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Hi guys, this is the very first chapter, and I would like to make some things clear. 1- There will be romance? Well, a little, but I'm not a romanticist. Hence, this will take place 'SUPER FU***NG LATE' in the story. So don't worry about Feifei for now. She isn't the main point here, Krune's life as a wisp is. 2- If you haven't noticed the spaceship yet, you better know that this is a novel where technology exists. Still, it is mostly used for convenience. It takes almost no part in the cultivators' strength, so don't expect super mechas or spiritual armors or whatever. Think about this universe as if our nowadays technology meets the ancient cultivation world and they just get well together. It also helps to create a lot of funny events, so... 3- The first 20 chapters or so doesn't picture it well. Still, like a wisp, Krune only has the little knowledge that he learned in the forest and by secretly visiting the nearby villages. He knows about the technological world but had barely involved himself with it before leaving the Katiu Forest. 4- As a nonhuman, Krune has no EQ when considering the humans' culture and habits. It is definitely one of the top trends of this novel, so you can expect a lot of 'smashing my face against the common sense wall' after chapter 20 more or less. 5- Will there be harem in this novel? No, there won't be any, be it Krune or any other character in the entire story. 'Sorry, Mario, but your princess is in another castle.' I'm the type of person that can't accept a world where a man having several wives is okay. Still, a woman having more than one man is considered a betrayal, this is BS! I have no problem with novels where both genres have the same rights, though. 6-The book is now passing through a re-edition. The story won't change anywhere, just the grammar will be fixed. You will notice that the grammar will turn bad at some point, and then it will come back to normal after chapter 100. Thanks to my editor for all the work on the existing chapters so far. o/

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Its so cool and original. I love the idea of a wisp cultivator and the best is that its not a reincarnation and the wisp os intelligent. There is no long vjapters about learning that bore you. Just the balance it need to keep it interesting and logical for the plot. Its a must read in a point of view. I just hoping the author will continue. Ps: no harem.


The quality of the writing is over all alright there are a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing that can't be over looked. The stability of the updates is pretty consistent so not much to complain about. The real downfall of this story is the characters and their development, and by development I mean the lack of it. The characters frankly are boring and very 2d most of their personalities can be described with a few words such as, mean and money hungry, talented and ignorant, genius and quiet, and for Ao he has nothing other than being the only other guy in the story. The story development is also very bad it is mostly the same over used jokes and the protagonist getting bullied by his so called friends. The Mc is supposed to be smart but then makes the same mistakes over and over again, and then it is just labeled as a joke. The one thing that makes the Mc unique, other than his race, is almost instantly given to his friends and they are only slightly slower than the "genius" mc. This story had so much potential, and I really enjoyed it at the stat but then the repetition of the same thing made the story get old real quick. As a suggestion to the author pleased do not keep forcing the same jokes, build on the characters more, give something to make the mc unique again, other than his race, allow the mc to grow and learn from his mistakes instead of repeating them. These are just a few things that could be done to improve the over story. Once again I love the concept of the story and the beginning was great, it just never let the characters to be built cause it to get boring really quickly.


This novel will surpise you it is enjoyable our mc has ditermination. And lastly there isnt out there a cultivation about a wisp. I wonder how the mc will continue to progress


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Pretty disappointing. There are quite a few glaringly obvious flaws with this novel. First off, everything works out way to well for the mc. He gets saved by a really powerful group who realistically would not give a rats ass about him and gives him a cultivation technique suited for him (because he cannot learn other without meridians). He gets a super common technique for cultivations that everyone can get their hands on for themselves, all their cousins, AND their dogs and finds it is an incomplete technique that even in its first stages of unlocking is better than all other technique out there. All while not even 1 person in the hundreds, if not thousands, of years has thought maybe I should see how far this technique can go. And this only is in the first few chapters, it still just as bad, but uses that technique as a main reason for it working. Secondly, the whole story is about how it is dangerous to be a wisp in a cultivation world because everyone want to use you for resources, but no out of 120 or so chapters there is only 2 times anyone has even considered using them as resources for cultivation. Every character you meet is either strictly good or strictly bad, and most of the time everyone is they meet are good people.


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This story is going to **** I swear to god if krune was a human and knew all the customs and **** i gurantee he’d be one of those overly nice stuttering mc’s and its annoying like what the f*ck this kid gets his divine soul and it has sentience but then it completely disobeys him but then he finally gets rid of it and he doesn’t like it like grow the **** up and man up like jesus christ thats your own soul but your just gonna allow it to run rampant when you don’t even have access to your full power because its basically a child and when you go through the natural process of breaking through it wanted to kill you and you just let it be like what the **** is wrong with this imbecilic author this is one of those times where i wish i could just kick the mc’s ass because hes pissing me off so much like FUCK THIS SHIT


MC is a forever child and is always protected by someone no matter how much he cultivates and because of this MC maintains his no killing policy because no one would come back to take revenge on him without dealing with his protectors this kept on going till 900+ chapters where he lost his protection and immediately starts killing monsters but lucky enough to not encounter any human who are willing to fight it out with him till death. MC lacks forethought though it's said he has higher IQ but it's hardly shown in in his thought process. This novel is different in a sense you're a story of a MC with child mentality though old enough to have his own grandsons.


This book is super Good the author got everything down to the last detail and he doesn’t disappoint. He knows how to tell a story and how to keep people interested and wanting more. You should try it out


The main character goes from intelligent and pragmatic to merciful and naive within about 30 chapters, on the level of a Japanese MC at that. "Oh, you just tried to kill me? That's fine, you can leave." At first, the MC killed threats without hesitation, yet later, he risks his identity being discovered (which would instantly get him hunted by those far more powerful) to kindly ask a group "please don't hunt wisps anymore". The foolish main character combined with the trope-filled writing killed the story for me, and likely will for anyone more fond of calculative/antihero MCs.


First of all, wait until you read at least five chapters before forming an opinion. The first two chapters are quite small and ordinary, but the story quality gives a super jump (and I mean it) after the third one. The author increased the amount written after the third chapter as well. What really caught my attention is the MC and how the world thinks about the wisp, and I've never seen a wisp MC before. Another excellent point in this story is the MC cheat. This one was very well thought, and really well elaborated.


This book is great and cool to read. Served a story about martial arts. Characters are very calm at all. Background of world this book very nice too.


I only managed to get through the first 6 chapters.... The grammar and syntax are beyond bad. The author miss-uses tenses a lot. Infact he interchangeably uses them in every other sentence. Even the average 6th grader should have a better grasp on atleast the 4 simplest and when to use them: Simple past/past progressive and simple present/present progressive. To the author: I am not trying to disparage your work but you are honestly not that gifted when it comes to grammar, either study up or get an editor to do the work for you. One last thing: even in the earlier chapter you are artificially inflating your wordcount. You are creating needlessly complicated sentences that no one understands and break syntax. Keep the sentences short, it will improve flow, you'll make less mistakes and the reader will in no way be confused.


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From chapter 1 to 900 the story has been is that a wisp after that however somehow the authour has managed to write a completely different story starting from when krune got his land incarnation honestly I don't understand this story anymore Otherwise it has been a fun ride😌


So i came here because I loved Death and me and expected to see smt of equal quality. well no. The author says it grts better after 20 chapter but honestly i would have prefered if he didnt get his human form cause the story goes downhill fast. Like really fast. He meets annyoing as hell characters who literally have 0 impact on the story but exist forever. but our mc lets himself get pushed around trusts people who he barely knows with his life. and even risks dying for them bcs why not. its just his lufe after all. Idk if it gets better but its reaaaaally a lot worse compared to his other work. sad. still not the shittiest thing out there so yeah


The main character has 0 EQ, as said on the tin. This is portrayed by having him make mistakes while interacting with others, leading him to be beaten up by his "friends" every time he does something off, often without any explanation to him. In addition, none of his supposed friends have any respect for him or his wishes, going so far as to purposefully do the ONE thing he has asked them not to, multiple times, just to mess with him. I sincerely hope that the author isn't drawing from personal experience when writing these character interactions, as it would be pretty sad. I love the premise, but with the MC showing no signs of demanding to be treated at all nicely, and none of his "friends" offering to due so, I find it unreadable.


This novel is a breath of fresh air in many ways. The grammar’s a ****y bit weaker than some, but that hardly affects the experience. You’ll find that the author, Suiyan, has a fetish for mass releases (don’t think of anything dirty). The story progresses nicely on a slowly quickening rate. From the first few chapters to the latest, you’ll always find tidbits to enhance your knowledge on what the core plot is. Does he have to reach the peak of the world? Save his loved one? Save his race? Extend his life span enough to not die? The answer is: Yes. Like I said, it’s a breath of fresh air, and the same goes for the characters. You don’t have that faultless main character that never does bad, or commits mass genocide and goes “I won’t let the world walk over me” or something of the like. Here, our MC, Krune is genuinely good, not from his character description, but rather his actions. While he comes of as a little wimpy, character development that sees him taking on new, and the cliched shameless trait exist. But, this only enhances the comedy, ‘cause the Novel is easily top three in comedy. The side characters, while kinda generic at the beginning, diversify in their characters later on. This, also, is a plus. For world background, you have a literal multiverse and a higher realm, but the plot never feels like it’s larger than its current setting. To me, that would mean that if he’s in a village, you could get knowledge on the cities, but the readers don’t immediately focus on what happens after he leaves the village, but rather the village itself. I’m not entirely sure what constitutes an amazing background, but I think it’s good enough if it’s there and doesn’t overshadow the foreground before it’s the main focus. Nonetheless, the world is expansive with the author not only expanding on it based on size/location but also based on how the people’s views change in the different parts. Or at the very least confirming that it won’t just be a cliche “go to city, go to competition, go to school, offend big guy run away, find something useful, repeat steps one to five with a ‘capital state’ rather than ‘city’, goes back to city and floor the big guy before we forget about him.” Krune is not the type that lets conflict dictate his worldview. All in all, it’s a great, kinda lighthearted read. I love it. Hope you try it if you’re reading this.


This MC is fucking hilarious with every step causing misunderstanding and you will cheers for him such amazing Novel right there and the interaction between him and the world is so funny