2 The new world

"Honey! Have you seen Eon?!"

A feared voice of an adult male could be echoed throughout the room.

"My god. Have you lost him again?

He must really not like papa~."

A gentle voice with mischievousness mixed within them replied to the horrified male.

"Please don't say it like that!"

The young man turned around and left the study hall, which was quite large and had a desk filled with many paper bundles.

"Check out the library again. He will be there... again."

She said with a certain tone. And a worried gasp escaped her mouth.

"My god...can he even read at this age.

What am I gonna do with both of you...?"

The concerned female voice quietly mumbled and resumed the work with a sigh.


It has been a year since I was reincarnated in this world and started my new life... which is quite good actually.

Maybe, better than I ever hoped.

My name in this new and of course, fantasy world with real magic is [Axion Kromet].

'I don't know if it's a genetic thing but... I'm quite cute?'

With red eyes like crystal and light blonde hair which is like a shining midday sun, I was the personification of a fantasy prince.

'Well, my parents are quite a unique bunch themselves...'

My mother who is a merchant by profession has long blond hair, which has a different tone than mine, with brown eyes and a face you would fall for in seconds.

But, behind that face is a strict and playful person who loves her family but likes to tease her husband.

Her name is [Nolen Heliox].

She is actually from a noble household in the empire.

'Well I don't know much about it, so that's it.

As for my father...'

He is actually a shy type who always turns red when mom is teasing him.

He is a handsome man with glossy, shoulder-length black hair and red eyes that are clear and deep.

His name is [Brian Kromet].

'And, he is a real mage!'

My father is a former adventurer and <Intermediate level> magician which is quite high considering his age.

This world has a very generic thing that many games had in my previous life.

'Status Window'


Name: Axion Kromet





Magic Power:3




{Skill: Energy Circulation}

[Origin Skill : Sun's Blessing]


Everyone in this world has a status window.

People of this world call this Status window <Screen>.

Magicians are the ones who mainly call them <Status window> because of the principles behind this supernatural occurrence.

<Screen> is a visual representation of the body and the potential of one's current self.

<Screen> word came from the quiet sound which could be heard inside one's mind when activating it.

<Status window> also shows the <Skill> that we have or learned.


Just like any other game or fantasy world, this world has skills. Which could be obtained through special means.

They fall into different categories such as...

<Magic skills>

- Skills that usually activate when using a particular <Energy> to move, create or dismantle natural particles and different Spells.

<Enhancing skills>

- Skills that use the <Energy> stored within the body to enhance some aspects of the body which include physical, mental, or magical enhancement.

<Auxiliary skills>

-Skills that help other skills and are mainly part of individuals. This type of skill could greatly help in the growth of many aspects.

All skills require a power source to activate or operate.

There are many different types of <Energies> in this world that have different uses and users. They are used in not only magic and martial art but in many more different ways.

Some of the most common examples of this natural [Energy] could be...

1) [Mana] is a natural energy that is most commonly used in magic casting and skill use.[Mana] could be most easy to use and handle in some way compared to others.

This is mostly used in the Western continent where I am.

2) [Internal Energy] is naturally condensed energy within the body and then it is used in different Martial art. It could also be gathered and increased through different natural treasures.

This is mostly used on the Eastern continent which is on the opposite side of this continent.

3) [Divine Power] is borrowed powers of the higher beings who were said to be legends or legendary figures. These beings were 'born from nature' or 'very close' to nature.

It is mostly used by the <Priests> or the <Paladins> who are associated with different places.

4) [Demonic Energy] is different from any other one as they tend to grow and spread from negative and oppressive emotions which are a really bad thing for anything inside nature and they go against the order of nature.

Any type of energy could be corrupted if the negative emotions increase extremely.

5) [Aura] is different than other natural energies. Those who have mastered a weapon to the core or understand them naturally gain the subconscious energy discharge which they can then master and use in different ways.

For moving and using this different type of <Energies> different conditions have to be met first. Like having a <Mana nucleus> to use the Mana in the nature or surroundings.

<Mana nucleus> are naturally created in one's body where the mana first naturally gathers inside of body then, gets condensed and creates a base core.

The creation of this core is called [Awakening].

<Mana nucleus> stores the mana which is used in magic or other things such as strengthening the weapon or creating a potion.

The natural energy called [Mana] in the surroundings can be moved or molded in different ways by using the mana in the <Mana nucleus>.

The proficiency and skills required for that can be learned and used by magicians.

After the base <Mana nucleus> comes the affinity and different required knowledge.

<Mana nucleus> divides in different (tier).

It goes from (tier-0) which is mainly basic magic to (tier-12) which are mythical spells of stories.

Magicians can use magic at the tire of their <Mana nucleus> and below that.

This means a (Tier-2) magic spell could only be used by those who have a <Mana nucleus> of (Tier-2) or higher.

Affinity with different elements of nature is also important in spellcasting.

This world is a core part of this 'nature'.

From the mana to natural beasts which are commonly known as <Energy Beasts>.

Other than {Skills} the <Status window> also shows if the person has a different type of skill called [Origin Skill].

[Origin Skills] are different from other {Skills}.

Every [Origin] is different than the others. They could have the same function but none will be exactly the same.

That's why we can also call them [Unique Skills].

These [Origin Skills] are different because they can grow with the person.

The level of mastery of a [Origin] corresponds with the overall strength of the individual.

The mastery level of the [Origin] goes as:

Basic< Beginner < Intermediate < Upper-intermediate < Advanced < Upper-advanced < Master < Grand master < Sage < (Total mystery).

And each level has a different ability which is the same as skills but a bit different.

They are like a <Skill> which can grow two more times meaning it starts from (stage-1) and could grow until (stage-3).

But growing the (stage) is more difficult than reaching the {Advanced} level.

According to this world's fairytales, it could be summarized that there were few [Sages] who were even able to create legends and make miracles.

Those who have achieved <Master> level of control over their [Origin Skill] could be counted as some of the most famous people in the world.

<Grand masters> could be counted on a single hand as they like to be secretive and mostly no one knows their whereabouts.

Children who have a [Origin Skill], if trained from an early age could reach <Advanced> level at the very least when they grow older.

Even if those who have a [Origin Skill], don't try and practice with their skill, it would eventually be helpful for them in one way or another.

Reaching the level of a {Master} requires a very high amount of practice and understanding of the [Origin] itself. Those who fully understand what they can and can't do with their [Origin Skills] from an early age, can grow and learn different ways to use these skills.

Beyond the level of <Sage> is a realm of unknown.

No one knows what there is and what things one could do at that level but, people know that there definitely is a realm beyond that.

This could also be derived from the old fairytales and the books read in this world.

' I'm only one year old and I can actually read.

Maybe because my intelligence stat is the highest of them?'

I thought as I looked at myself.

Stats are the visual representation of one's own body. If stats go up the body improves and if the body improves the stats go up.

So maybe because my soul is grown-up, my intelligence stat is corresponding to that.

'I do like reading. I have pretty much read everything I could get my hands on. And because of my one and only auxiliary skill, my growth speed is actually... pretty fast?'

Well, the {Energy Circulation} is pretty much a cheat skill from normal standards.

We can't use skills freely without the input of any <Energy>. But, because it's a support skill it can be used for a short time.

'Perk of being reincarnated, maybe?

well, it's actually very helpful...'

I can easily circulate the energy inside of my body and if I use the [Origin Skill: Sun's blessing] which I think will be a really useful skill, I may be able to create my base <Mana nucleus> and grow a bit faster.

'I will need quite a long time before I could figure out what my [Origin Skill] actually does. All I currently know is it's very helpful. And that's just an instinctive response.'

In the future, the combination of these two skills will be perfect for my training.

'Well, that's what I think at least...'

"Eon...Here you are, staring at books once again~."

Father suddenly entered the room and gently picked me up.

"My baby must like books~. That's the signs of a real genius!"

His voice was filled with love and gentleness and the words that he spoke carried admiration.

'What would mom say if she were here?'

Well, I wouldn't know that, for now at least.

He carried me back to the bedroom which was pretty difficult to escape from.

After putting me in my Small bed he left after kissing my forehead.

'Well, I think this is it for today...'

A baby's life. just sleep, play and eat.

'It's good...'

I could see the outside world from the window.

The sun has almost disappeared from the horizon and the mystic blue moon was making its debut in the hall filled with the starry sky.

'It's twilight... and it looks very, beautiful.'

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