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Isekai Underdog


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For Sael being pulled to another world wasn’t something he minded. In fact, when he found out he was the only one chosen for the warrior class from those he arrived with he was thrilled. Until he found out in order to receive all the tasty power-ups that always come with this type of situation he must battle a terrifying monster without any of said tasty powers. Even in success things aren’t quite going the way he expected. Still, everyone loves an underdog, including it seems the system powering those brought to this new world. On his journey, he will make friends with both other Arrived and the locals. Find romance often when he isn’t looking for it. And of course new enemies around every corner from the mindless monsters of the world to the diabolical powers behind everything. And maybe even find time to unlock the secret of the Arrived, if he lives that long.


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