1 Prologue: The Beginning of the Golden Saint of Libra

Narrator narrates:

In the city of kuo there was a family that was made up of the hyodou family a family of 5 people was mizari hyodou who is a 45-year-old woman and yakuto hyodou, 47, were the parents of the three children, kazuto hyodou, an 8-year-old boy and his sister isabel hyodou of 9 and issei hyodou of 6 years it would be seen that it is a happy family but the reality is different, little issei was despised for not being like his brothers since his family knew about the existence of the supernatural because one day they met two girls who were rias gremory and sona sitri they told them about the existence of the supernatural and it turned out that issei's sister was a carrier of the booster gear and issei's brother had found a golden sword of great power in a forest When Avian went to play with his brother / sister and his two friends and Issei he had no special talent and his parents, knowing about the supernatural, despised him for not having any talent, the only person who supported him was Rias, Irina Shidou, her other childhood friend and her sister Isabel, but sona and her brother despised them since they had nothing special, but the day came when Irina and Rias and Sona would say goodbye since they had to return to the underworld and Irina moved to England And when they left, Issei spent it alone since from one day to the next his sister began to be territorial with him and did not let him get together with girls or boys and in weight to spread rumors that Issei abused women, etc.

This was how it was for a while until at the age of 8 he would mark who he would be in the future

Issei narrates:

It was a morning, today it was my birthday number 9 I thought they would change the way they treat me but no, nothing changed just thinking that this day would be the one that they would say happy birthday to me but no but if I heard a conversation from my parents I still remember it


Mizari: I don't think I can put up with that useless issei he has nothing special look at his brothers isabel has the red emperor and kazuto has a golden sword of great power according to sona but issei has no talent and I don't know what to do better let's leave it to his luck, we will tell him that we will take him to the park for his birthday

Makuto: good idea later we tell him

End flashback

After listening to the conversation of her parents she went up to her room to put away the few things she had and left a note and left her house without being noticed by the parents or siblings.

End narration of issei

Narrates narrator

Issei was in a forest but he would be thinking about the things of the past as his brother and sona despised them and his parents forgot him for not having anything special and his sister from one day to the next became more territorial with him after his friends rias and irina left.

While issei continued walking through the forest, a pack of wolves would appear that when they saw issei they pounced on him but issei managed to dodge the first with difficulty, he tried to escape but he was surrounded otherwise he began to give off a golden aura that scared the wolves and not only to the wolves but to a man who saw what was happening, when the wolves left, Issei fainted but did not touch the ground since the man who saw him caught him before he fell.

Narrates mysterious person

They sent me on a mission to the sanctuary to find a successor since I was going to become the patriarch I started traveling to find a successor but I didn't find anything until I got into a forest in a city in Japan called kuo and there I saw him to a young man who still used cosmos but the difference was that it was golden but what terrified me was that as long as I noticed that he had awakened that moment, his cosmos I realized that it could rival that of a god but the moment I realized it I could see How he fainted from using the cosmos at last I dokho old Libra gentleman I found my successor and I can tell just by feeling his cosmos that the young man is someone with a pure heart and has great goodness And I catch him so that he does not fall to the ground And I decided to take him to the sanctuary with me.