Isekai From Hell: Modded Skyrim

What... What's going? I was watching a video while crossing the street... Did someone hit me? I feel so light... What's that sound? Follow my adventures as I live my new life in a beloved game that has aged perfectly due to a wonderful and dedicated modding community.

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Growing the Crew I

Waking up from my slumber, I feel the familiar pain of leveling up, though this time it seems more bearable, down below I hear the clearing of rubble and picks against stone as I stretch and crack my joints after laying on the hard stone all night.

Once fully awake I head down to see the company hard at work clearing the rubble from the dragon fight and placing the usable stone in a pile for construction while the rest is set aside for use in other projects. Lokir is off speaking to a few Khajit before waving to me to join the conversation.

"Well, I'll be damned, you sure do work quick Brother, might have ta give ya even more work so you don't get bored while I'm gone." I laugh as I approach the caravan.

"You know me Boss like to strike while the iron's hot. Speakin' of, this here is Ri'saad and he's the leader of the caravan that runs this route. I told'em you wanted to discuss a deal with'em, anyways I'm off to oversee the work. Later Boss." Lokir says heading over to the rest of the company.

"A peaceful greeting to you," Ri'saad says to me.

"And blessings of the moons upon you," I reply back with one of the sayings I remember from a past play-through leaving Ri'saad slightly shocked.

"This one is most honored by your knowledge of the Khajiit, do you do trade with many caravans?" Ri'saad asks with confusion.

"Sadly, my knowledge is quite limited on the subject, but I abhor the prejudice of the Nords against the mer and beast-kin. That's actually the reason I asked Lokir to get ahold of your caravan." I tell Ri'saad.

"Oh? And what could this one do to assist their newest friend?" Ri'saad asks with keen interest as his eyes narrow.

"I'm glad you asked my friend, you see, I've recently received the thaneship of Whiterun and been granted the ownership of this tower you see my company hard at work on repairing. And I have plans to make this place an outpost for my mercenary company, and every outpost needs merchants to supply it. I see it this way, we can provide you and your people shelter from the elements and serve as a way station on your travels to rest and store your goods safely, and in exchange, we'd get first access to your wares and might need you to assist in the transportation of goods. Like the lumber, we plan to purchase to expand the tower." I say beginning to sell Ri'saad on my plan.

"Yes, this could be quite a good deal for the both of us. I see no reason not to agree so long as you don't start fleecing us like the guards are so inclined to do." Ri'saad laughs heartily.

"Don't worry my friend, I think this will be the start of a wonderful partnership." I smile shaking Ri'saad's hand before going off to draw up the rough schematics for the improved outpost with room for the Khajit way station.

And after a couple of hours of sketching, I gather up my crew and head out towards Riverwood to deal with that missing Khajit kid. God, I hope they're still alive. I hate dead ki-… Wait a minute… I wonder if kids are still set to essential or if they can die now? I should probably adopt the worse-off orphans before they die of exposure, "Though I don't know if I'm ready to have kids yet…" I mumble aloud lost in my thoughts.

Making Sofia blush and stammer out, "D-definitely not ready for kids! W-we've only known each other for a few days and we haven't even done…" she mumbles on bringing me from my thoughts.

"Did you say something Sofia?" I ask causing her to scowl and Faendal to look at me like I'm an idiot.

"What is it? I was just thinking about adopting some of the orphans that came about cause of this stupid civil war." I say to Faendal which actually shocks him.

"You… You want kids my friend? Are you sure that is a wise idea?" Faendal asks with concern.

"What are you saying Faendal? I think I'd make an excellent father, I'd teach the little ones how to swing a sword and teach them what it means to be a real warrior!" I say cheerfully, making Faendal face palm himself.

"You do know there is more to raising children than teaching them to swing a sword, right?" Faendal sighs in exasperation before continuing, "And you don't plan to quit adventuring so soon to raise them, do you? And you don't plan to bring them with us on adventures?" He laughs.

With a serious look I say back, "How did you know?"

"Come now friend, the roads of Skyrim are far too dangerous for children, it'd be better to find a home for them to call their own. Don't you think?" Faendal reasons.

"Hmmm, I guess, but I'm still going to collect all the orphans!" I declare heartily causing Faendal to shake his head and we continued to travel to Riverwood in relative peace, came across a few imperials escorting a stormcloak prisoner but I decided not to intervene this time since I was trying to stay neutral for as long as possible.

Crossing the bridge to Riverwood, I see Camila waiting at the town gate in shock and begins running to Faendal, who upon noticing Camila begins running towards her. I swear it turned into slow motion... Fucking lucky bastard, why can't I find someone that happy to see me... Maybe Serena? Though she doesn't seem the bounding in joy type...

As Camila and Faendal get reacquainted, I head over to the Sleeping Giant Inn to see if I can find out about that missing kitten.

Once inside, I notice a strange male nord traveling merchant whom I've never seen before who seems to be drinking with my old drinking buddy Embry, that traitor. Eh, I'll get a drink and join them.

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