Is it wrong to become a scumbag?

World: Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Absolute Duo - Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Stella: "He's mine!" Touka: "No, he's mine!" Kanata: "Get away from him!" Nene: "He has promised to marry me!" ".........................." Tsukasa. The girls stared at each other, watching each other, and they were ready to fight, but then they looked at Tsukasa at the same time. "Tsukasa, who are you going to choose?!" Tsukasa looked at the girls and said calmly, "You're all mine." ".................................." They were in silence and took out their weapons without hesitation. This is just a normal story of a young man who wants to date more than one girl and his difficulty. "Is it wrong to become a scumbag?" With this philosophical question, the young man starts his journey to becoming stronger, so he won't die under the attacks of several of his girlfriends. ---------------------------------------------- I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to do --------------------------------------------- Cover not mine found it on google --------------------------------------------- Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. --------------------------------------------- https://www.patreon.com/akikan40 Maybe I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic.

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Today is a good day

While having lunch Tsukasa and Tiona talked about the weapon Goibniu might make for him.

After that, Tiona took Tsukasa to her favorite place.

The food tasted nice, and the price was reasonable.

Still, even if Tiona asked for something more expensive, Tsukasa didn't really mind, but he didn't say much, and he was more focused on why Goibniu would give him a weapon.

Tiona was also confused, but she didn't think too much and wondered what kind of materials were used for his weapon.

"Material?" Tsukasa was curious.

"Um." Tiona nodded and said, "Like my weapon, it is made of the highest quality of adamantite.

"....." Tsukasa's lips twitched, and he asked, "If there's an adamantite, there should be mithril or oricalchum, right?

"Of course!" Tiona nodded.

"..." Tsukasa thought this world was more amazing than he had thought.

Then they talked about the price of the weapon that was made by Goibniu for Tsukasa.

While the price of the weapon made by Goibniu quoted by Tiona was 100 million valis or more, Tsukasa didn't agree since he felt it was too much.

Tiona also somehow agreed that since the super-grade weapon was expensive, it was impossible to give it for free to someone that had met for the first time.

After talking about weapons, they talked about other things.

However, Tsukasa mostly asked Tiona about the information about this world since there were many things that he didn't understand.

Tiona was also happy to answer Tsukasa's question, and she also didn't lack knowledge since she had walked around the world in the past before she arrived in Orario.

When they talked, the time passed so fast. It was almost evening, and Tsukasa thought to go to the guild to report he had become Level 2.

"You can go back first."

"No, I'll follow you!" Tiona didn't care and just wanted to stay with him as long as possible.

Tsukasa just shrugged his shoulders and knew it was impossible to throw this girl away, so he didn't bother to talk again.

Tiona only smiled happily and followed him.

After coming out of the cafe, the two walked together to the guild.

Still, even if Tsukasa wore a face mask and a hoodie to cover most of his head, he attracted the attention of many people. The reason was simple, and it was because of the weapon that was held by Tsukasa.

Tsukasa held the claymore he borrowed from the Goibniu family in his hand, and of course, he attracted a lot of attention. After all, his choice of weapon was quite unique, and it was rare to see someone use a long and slender weapon like a claymore.

If they wanted a long weapon, the adventurer would either get a lance or a greatsword.

If they wanted a sword-type of weapon, they would get either a normal sword, rapier, or even dagger.

It was rare to see someone holding a claymore.

The reason was quite simple, it was because it was hard to wield this weapon. It was so damn long, heavy, and not all the place in the dungeon was spacious, so there was a chance the blade might get stuck on the wall or the ground.

In other words, it was troublesome.

However, Tsukasa didn't care much since this was the weapon he chose. He might be able to create a weapon with his cube, but since he came here, it would be wasteful if he didn't get a weapon from a proper blacksmith, right?

After all, it was part of a man's romance to wield a sword, crafted by a blacksmith and a god at that.

The two arrived in the guild, but they didn't attract much attention since everyone was busy with their own things.

Tsukasa walked toward Misha, who seemed to be absentminded. When he saw Misha, he thought that in every organization, there was always one or two people who slacked off. "Misha."

Hearing this familiar voice, Misha became excited and greeted Tsukasa. "Tsukasa!" She knew Tsukasa was good at movement technique, and he could appear suddenly, and after a few days, she had gotten used to him. However, while she was excited, she noticed Tiona, who stared at her.

Tiona and Misha stared at each other, and there was a glint of lightning appeared between them. The two glanced at each other, and somehow they felt relief since they weren't much different from each other.

While Tiona might be taller than Misha, the shape of their bodies was similar to each other.

If Tsukasa had to use polite words, he would say they had a slender body.

"Is there something wrong, Tsukasa?" While Misha knew Tiona was a Level 5 adventurer, it didn't mean she was going to admit defeat since she felt she was cuter than Tiona.

While Tiona didn't say anything, she felt she was cuter than Misha.

On the other hand, Tsukasa ignored their thoughts and said, "I have become a Level 2 adventure."


Suddenly the entire guild turned still.

Everyone had been attracted by Tsukasa since he had taken off his hoodie, showing his appearance, but then the news that came up from his mouth dumbfounded them even more.

"Le-Level 2?!" Misha was startled and said, "Isn't it just three days you have entered the dungeon?!"

"Yes, I have become a Level 2." Tsukasa didn't feel surprised by Misha's reaction and just nodded. Also, he had seen a similar reaction before, so he just answered this question flatly.

"It's true. He's a Level 2 now." Tiona also helped since she knew how amazing this news was.

Misha was dumbfounded, but then her coworker told her to ask about the validity of this news to the Loki Familia.

The guild reacted fast, and they sent someone to the Loki Familia, asking whether Tsukasa really had become a Level 2 or not. When they confirmed everything was right, there was no lie, everyone was at a loss, and no words came out of their mouths, but one thing was for sure, Tsukasa had become a record holder, and his name would reverberate through the entire Orario again.

After ending his report, Tsukasa didn't waste his time and returned to the Twilight Manor since he had already done what he was doing, but then he happened to meet someone familiar in the middle of the street.

The world turned still, and there were only each other's figures in their eyes.

Demeter was there, smiling, and waved her hand before she walked away before she gave him a glance.


Tsukasa had decided to focus on becoming stronger in this world, but this time, it was his break, and he also had found many good things in this world, so it wouldn't hurt him to let loose himself. He glanced at Tiona, who didn't seem to notice Demeter, so he thought to send her back first.

"Let's go back."

"Okay." Tiona nodded with a smile and thought this was a good day.

Tsukasa didn't say anything, but he must agree with Tiona that today was a good day.

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