Is She A Bad Girl?

静雅 静Soo mi, who was betrayed by her friend got thrown out of her house because of some accusations and got kidnapped. She married the man who saved her but later he just vanished. At that night a system appeared which changed her life completely. From there she was forced to start her journey to take revenge for herself and for her parents with those four handsome boys by her side who would be accompanying her in this journey. Would she be able to take her revenge? Would she be able to change herself from a innocent girl to a bad girl? See the struggles of that girl in her journey..... Volume 1 : Standing again after falling down. Volume 2 : The Missions Volume 3 : Contracted marriage with the devil Volume 4 : Transformation into ............. ----------------(----------)------------------ Join my discord where there will be spoilers /general chat about any thing /and many other resources: https://discord.gg/vw3VeGJw Instagram: @zoa_liz

ZOA · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
90 Chs

Evil Friend Ruined Everything

"Mommy! I am back."

Soo mi yelled as she entered her lavish looking house. Her red hair, flying as she ran towards the sofa.

She just came back after giving her last exam in the university and was too tired to even move her fingers now.

She threw her bag at the sofa and then laid beside it. Her legs, resting on the table in front of her as her head rested at the back of the sofa.

Her pure black eyes were now closed and her light pinkish lips in a big pout.

She laid there while waiting for her mother as she wanted to tell her about her last day in university.

Soo mi was a kind hearted girl with excellence and cleverness who got high grades all along in her studies.

She was resting when some pictures got thrown at her as her father yelled.

"What are these? What have you done?"

Her father angrily threw the picture at Soo mi.

She was shocked at why her father was behaving like that all of a sudden and why was he angry? She thought this while politely collecting all the pictures.

Sweat started to form on her forehead as she looked at them.

Her eyes widened and she immediately told her father.

"Father it's not what you think."

She shook her head here and there trying her best to explain to her father but her father wasn't in the mood to listen to her any words and yelled at her.

"Shut up! Are you still going to lie? We have been ruined because of you. How dare you do something this shameless? You didn't even care once for our reputation in this society."

He was yelling at her while continuous tears were falling from her eyes.

Suddenly a voice appeared

"Uncle! Not only this she was also going to run away with her boyfriend."

Soo mi's best friend Mi cha told her father from a corner. She was standing on a side while her hands were folded on her chest.

Soo mi was shocked to hear this from her.

She panicked as her father was continuously giving her a death glare so she again said trying to explain to her father.

"I am not. I don't even have a boyfriend."

Her father got so angry at her all of a sudden that he picked up his hand in the air and slapped her so hard that she fell down on the ground.

She held her face through her hand and rubbed feeling really low. Her father never hit her before this but today he hit her so hard that the pain was unbearable for her.


Soo mi was trying her best to stop Mi cha from running away with her boyfriend.

Mi cha was in love with a boy and wanted to marry him but her parents didn't gave her the permission as they didn't want her to marry that boy.

Mi cha got really mad at this and she decided to run away with her boyfriend.

Not caring for her parents or anyone else.

Soo mi and mi cha were sitting in Mi cha's room as she was packing up her stuff.

Soo mi was telling her not to do so but she didn't care what Soo mi said to her and continued packing.

Soo mi tried once more as she said. "Are you going to run away with your boyfriend, that's not right. Think about your family, their reputation. What will happen to them?"

MI cha just rolled her eyes, a smirk was there on her lips when she said sarcastically.

"Oh! Come on! Don't be so childish. My family don't even care about me. If they would have agreed to marry me with my boyfriend I wouldn't have run but because they don't care about me and only care about their reputation they decided not to marry me to my boyfriend. Now I will run away and marry him no matter what. I don't even care if my parents don't like me, my boyfriend loves me and I will be spending my life with him now. "

Soo mi listened to all Mi cha's words calmly and then stated her own point of view.

"How are you so sure that your boyfriend loves you. Your family loves you more than anything and they want to see you happy, that's why they didn't want you to marry that boy but you took them as your enemy."

Mi cha didn't reply to her now as she continued to pack up her things. She finally was done with all her packing but then Soo mi yelled at her.

"If you don't stop I am going to tell your parents."

Mi cha's eyes widened as she wasn't expecting anything like this from Soo mi and she also yelled at her with the same tone she used with her a minute ago.

"You wouldn't dare!"

Soo mi smirked at this and started to walk towards the door while saying

"Watch me!"

Just as Soo mi said that she stood up from her bed and went out of there.

Mi cha got really worried and dropped all her bags on the ground yet she wasn't expecting Soo mi to tell her parents and she just thought of it as a hollow threat.

She didn't expect her friend to do this with her.

Soo mi then went straight to Mi cha's parents and told them all about her planning of running.

Her parents already knew that she loved that boy and would do something like that so they trusted Soo mi on this and grounded Mi cha in their house so that she wouldn't be able to get out of the house and after some days she got married to the man whom her parents chooses for her.

Mi cha got really angry at this and decided to take her revenge from Soo mi.