1 The end and new begins

In an under construction metro tunnel lies several bodies around me. Either dead or severely wounded that doesn't have long to live. My time is up I'm already exhausted from the trap in form of a fake assassination target, escaping plus fighting off pursuers, and killing half of them.

My pursuers don't know I'm exhausted so unlike the idiots who rushed me. Anyone would be tired after running 15 km straight then killing 31 people without rest.

Getting a good look at the men now I realized their from my organization. I knew I am going to die one day but not how. Who would have guessed the same place that made me would kill me just like that.

My body couldn't take standing anymore and I dropped to the ground on one knee.

"He's exhausted grab him!"

Huh? Ain't you guys trying to kill me? Well, they were shooting at me at first then stopped which I found very weird. They grab both my arm which I see no point in doing since I'm too tired to break free. I did kill 31of them or was it was 40, oh well they are just being extra careful.

I see a figure slowly walking up to me dressed in a different clothes than the men that got me. As soon as he stepped into the light I realized why they stopped shooting at me.

"So you're the reason these guys stopped shooting"

My best friend and fellow assassin stared at me for a few seconds till he spoke.

"Yes I ordered them to stop since it would be unfitting of someone your standard to killed by them" he spoke.


I laughed knowing what he meant.

"Basically you want to kill me yourself"

"Yes that is what I want to do since I know you wouldn't have it either way" he responded.


He reached into his jacket and pulled out a small pistol. Judging by its size that he's going to shoot me in the head but not leave a big hole behind.

He walks behind and lifts the gun to the back of my head.

"Any last words?" he says.

"Watashi ga tsukarete inakattara anata wa shinde itadeshou"

He started to bust out laughing cause he knew what I said is true.

"Very true but sadly this is goodbye" he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.


I am greeted by darkness all around me. So this is the afterlife huh? Pretty boring. Suddenly I feel a tug on my whole being and felt something. Ground? Impossible how the hell did I survive a bullet to the head. I know for a fact he shot to kill so how am I alive?

I opened my eyes and see that I'm inside a cave and not too far away is the entrance. I look to my right and see an illuminated pond inside. Not too far away from my feet is a metal case.

"Where the hell am I?"

I go to the pond since I'm thirsty. The water is very clear and the only sketchy thing is the glowing seaweed looking plants. Radioactive? No, if that were the case I would feel sick right now cause I can tell I've been laying there for some time.

Seeing my reflection I'm surprised to see I look 16. I'm no narcissist but I'm handsome as hell. So this is what my body would look like all those years ago if I worked out and trained. Even though this body hasn't fully matured yet it's in perfect condition. The right amount of muscle, unlike bodybuilders.

(A/N: no disrespect to bodybuilding. Those are Naozumi's thoughts)

I sniffed the water and smelled no poison or other abnormalities. I put some water on my hand and felt no reaction from my skin so I can assume that this is drinkable I think. It's either that or I travel hungry and thirsty. I can easily survive with just water for some time. I cupped my hands and drunk a handful of water. Best water I ever tasted! It tastes so natural and feels like it's energizing me too.

Getting my fill the questions I have now is how am I like this? How did I become 16 again? How did I get here? Maybe the answers lie in the metal Case. Walking up to the metal case I see that it's very big up close. There is a note left on it. I pick up the note and read the contents.

{Hello sorry for auto reincarnating you I was too busy so I took the liberty of making sure at least sending you to a world you're familiar with Danmachi and giving you abilities that suit you very well. Don't worry there are no traps in the case just clothes, a sword, armor, and a status sheet. You should be fairly close to Orario about 20km. You should find your main ability very useful. P.S. Since I know that you're going to skeptical of traps the case will automatically open after 30 secs after this letter gets detached}


The case opens and I immediately jump back just in case. The note still in my hand I noticed something on the back.

{You liked Sword Art Online right :) }

That was a long time ago when I was still in high school just before I became an assassin. The note said I'm in Danmachi so I somewhat know what I'm dealing with. If a person were here they would ask how are you so accepting of everything?

The answer to that is when you are in the line of work as an assassin you see and hear weirder trust me.

"The note said do I like Sword Art Online. Why would it ask-"

Stopping myself from thinking out loud I look in the metal case and see something I haven't seen in years. The armor of Death Gun plus mask. Also, normal black clothes fitting this world, and I see a needle like sword which also has a note on it. I picked up the note and began to read it.

[Name: Starship Metal Estoc

Type: growth

Description: A indestructible needle like sword that grows with its bound user (Naozumi Ito)]

Damn this means I never have to use another sword ever. Thank you to whoever gave me this.

I noticed another not but this time it has numbers and other stuff on it. Must be the status sheet.


Lv. 1

Strength: S 990 Endurance: SS 1200 Dexterity: SS 1100 Agility: SS 1300 Magic: SSS 2000


[Imagi Gunner:SSS]

.Can imagine and summon any gun user thinks of

[Shadow drive:SSS]

.The shadows bends to the user's will

.Can teleport and hide in any shadow

.Can create a shadow doppelganger

[Electro Conductor:S]

.Can channel electricity through users body and to weapons

[Space storage:SS]

.Can store and retrieve items in a different space only accessible to the user


[Absolute Perception:SSS]

.Nothing escapes your perception

[Super Computer accuracy:SSS]

.Thought process and movement rival that of supercomputers

[Perfect Body:SS]

.Every single part of the body is used to perfection and no energy is wasted


.This is self explanatory


Looking at my status I feel like a kid getting a new toy. Especially with that gun creating magic. The first thing I want to try is a Minigun.

I thought of the minigun with the intention to summon and it appears before me. I feel a bit weak but I picked it up it's a bit heavy oh well.

"I always wanted to try this weapon"

A maniacal grin is on my face as I press the trigger. The barrel spins and is about to fire but before it could fire it disappears in blue particles.

"Huh, what ha-"


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