Is this the beginning of the end

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What is Is this the beginning of the end

Read ‘Is this the beginning of the end’ Online for Free, written by the author Blessing_Agbozo, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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[This novel has been suspended. Read it if you wish, but author-san will not update] Jia Xinyue. Normal university student from China, no aspirations for the future, likes hotpot. All she did was try to return a pendant to a mysterious dark-haired stranger, which gets her killed! Instead of becoming the all powerful MC with a golden finger, she is forcibly placed into a system... as the AI? But she's human? Why is she here?! Who's that blonde bunny over there! Eh? It's her host? They don't even speak the same language... Kian is a foreigner who died before achieving his ultimate goal of revenge. Now, he is the host to a broken AI who thinks she's human?! Having never read a cultivation novel before, he's completely clueless! Jia Xinyue: This old lady will carry you through! I'm a battle-hardened veteran when it comes to these novels. Forced into a bond with Kian, this "broken AI" resolves to strive for her ultimate goal: To get out of being a "AI" and find the annoying guy who put her there and beat the sh*t out of him! Plagued by badly designed controls, this adopted pair of siblings must learn how to survive whilst climbing up higher in a world where strength dominates all. Whilst avoiding the schemes of Lan Clan, will they ever find a way out of this world? No one is who they seem. Is Kian truly the young boy he says he is? What are the true intentions of Wang Feng? And for Jia Xinyue, why does she feel like she's forgetting something? Jia Xinyue: @Author, you barely give me any time! Let me remind you that this is a female protagonist novel! Author: You'll get your turn in the next world Jia Xinyue: What next world? Don't tell me it's world hopping- Author: Yes. Blame Wang Feng. Wang Feng: WTF? 800-1800 words per chapter. [EDIT: author is working on Instead of Empress, I will be Emperor!]. also, you are a fool if you plan on reading this. don't.

noctifer · Fantasy
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25 Chs
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