39 Chapter Thirty-Eight

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(Location: Orario)

The sun's warm embrace cast a gentle glow over the streets of Orario as Muichiro arrived at the Hostess of Fertility.

"Morning Bob."

"Morning Bob,' How's the wife."

Oddly enough two men who looked eerily similar and both named Bob greeted one another, as they walked to work.

The air was filled with the anticipation of a new day, bustling with the energy of both gods and mortals.

The pub stood with its doors open, inviting patrons in with the promise of hearty meals, a good drink and respite from the world beyond.

Stepping through the entrance, Muichiro was greeted with the familiar sight of Mama Mia behind the bar, her cheerful smile welcoming him back.

"Ah, the little hero returns, once again...MAAAY YOUR BOY FRIENDS HERE." she chimed, her voice filled with a jovial tone that seemed to resonate throughout the establishment.

Muichiro nodded in acknowledgement, his usual calm demeanour mirrored in his eyes.

The bustle of the pub was completely dead as it was still earth in the morning and the hostess of Fertility only usually opened near the afternoon.

He made his way to an empty seat, the scent of various dishes mingling enticingly as he perused the menu.

May, the lively and talented cook of the Hostess, approached his table with a friendly smile. "Morning! You did quite the job with the roof yesterday...and Mama he's not my boyfriend, People will misunderstand if you say it like that"

Muichiro looked at her in confusion." I'm not your boy-friend May...why." Muichiro suddenly asked shocking not only May but Mama Mia as well. That was before Mia quickly caught on to something May did not.

"Eh...Ehhhhh!!!...Bbbb-Boyfriend nono nono!!!

We've only just met and, un, it's-its...we should get to know each other better before anything such as daytin-"

"I see so you don't want to be my friend anymore, we must get to know each other better before we are officially friends."

"What! No Muichiro your my friend, that's not what I...Nyaaaaaa...May, you idiot-Baka Neko!!! No Muichiro were friends. You are a boy and my friend so technically you are my...B...B..."


"Moooou, enough of this Just eat your darn food already-Nyaa." May pouted before running back into the kitchen with a face as red as a tomato.

Muichiro nodded his thanks, appreciating the delicious food. "Thank you," he replied simply, his tone even and composed.

As he enjoyed the meal prepared by May, his senses remained attuned to his surroundings.

Mama Mia's hearty laughter echoed behind the bar, and the chatter of the people on the streets filled the air.

His eyes briefly caught the sight of Syr moving gracefully through the corridor of the pub, the two made eye contact before she gave him a friendly smile and walked into her room.

After finishing his meal, Muichiro set the empty bento aside and approached Mama Mia, who was busy wiping a mug with a cloth. "I'll be fixing the back wall," he informed her, his words succinct but respectful.

Mama Mia glanced up at him and smiled. "Good to hear. Take your time," she replied, her voice carrying the warmth of someone who considered him a part of their close-knit community.

With that assurance, Muichiro made his way to the back of the pub, where the wall stood in need of repair.

He assessed the damage, his analytical mind quickly formulating a plan of action. Tools in hand, he set to work with practised efficiency, his movements precise and measured.

As he worked, Muichiro's keen senses caught a familiar presence nearby. A slender figure moved gracefully, the sound of sword strikes slicing through the air with rhythmic precision.

Ryu, the elven waitress who had become something of an acquaintance, was training her swordsmanship in the secluded area behind the pub.

Their eyes met in a silent exchange of acknowledgement, a shared understanding passing between them.

Ryu nodded, a subtle gesture that conveyed her recognition of his presence. Muichiro returned the nod before focusing his attention back on the task at hand.

That was how people like them mostly communicated, there wasn't much need for words. A simple nod of the head would convey plenty.


As a master swordsman himself, Muichiro couldn't help but observe Ryu's movements.

His trained eye identified subtle mistakes, and imperfections in her form that could be improved.

He could tell by her stances, the way she could have accelerated and improved her swing speed, the way she attacked the non-moving targets, her draw stance, her grip of the sword, her pivot and also her slow draw cut...all of it could be improved.

The pursuit of mastery required one's own realization of weaknesses and the determination to overcome them.

However, he chose to remain silent and continued to work on the wall, measuring certain materials, and laying down a good foundation.


Time passed and the rhythmic sound of Muichiro's repairs blended with the swish of Ryu's sword.

The wall gradually took shape under Muichiro's skilful hands, each piece falling into place with meticulous care.

As Muichiro continued his work on the wall, he found himself unable to ignore the imperfections he saw in Ryu's swordsmanship.

His natural inclination toward perfectionism and his own expertise in the field compelled him to offer his insights.

He weighed his words carefully, fully aware of the delicate balance between offering advice and overstepping boundaries.

When he finally voiced his observations, Ryu's training came to a halt. She regarded him with a mix of surprise and mild scepticism, her expression polite but guarded.

As she responded, her words carried a touch of humility and a hint of pride, an acknowledgement of his intention combined with her own self-assuredness.

"I appreciate your advice...Mr Tokito " she began, her tone respectful."But I've been honing my swordsmanship for quite some time. I'm not sure there's much a level one adventurer could teach me that I haven't already learned."

Muichiro listened attentively, his expression serene and composed. He respected her response, understanding that pride and confidence were integral components of growth.

That was something Moon had taught him...

He respected her boundaries and had no intention of forcing his insights upon her.

However, just as Ryu had her own beliefs about her capabilities, Muichiro also had his own way of imparting lessons.

In a swift and unexpected movement, he picked up a pebble from the ground and sent it flying through the air with remarkable speed.

Ryu's level 4 reflexes were impressive as she deflected the pebble, but what followed left her momentarily stunned.

Before she could fully process what was happening, Muichiro's sword was at her throat, the blade poised with unerring accuracy.

The danger he could pose when fully focused. Ryu's eyes widened as she realized that she had been taken off guard, her instinctual defence inadequate against his Sword that was mow an inch away from her throat.

Muichiro's gaze bore into her, his voice calm but firm. "Arrogance blinds one to their weaknesses," he stated, his words carrying the weight of truth.

"There is always something to learn, no matter the source. Strength is not solely measured by level, but by the ability to adapt and improve."

That is one of the first lessons Moon had instilled in him when she was teaching him.


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