Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

Sick of the city life, Qi Fan returns to his hometown island and ends up with an Island Management System. He starts with a special prize that helps him not only to have underwater night vision and breathing, but he also attracts ocean life. In the day, he takes a boat out to catch lobsters and fish marlins. At night, he dives into the deep sea to search for mysterious treasures. On the weekend, he takes a fishing boat far out to tease the turtles and look for blue whales. Once he’s earned enough, he’ll make his hometown rich by developing a holiday resort city. The beaches would be full of tourists enjoying the sun, sand, and bikinis…

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40 Chs

The Mysterious Heart of the Ocean

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"Little Qi, have you finished the project proposal handed to you yesterday?"

"Yes, I've finished it. It's on my desk."

"Not bad, not bad. If our company had more capable employees like you, Little Qi, it would have launched two years earlier."

"Manager, you're exaggerating."

"Hehe, oh right, don't leave after work. There's a dinner party in our department. The general manager will come over and promote a few colleagues who have excellent results. Let me tell you first, you're one of them."

"Manager, I'm a little tired. I don't really want to go."

"It's okay. You'll only be out playing. It'll help you relax. You've been working hard recently."

"It's not that... I... I want to resign."

"Did something happen at home? How about this, I'll give you two days off. Adjust your condition first and come back to work once things at home are settled."


In the evening.

Qi Hang was walking home. Looking at the traffic on the street, he felt frustrated for no reason.

Counting the years, he had been in Shanghai for over five years.

In the eyes of others, he was a top student from a famous university. After graduation, he worked in a bright and beautiful listed company. His ability was outstanding, his career was smooth, and his future was bright.

However, these things were not important to Qi Hang. None of these were things he desired.

In fact, he did not know what he wanted either.

A few years ago, when he was still in school, his parents back home went out to sea to fish. However, they encountered an unexpected storm, and along with many other people from the village, they disappeared without a trace.

His family and friends had all left him. The once lively village was empty, and only a few lonely old men were left in their empty nest, crying as they looked at the sea every day.

The only thing that kept them alive was the belief that their children could still return.

Since that day, Qi Hang was the same as them. He no longer had anyone to worry about in this world.

He was tired.

Very, very exhausted.

Although he did not go so far as to seek death, he was also filled with uncertainty about the future.

In this city where he had no sense of belonging, he felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

"Facing the sea... spring is warm and flowers are blooming..."

When he passed by a school, the childish recitation of children could be heard coming from inside.

Qi Hang suddenly felt something and stopped to listen carefully. It was the poem of the famous modern poet Hai Zi.

"From tomorrow onwards, be a happy person.

"Feed horses, chop firewood, travel around the world.

"From tomorrow onwards, care about food and vegetables.

"I have a house, facing the sea, and the warmth of spring will bloom.

"From tomorrow onwards, send every family member a letter.

"Tell them my happiness.

"What the lightning of happiness told me.

"I will tell everyone.

"Give every river and mountain a tender name.

"Stranger, I also bless you.

"May you have a bright future.

"May you be loved and get married.

"May you find happiness in the mortal world.

"I only wish to face the sea, and the warmth of spring will bloom..."

The short poem came to an abrupt end.

Qi Hang lowered his head, savoring the last sentence.

"I only wish to face the sea, and the warmth of spring will bloom".

Facing the sea, and the warmth of spring would bloom?

The sea... This word could not help but remind Qi Hang of home.

His home was on the island of Egret City, a home where his family was no longer present.

As an international metropolis, Shanghai was filled with all kinds of entertainment, but after residing here for too long, one's soul would inevitably feel a little empty.

For some reason, Qi Hang suddenly felt a little disgusted by the life he was forced to live.

To be honest, after experiencing the difficulties of life, all the fame, wealth, and desires felt momentary.

No matter how much money or how good of a reputation he had, he would not be able to make up for the regret of losing his parents.

"I want to go home."

Qi Hang suddenly became determined. In his hometown, he could at least be a little closer to the memories of the past.

Therefore, he called his manager.

Even when his manager clearly told him that if he resigned, the year-end bonus and salary would have nothing to do with him, he still chose to leave.

The moment he put down his phone, Qi Hang felt a mysterious sense of relaxation.

It was as if he had removed a burden that he had been shouldering for a long time, and he was finally free.

Then, he went back to his rented house to pack up some clothes, booked a ticket, and rode the night to his hometown, where he had lived for more than ten years.

Gu Fan Village.

The appearance of his home did not change at all. Other than the fact that it looked a little old as no one had taken care of it for a long time. It was still as familiar and as nostalgic as when Qi Hang had left.

Because he had not returned for a long time, the electricity and water in the house had long been cut off. It was late at night, thus even if Qi Hang wanted to take care of it, he could do nothing about it. He immediately went back to his room and rest.

However, when he passed by his parents' house, he discovered that there was a faint blue light flickering inside.

Out of curiosity, Qi Hang pushed the door open and walked in.

The light was emitted from the drawer in his father's desk, where he frequented to write. Qi Hang opened it and saw that there was a colorful necklace inside. The crystal pendant was inlaid with a bright and exquisite super-large sapphire. At a glance, one could tell that it was expensive.

'This was... left behind by my parents?'

Qi Hang held it in his hand. It felt cold to the touch, and that dim light seemed to have a soul-stirring charm.

He could not help but put the necklace on.

A stream of information suddenly hit his brain, and it was extremely painful.


Qi Hang instantly clenched his teeth. This feeling was as if a hammer had smashed him open and then he was stuffed with a lot of things. Not only was it particularly painful, but it also felt swollen and numb.

After a long while, he finally finished digesting the information in his mind.

It turned out that this necklace was called the Heart of the Ocean. It could greatly improve the wearer's physical and water quality. Swimming, diving, water perception, and other aspects could all be improved.

Moreover, it also stored an extensive amount of knowledge and memories regarding the ocean and fishing, all of which were now deeply imprinted in his mind.

In addition, there was also a magical substance called the essence of the ocean inside the necklace, which had many magical effects.

For example, it could attract sea creatures, increase vitality, beautification, and so on.

Regarding this, Qi Hang was skeptical. He took out a drop of the essence from the necklace, opened his mouth, and swallowed it.

For a moment, his body was suffused with a faint blue light.

In the floor-to-ceiling mirror not far away, Qi Hang could clearly see that his body was changing gradually.

Black dirt was constantly expelled from his originally dark skin. When he reached out to wipe off the dirt, he discovered that the skin below had actually become extremely smooth and fair!

He could not help but chuckle softly.

Other uses aside, if this thing were to be sold on the market, with such a heaven-defying whitening effect, who knew how many socialites and noblewomen would fight over it.

"However, the essence of the ocean can only be nurtured by the seaside."

Qi Hang knew the limitations of the Heart of the Ocean, but he did not mind it.

Originally, he was already nearly indifferent to money and was planning to live well in his hometown.

Now that he had the Heart of the Ocean, he was not concerned about a boring future.