Is It Wrong to Not be Recognized as a Hero Rewrite

"The One Eye Black Dragon is dead!" As the world cheered no one knew who killed it. "The Unborn Hero" the world called the Great Dragon Slayer in honor of his deed. Yet when he heard that title he raged towards the Heavens "I'M NOT A HERO!!!"

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Gods cannot have children.

It was a fundamental law of the world. Gods are born out of concept and faith. Such things cannot have children of their own. Everyone knew that no matter where you are from or who you are it was an established law.

After all, mortals are flesh and blood while Gods are conceptual beings. They are completely separate beings, living in different worlds, times, laws, and existence. There was no compatibility between the two.

Thus: Gods could never have children between themselves or mortals.

It was simply the law.

The Gods and Spirits belong to a superior existence in exchange for their inability to bring life into the world. It was why they fell in love with mortals, not just on the romantic side but not just the romantic way. They were able to enjoy the wonders of having a family they could call their own.

So they descend from the Heavens so that they can live among. The Gods wished to help mortals grow and mature; for they provided great entertainment for them. Yet the mortal realm is not without danger.

The Great Dungeon that birthed the Three Tyrants was a danger to every being on Tenki. The monsters born from the Dungeon have inhuman strength that even the weakest of monsters could kill an entire army of mortals. For the Gods to enjoy the entertainment of the mortals they granted the mortals their divine grace.

Their grace, known as Falna, allowed mortals to grow stronger than ever before. The Falna was a representation of a God adopting a mortal into their family. Those blessed with Falna could gather excelia through their deeds to grow stronger, through unnatural skills, magic, and the potential to be known as Heroes.

The Falna was a way for Gods to have a family of their own. By bestowing their Falna the Gods gained "children '' of their own. They loved the feeling of having a family and finally found a loophole of Gods not having any children. So many Gods decided to leave the comfort of Heaven to form their own Famalias. But in order to do so, they must seal away their powers that come from their divinity.

That was fine with them. As long as they could live with their mortal family and experienced life with them, the Gods were satisfied. 

Yet like every law, there were always those who broke it.

For there was a Spirit who bore a child of her own.

And there was a God who did the same.

This is not a tale of a glorious Hero, no that story is for someone else.

Nor a tale of an Avenger who simply wished to see her mother again.

No this is a tale of a broken boy who has seen the tragedy that befalls Heroes. Who wishes to be forgotten by the annals of history.

Yet his destiny will not allow him to be forgotten.

For this story is proof that his story has not been forgotten.


[Labyrinth City of Orario-Date: Year 10XX G.D.-Hearth Mansion]

Bell remembers his fight with Asterius. The memory was clear as the sky on a cloudless day but just as foggy as a raining night. It was as if he was experiencing the fight with two sets of memories. 

"Next time, we settle this."

An oath to the very world itself. Not even the Gods could hope to interfere with such a vow. And even with such a terrifying opponent all he could do was smile at the memory. Next time he will be ready and he will win. 

"Honestly Bell, I don't know what's wrong with you." Lady Hestia said in her usual exasperated tone as she was updating his status. 

Bell Cranel:

Race: Human

Alias: Super Rookie ->Rabbit's Foot

Level 3 -> 4

Strength: S999-> G256

Defense: S999-> G254

Dexterity: S999-> G264

Agility: S999-> S956

Magic: S999-> I20


Ox Slayer: Heavily increases all abilities when fighting raging bull-type monsters. 

Clown's March: The user's presence evokes heroic inspiration, enhancing the growth of allies who are inspired. The potency of the effect is determined by the intensity of the allies' inspiration. The user's own growth is bolstered in accordance with their own level of resolution and is immune to Charms.

Argonaut: Allows a charge for an active action.


Luck: G

Abnormal Resistance: H

Escape: I


Firebolt: No Chant, Offensive-Type Fire spell that releases blazing bolts of electric flames. Scales with the user's Magic Stat. Argonaut increases the all aspects of it and an increased cost to Stamina and Mind

Jupiter: Super-Short Chant, Enhancement-Type Lightning spell that causes electricity to rampage within the user to increase physical attributes for a duration of (10) seconds at a great cost to the self. Increase scales with the user's Magic Stat. 

"I'm sorry Lady Hestia." I said apologetically as I could and she just sighed. She waved her hand dismissively and said in a gentle voice, "It's alright. Just be careful next time." I nodded in understanding and thanked her for her understanding.

"Um..Bell what do we do now?" A timid voice called out to me and looked over to see Primo. She is an elf who has blonde hair and purple eyes. She was the newest member of their Familia. 

Bell closed his eyes to think about their current situation. The Hestia Familia was in a very delicate state. After the Xenos incident half of Orario hated them while the other half was neutral about them. 

The rumors about him defending monsters that were destroying the city and fighting Aiz were circulating throughout the city. While Lord Ouronous and Fels were doing their best he knew that his reputation was not the best. 

The only reason why Orario wasn't yelling out for his head was because of Herme's plan. While he knows that Hermes is an ally, but he wasn't one to be trusted. At least when it came to doing the right thing. 

He prevented Leyfia from informing Loki Famalia about the Xenos. Which would allow them to work together in allowing the Xenos to return to the Dungeon. 

Hermes' plan restored his image but destroyed Xenos own image which will cause greater difficulties for them in the future. 

Though that begs the question what is Hermes' goal. He knows that Gods think differently from Mortals but it's not impossible to understand them. 

Lady Hestia for example wants a family. A family to share meals with, laugh at each other's jokes, and be there for each other. Despite her tendency to cling to him he knows there is nothing romantic about it or at least he hopes so. 

Lady Hephaestus wants to reach the pinnacle of blacksmithing through mortal means. 

Lord Soma, to find someone who resists the temptation of his wine. Which he found in Lilli.

Lord Micah just wants to help people. 

But Hermes was the most mysterious God he knows. Which made him a threat to my Familia. 

"Hestia chop!" Hestia said as her hand hitted my head. I barely felt the hit, I smiled at the action. Even though it hurts her more than me she still does it to keep me grounded. 

"The only thing we can do is just continue on. It will only take a few more days for the logistics of the Expedition to be done." I said and Primo looked confused.

"But…isn't that a bad idea?" Primo asked. I nodded in understanding, the Dungeon is a dangerous place. You could be killed by monsters or other Adventurers. And with half of the city hating us it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities that some may try to kill us. 

"I know it's not the greatest move but Fels suggested that going on an expedition to get us out of the public's eyes would be the best choice." I said with a sigh. 

"Oi…Bell we got visitors!" Welf yelled from the front gate. 



Finn, alongside Lefiya and Ais, were sitting in the Hearth's Manor dining room. With Lady Hestia and her Captain Bell Cranel sitting across from them. The air between them was dangerously cold. 

It wasn't surprising they were enemies during the Xenos Incident. And while some of the blame can be put on Lord Hermes it wasn't enough for Lady Hestia. 

The only reason why they were even allowed in was because of Lefiya. It came as quite of a surprise to find out that Lefiya and Bell Cranel were related. 

A part of Finn was quite annoyed at Lady Loki. There was no doubt that she didn't know the relationship between Lefiya and Bell. It was impossible not to, the Falna that the Gods grant mortals allowed the Gods to see their journey and their feelings. 

While he knew it would have been an invasion of privacy. He was just frustrated that Lady Loki had withheld information that could have saved them a lot of trouble. But now was not the time to dwell on the past. 

This meeting between Loki and Hestia Familia is crucial for the future of Orario. If the intelligent monsters have knowledge of Knossos could be vital to routing out the remnants of Evilus. 

"Before we begin, I would like to apologize. If we were aware of Lord ouranos involvement and motives we would have withdrawn from fighting the Xenos." Finn said, which was true. 

"Thank Finn-sama." Bell Cranel said, eyeing him with suspicion. 

As Finn was about to open his mouth to speak he felt something through the air.


The windows of the Hearth Manor broke. Cracks begin to form on the walls. Every single person in the manor was now on their knees.

Finn's hand was throbbing like it has never done before. His entire body felt as if he was burning with the very sun itself. 

"What's going on?!" Bell Cranel yelled in 

"...The One Eye Black Dragon." Ais said and Finn's head immediately snapped towards Ais to see a look of pure hatred. Finn bites his tongue and glances away. He can feel her anger radiating off of her. He stands up slowly, trying to think of what to say.

"We need to head back to the Twilight Manor and contact the Guild." Finn said as he started limping towards the front door that was on the floor in hundreds of pieces. As they stepped out only to see….

The Heavens themselves split in two. 

The story takes place during the weeks between Seasons Three and Four.

As you can see, Bell and Lefiya are Half-siblings with the same father. If you want a good grasp of the story before then I suggest you read, "Is it Wrong to worry about My Brother" by Born of Prayers

There will be no stats above the S rank stats. If you get an S rank and don't level up right away then any Excelia you gained will bleed over to your level Two stats. For example, the Level 1's might roll into Level 2 after several years. This means that their S-Class skills might be boosted into A-Class for Level 2 immediately after they Level Up, allowing them to shortly after work on Stats for Level 3.

Bleed Over Effect

Bell's canon speed stat before he levels up to 4. SSS1477, 1477-999=478 which leads to 478 x 2= 956.

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