Is that a Wisp?

Author's Note: The start of the story is very slow and cliche. Give it a chance until the wisp reaches the human cities. It's at that point that the book's charm shows itself (Around chapter 20, all free!). --- What if a wisp, with zero EQ about human culture and habits, gains the opportunity to finally achieve human form? Now he can enter cities, experience technology, and fight his way to the top, right? In this universe where wisps are seen as nothing more than resources, a wisp stands up to challenge the wisps' destiny! Not without causing a lot of misunderstandings on his way, of course… --- Realms: Qi Condensation; Foundation Establishment; Core Formation; Divine Soul; Soul Forging; Void Breaking; Divine Path; Divine View; Semi Divinity; Divinity. --- Transformation; Mortal Rejection; Godly Fusion; God Foundation; God Core; Nascent God; --- Semi-God Realm; God Trial Realm; Elementary God Realm; Primal God Realm; God Realm. https://discord.gg/mR3pzMN Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/suiyan

Suiyan · Eastern
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1583 Chs

Primordial Heavenly Spark

"Kun Peng…" The emotions of those from the Kun Realm were complex. After all, they had been created by Zeit, a Kun Peng. Moreover, the official name of their realm was the Kun Realm, named in favor of their race. 

And now, it was a Kun Peng that had arrived to signal their doom.

"Why…why are you attacking us? What did we ever do to you? Weren't the Kun Peng supposed to protect us since we're your creation?" One of the Kun Realm Gods lost his mind, shouting deliriously, grasping at straws at this point, drowned by despair. 

"Ahh, you're from the Kun Realm, Zule's creation." Zeit nodded in understanding as the suffocating pressure vanished on all the Gods as his voice resounded throughout the place. "I've always looked up to Zule. He's the fastest to ever become part of the Older Generation among the Kun Peng, already daring to challenge our Chief."