401 Tsukasa: "I don't expect you to be a virgin."

"Sacrifice?" Tsukasa frowned and asked, "You think this can be done? It isn't so simple to raise one's level, you know?" After all, unlike him or the protagonist, who had a special skill.

The adventurers in this world had no such thing.

Even Riveria, Finn, Gareth, Ottar, and Ais had to spend a few years raising their level. It was simply impossible to raise their level in a short time.

"If it's someone else, it might be impossible, but Haruhime has a special skill." Aisha also felt Tsukasa's reaction was quite normal since the existence of Haruhime was absurd, especially when one would know about Haruhime's skill.

Whether it was Aisha or the other members of the Ishtar Familia had never said anything about Haruhime's skill, showing how special it was.

Yet Aisha didn't mind sharing it with Tsukasa since she believed in him, and she also didn't think he would be interested in Haruhime's skill, considering his ability and all.

"A skill to raise one's level temporarily?" Tsukasa was surprised when he heard about Haruhime's ability, and somehow he was quite curious about this Haruhime. Still, what was important right now was how to save this woman.

Hearing Aisha's words, it was impossible for him to stay silent, especially after he had heard everything. If he could remain indifferent when his lover was in trouble, how could he be called a man?

Also, what was the point of getting stronger if he was still a chicken?

"Hey, hey, don't do something stupid!" Aisha quickly said since she could tell that Tsukasa was planning to do something.

However, Tsukasa was silent while staring at Aisha and said, "You know what? I have often heard that heroes die because of beauty. It seems those sentences are correct. However, I'm not even a hero to begin with. I'm just a dirty robber who feels annoyed that his woman is being bullied. Unlike a hero, I'm not bright and kind, so I don't plan to die, so I'll save you two and have my revenge, alright?"

Aisha stared at Tsukasa with tears for a while and hugged him tightly. "Stupid." What could she say? This might be why she told him since she hoped he would be able to do something. He was strong, and she was weak. While she didn't want to involve him in her trouble, she felt he was the only answer.

Still, if there was something that she disagreed with, it was the fact that he called himself a dirty robber since, for her, a dirty prostitute, he was her hero.

"Say, even if the Ishtar Familia is destroyed, it'll be okay, right?"

"...You plan to destroy the Ishtar Familia?" Aisha was dumbfounded.

"I have that plan, but I won't do it until I'm sure. However, is that okay with you? Are you alright to betray your goddess?" Even if Tsukasa lacked respect for those gods or goddesses, the people in this world were different. They didn't dare to do anything to the gods and goddesses, and they would worship them.

Aisha couldn't believe what she had heard, but when she stared into his eyes, she knew he was serious. They had known each other for a while, but she knew that his decisiveness was something one wouldn't expect from someone as young as him.

That time when she attacked him with Phyrine, if she wasn't his acquaintance, he might cut down everyone. However, the punishment she received from him was still vivid in her mind, and her body trembled every time she recalled it.

Yet Aisha must admit that the thought of betraying her goddess and following him was something she had never thought of. After all, just the thought of harming her goddess brought her shudder. Unless one was a lunatic, they would never think so.

However, even if she became a lunatic, she didn't mind as long as she could be with him. The feeling of fear toward her goddess disappeared, and all that was left was her feeling toward him.

"I'll help you." Her words were full of determination.

The two talked to each other about their plans for the future.

However, it was mostly about Tsukasa telling Aisha about what she should do and to be careful, considering how dangerous their plan be. Still, he felt it should be okay since Aisha was strong, and no one really knew the relationship between the two. After all, she had never told anyone about the relationship between the two.

On the surface, they weren't much different from strangers, but when they were together, they were lovers who planned to do a crazy thing.

Still, when they parted at night, Tsukasa wanted to check about Haruhime. After all, he didn't know about Haruhime's personality, and was it worth it for Aisha to do so much for her?

While the girls were quite easy to get for him, there were many girls who were so vicious, using the men for their will, turning them the slave of love.

Many people might think that those people who were fooled by the women were stupid, but he didn't think so since the power of love was simply crazy. They would blind one's mind and make them unable to think through. In the end, they would be used by the men or women they fell in love with.

Why did he say all of this?

It was because Tsukasa wasn't much different since he often used to take advantage of the girls' feelings. His only redemption point was that he treated his women better and didn't take advantage of them too much.


So when the entertainment district opened, he didn't go to Twilight Manor or Freya. Instead, he sneaked into the place where the girl Aisha wanted to save. He did this secretly without telling Aisha, but even so, he was able to pinpoint this girl's location by using his sense of smell.

The location was in a fairly luxurious brothel with a Japanese design.

He wore his hoodie, so no one would be able to see his appearance, and pay the money before he was led to her target.

Still, it was his first time entering the brothel, so this experience was entirely novel for him. Still, if he didn't have the "Lovers" and his "healing factor," he definitely wouldn't dare to enter this kind of place.

While the receptionist kept glancing at him from time to time and reminded him that the girl that he had chosen wasn't good at service and even told him that she could take care of him by herself, he didn't care and told her to proceed since he only wanted his target.

As for the receptionist, she sighed with regret. After all, even if Tsukasa hid most of his appearance, his body was good, and with her trained eyes, she could tell they could have fun and enjoy nice things.

"...." Tsukasa wasn't sure what the receptionist was thinking.

"Haruhime, you have a customer."

When they arrived in front of the room, the receptionist said lightly. She didn't knock on the door since it was a sliding door made from paper. She might damage the door if she knocked on it too hard.


Hearing the receptionist's voice, the girl from the inside answered lightly.

The receptionist then looked at Tsukasa, who hid his face, and said, "You can't refund even if you aren't able to do it. I have reminded you several times, alright? Now let me ask you for the last time, are you sure you don't want to change the girl?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Tsukasa nodded without hesitation.

"Then, please enjoy." The receptionist bowed politely and left him.

Tsukasa then opened the sliding door, and inside, a girl bowed her head lightly, showing her submissive and weak gesture as if telling him that it was alright to do anything.

"I have been waiting for you, sir." The girl didn't look up and continued to greet him. "I will be your companion for the night." She lifted her head and met him in the eyes for the first time. "My name is Sanjouno Haruhime."


Tsukasa must admit this girl was beautiful but was it only his imagination, or was this girl a virgin?

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