Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

Sick of the city life, Qi Fan returns to his hometown island and ends up with an Island Management System. He starts with a special prize that helps him not only to have underwater night vision and breathing, but he also attracts ocean life. In the day, he takes a boat out to catch lobsters and fish marlins. At night, he dives into the deep sea to search for mysterious treasures. On the weekend, he takes a fishing boat far out to tease the turtles and look for blue whales. Once he’s earned enough, he’ll make his hometown rich by developing a holiday resort city. The beaches would be full of tourists enjoying the sun, sand, and bikinis…

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40 Chs

Reunited With His Old Friend Li Yizheng

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To have such a harvest on his first trip to the sea, for a newbie fisherman, he felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Holding a top-grade lobster in his hand, Qi Hang walked home happily.

Little White followed behind him, sniffing the lobster from time to time.

"Qi Hang?"

A voice suddenly sounded from the side of the road.

Qi Hang turned his head in surprise and saw a familiar face that was full of excitement.

"Little Zheng Zi?" He said with slight suspicion. People often said that women would undergo a great change once they reached the age of 18, however, the same applied to men. The change was too big. Qi Hang, who had not returned for a long time, barely recognized him.

"F*ck! We're already so old? Can't you put this nickname aside for me?"

Hearing this, the other party directly raised his hand and punched him. He laughed and cried at the same time, "But now, only a dog like you still has the chance to call me that. Forget it, I'm a magnanimous person. I'll let you call me that as much as you like today!"

"It's really you!"

Without saying anything, Qi Hang took a step forward and hugged him. "You brat, why are you so tanned?"

"Isn't it because of the Sun and wind every day?"

Little Zheng's full name was Li Yizheng. He was Qi Hang's old friend who had played with him since he was young. Stealing vegetables, fishing, and blowing up feces was his specialty. When the two of them gathered together, nothing good would happen. Who knew if they a vegetable farm would be eaten by them again.

At the sight of him, this fellow was most likely reminded of the disaster a few years ago.

Qi Hang was the only one in the village who managed to get into university. The incident happened not long after that.

It was said that out of the five members of his family, only Li Yizheng survived because he was sick and was hospitalized.

Most of his other friends in the village also died due to that trip to the sea. Leaving him alone in the village was indeed difficult for him.

However, today was a happy day as good friends had reunited. The past should be left in the past.

Looking at Li Yizheng, whose eyes were full of tears, Qi Hang deliberately changed the topic and said, "You still can't change that bad habit of crying. Even you know that you've grown up. Put away your tears first."

"You haven't changed at all." Li Yizheng laughed, his eyes filled with nostalgia.

"You actually said that I haven't changed?" Qi Hang looked at him in disbelief and raised his shining arm.

"F*ck, when did you become so white?" Li Yizheng only just noticed it, and he was completely dumbfounded.

"If your eyes are useless, then donate them. You can still be reincarnated as a bright person in your next life."Qi Hang mercilessly retorted, continuing the glorious tradition of the two of them insulting each other when they were young.

"Then what's the use of being so white? Are you planning to open a duck restaurant and be the main attraction?" Li Yizheng did not back down.

"Yeah, I'll start a roast duck restaurant and you'll be the first to be roasted!"


After a while, the two of them sat back to back under the shade of the tree and chatted.

"Top student, why did you suddenly come back?"

"Hey, I'm not used to eating outside food, so I came back to change my taste."Qi Hang laughed.

"That's great!"

Li Yizheng lifted the net in his hand, and there were a few halibut that he was planning to sell. "I caught a few good fishes. How about I let you have a taste of my cooking. At the same time, I'll welcome you with a feast. Let's have a drink."

"Oh, you still dare to drink? I'm afraid you've forgotten how a certain someone got drunk by me with a glass of wine?"

"F*ck, I didn't even know how to drink back then!"

Li Yizheng's tanned face instantly flushed red, as if he had thought of some shameful history. "Try it again this time, let's see who gets drunk!"

"Sure, you prepare the wine, I'll prepare the dishes. Don't use your fish, eat mine."

As he said this, Qi Hang kicked the two lobsters beside him.

Li Yizheng only then realized that Qi Hang had brought two lobsters. Previously, his attention had been on his old friend, so he did not notice the lobsters at all.

He, who had been fishing for a living all year round, recognized it at a glance.

Splendid lobster, the biggest of all lobsters!

Looking at its size, it must be at least five or six catties!

"Good heavens, Qi Hang, when did you make a fortune? Such a big splendid lobster, it must be at least thirty to fifty thousand, right?"

Li Yi Zheng grabbed the lobster and weighed it. "It might be more than that. Your lobster is much bigger than what I've seen before."

"What do you mean by making a fortune? I caught it."

"Caught it?" Li Yi Zheng rolled his eyes. "Stop joking. I'm telling you the truth."

He did not think that such a large splendid lobster could be caught by Qi Hang, who had not returned to the village for several years. Putting aside the rarity of this kind of lobster, Qi Hang did not have the ability to fish!

In comparison, Li Yizheng would rather believe that Qi Hang had studied in a big city and earned a lot of money.

"Who's joking with you? I really just caught it. Didn't you notice that the lobsters weren't even placed in a proper bag?"


Li Yizheng was shocked. "You haven't even been in the water before, and you got a harvest that's close to 100,000 yuan on your first fish?"

Qi Hang had a smug look on his face. "Jealous?"

"Very!" Li Yizheng said bitterly, "You're a newbie who doesn't know anything, yet you're so lucky."

"I'll give you half of my good luck too. Come, let's go and cook them!" Qi Hang immediately stood up and was about to rush home with the lobsters.

"Don't, brother, my biological brother!"

Li Yizheng quickly pulled him back with a sad face. "Who will be willing to eat this? It costs hundreds of yuan a bite."

"It's okay! If it's expensive, it's on me. If It's good, it's thanks to you!"

Qi Hang did not care about this at all. With the Heart of the Ocean, was he afraid that he would not get the good stuff?

"Don't! I can't eat it! I really can't eat it!"

Li Yizheng still intended for Qi Hang to sell the lobster for some money, but he quickly rejected his idea and suggested, "How about this, let's sell the Lobsters first, and then you treat me to a meal. I'll pick the kind of place!"

"That's fine." Seeing Li Yizheng's insistence, Qi Hang could only change his mind.

Li Yizheng chuckled, picked up a lobster, and looked at it with a precious look. He first brought Qi Hang back home to settle the fishes, then rode his motorcycle to the nearest market.

"You're not familiar with this place yet, be careful not to be cheated by the low price. In the future, if you're out beachcombing or out fishing, call me if you have any goods to sell. I'll help you deal with it.