with a heavy beard but no hair on his head, roared thudding his fist into a pile of dusty files, blowing a thick blanket of dust- golden and brown

*Cough* *cough* Suffocating almost each of those dozen people who sat on such identical desks with ratcheted plywood and stuffed dusted files,

"And get yourself right, you look like an autistic teen!" with a finally disgusting facial comment, he whoosh off, leaving the boy stuck in the maze of several questions and the saliva that was dripping through the corner of his thin honey sugar lips, he finally wiped with the sleeve of that neet formal white shirt he was wearing,

Abruptly, he caught those middle-aged female eyes that looked at him from the edge of the hall, with a very loathing glance through her big cat-style specs, but as he looked in her direction- she shook her head back into thosdocumentsnt as if she wasn't even peeking,

"Um...what is happening?..." he held his head in his both hands,


"You are in the bureaucrat headquarters on sector 77 Jason Street, 89031"

"Woh! W-who is it?!" his spine straighten as he bang his hand onto the shaky desk, almost freaking out all the people as he examined around himself, questioning with his face terrified,


"I'm Nifty, your personalized assistant" Where is that voice coming from?!