183 Shakti Varma

After coming out of the guild, Tsukasa didn't waste his time and went to the arena. It wasn't hard for him to find it, considering how huge it was and how popular this place was.

Tsukasa didn't enter immediately but observed the architecture of the arena for a while.

'Somehow, it's really like a colosseum.'

While Tsukasa hadn't come to Italy, it didn't mean he hadn't seen it, especially with how advanced his world was, and he had seen the colosseum on the internet. He felt like he had become a gladiator, which made him feel slightly giddy since it was part of man's romance to fight in this kind of place.

After he felt satisfied, Tsukasa entered without hesitation, paid money, and observed the fight that happened in the arena.

"Now, we're going to welcome the strongest fighter we have today! Hans!"

Tsukasa looked at the bulky and muscular dwarf entering the arena and shouted loudly as he raised his shield and ax. Looking at this dwarf, he must admit, this guy was similar to a barrel. However, it might seem like racial discrimination if he said this, so he didn't say it aloud.

"He won four fights without losing! He is also a Level I Adventurer! Now, let's see whether he can protect his record and win for the fifth time!"


Tsukasa didn't see how the dwarf was going to fight. Instead, he walked toward the receptionist and registered himself as one of the fighters.

Still, he felt it would be bullying if he came to fight as a Level V Exceed, so he thought to seal the power of the Lukifer and fought with his original power without the help of the Lukifer.

Lukifer was a combination of nanobots and mystic that was created by Sakuya's grandfather, and it was possible to seal it, considering he had gotten the sealing formula from Sakuya previously.

Using his body's regenerative healing factor, he created an antibody for the sealing formula for Exceed, and along with his perfect control over his body, he could seal or use the power of the Lukifer as long as he wanted to.

As for why he did this, it was so he could protect himself if he was injected with the sealing formula, which would make him powerless.

And now, he didn't need to worry about that problem, considering he was in another world and no one knew about him.

Still, if the Dwarf's power matched the power of the Level V Exceed, Tsukasa wouldn't seal his power.

However, the dwarf was the only Level I adventurer, and while his power had broken the boundary of humanity, it wasn't an opponent that Tsukasa would glance at when they met each other, so he was going to seal his Lukifer, limiting his physical ability to the peak of the human condition.

After sealing his physical ability, Tsukasa was ready to join the battle, but who would have thought he was misunderstood as a God again. He and the receptionist argued with each other for a moment before someone approached them.

"What's wrong?"

A strong feminine voice that carried prestige was heard.

Tsukasa looked at the woman and was slightly surprised.

While the woman wasn't the most beautiful out there, she carried a dignified aura around her, making anyone who saw her want to conquer this woman.

Unfortunately, the woman should be so powerful, so no one was able to conquer her, and she was still single in her 30.

And this power was what made him surprised since this woman should be as powerful as Rito Tsukimi or more.



The receptionists were glad when the woman arrived and quickly told the ins and outs of what had happened.

While listening to the story, the woman's eyes hadn't looked away from Tsukasa, and she kept looking at him in a daze.

Tsukasa was also the same and also looked at this woman. While he didn't know who she was, without a doubt, this woman should have an important position in this place.

'This is the place of the Ganesha Familia...' Tsukasa thought and felt this woman might be the captain of the Ganesha Familia, considering how powerful she was.

After hearing the story, the woman approached Tsukasa slightly and introduced herself. "My name is Shakti Varma, and I am the captain of the Ganesha Familia."

"My name is Kugayama Tsukasa. I am just someone who is coming from the countryside," Tsukasa said calmly.


Shakti was lost for words for a moment, then asked, "Let me confirm you again, you're not a God, right?"

"No, I am not," Tsukasa said with a tired sigh since he had been asked this question for a long time.

Hearing his answer, Shakti nodded. If Tsukasa was a God, without a doubt, he would be famous. After all, with his appearance, there was no way he could be low-key. Even if he wanted to be low-key, it was impossible. Also, while there were many Gods and Goddesses in the Orario City, she had never seen him either, so while there was still a doubt, she could also tell he wasn't lying. "It's okay if you want to participate as a fighter in this arena, but you should know we won't be responsible if something happens to you."

While no one was allowed to kill, many incidents might happen in the fight, so Shakti needed to remind Tsukasa.

"Yes, I understand, and I hope I can participate as a fighter." Tsukasa nodded firmly.

"Good." Shakti nodded, then looked at her subordinate. "Bring him the form."

Tsukasa received the form and took the pen, filling the form with his information. While he had learned the language from the villagers of Edas Village, he only learned the words recently from Misha on the guild.

After completing the form, Tsukasa gave it to Shakti.

Shakti looked at his data information for a moment, and she was dumbfounded.

"You don't have a blessing?"

"Yes." Tsukasa nodded and asked, "There shouldn't be any rules that disallow someone without a blessing to participate as a fighter, right?"


Shakti looked at Tsukasa for a moment, and she couldn't see anything from him.

Tsukasa wasn't serious, and he just stood there relaxingly, so it was impossible for one to see how powerful he was with just his appearance alone.

Still, while he might seem fit and athletic, Shakti understood the massive difference between those who received a blessing and those who didn't.

"There's no rule for one not being able to participate as a fighter, but I don't want to see you die meaninglessly." Shakti had just felt a throb in her heart before, so there was no way she could bear to see him dying in the arena.

Tsukasa looked at Shakti for a moment and gave her a gentle smile. "Thanks, you're so kind, Shakti."

"......" Shakti.

"But I still want to participate, and let me show you my skill there."Tsukasa didn't look away from Shakti and stared into her eyes firmly.


Shakti was in silence and felt her lower body was slightly wet somehow.

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