281 Messy

After the second one, Tsukasa didn't take the initiative.

Instead, Riveria was the one who was aggressive.

Tsukasa only hugged her waist, so Riveria could be closer to him. Still, it might be because the frustration of almost 100 years old elf broke down. She didn't let him go and kept kissing him after he taught her what a real kiss was.

Still, Tsukasa knew this was getting dangerous, so he quickly stopped Riveria. "Wait a moment, Riveria. Calm down. We're at the tent, and anyone can enter anytime."

Riveria was quickly awoken, and her face was burning red, especially when she thought about what kind of shameless thing she had done earlier. She was an elf, and she was also a royalty, yet she indulged in the pleasure, which made her depressed.

"Let's wait until we return to the above," Tsukasa whispered.

Riveria was embarrassed and lightly hit his chest.

"Riveria-sama, are you there?"

"!!!" 2x

Riveria realized that they were in an intimate position. She leaned on him and sat so close their skin was touching each other. She quickly stood up and put on some distance while showing her usual stern expression.

"..." Tsukasa.

Riveria glared at Tsukasa for a moment before she coughed, trying to calm down. "I am here. What's wrong?"

"Captain and Gareth are looking for you to discuss the expedition." Lefiya opened the tent and saw Tsukasa and Riveria were alone inside. However, she didn't think too much since she knew Riveria was interested in his knowledge of medicine.

"Okay, I'll go." Riveria nodded and walked out of the tent.

Lefiya looked at Riveria before she looked at Tsukasa with a complex expression, before she looked away, trying to hide her blush and escape.

"..." Tsukasa.

When they left, Tsukasa let out a sigh while looking at the raging little Tsukasa on his pants. When Riveria was there before, he tried to hold his raging boner, but when she left, he didn't hide it anymore.

As for how he could hide it, even if its size was impossible to hide, Tsukasa used the Trackless Step, so the attention of Riveria or Lefiya had always been on his upper body and face, which made them overlook his lower body.

Still, Tsukasa wondered what he should do with Riveria. He rubbed his face for a while and wondered how the elves were thinking when their queen, princess, or the royalty were defiled by him.

Tsukasa let out a sigh and thought he was really a scumbag. He walked out of the tent and thought to walk around since it was his first time on the 50th Floor. However, he happened to see Ais, who lowered her head, feeling depressed. He approached her and asked, "What's wrong, Ais?"

Ais raised her head and looked at Tsukasa. "I was scolded by Finn."

When they were on the 49th Floor, Ais broke the order and was scolded by Finn for doing so.

Tsukasa knew Ais was eager to become stronger, and she became especially impatient when she heard he had become a Level 4 adventurer.

Even if they hadn't had a spar with each other, Ais had a feeling if Tsukasa had a chance, he could defeat her many times.

This feeling was uncomfortable, especially when Ais sought to become stronger.

Tsukasa might have promised him to help her to become stronger.

However, it frustrated her when she couldn't get stronger now.

Still, all of those thoughts vanished when Ais felt his hand on her head.

"I know that you're impatient, but calm down. I'll help you to become stronger, and that promise has never changed," Tsukasa said while patting Ais's head gently, and somehow he also understood why Riveria was so worried about Ais. If he left her alone, he was afraid this girl might charge to the dungeon alone, fighting many things recklessly in order to become stronger.

"Um..." Ais was embarrassed, and her face was so red, but she didn't hate this feeling. Still, she just didn't understand the feeling in her heart since she wanted to run away and also stay close. Her feelings were contradictory, and she didn't know what to do.


Suddenly, a roar of jealousy sounded, and Tiona charged toward Tsukasa.

"Tsukasa, I worked so hard earlier! Pat my head too!"

Tiona moved so close and pressed her head against his chest, nudging it many times, feeling afraid Tsukasa didn't understand what she wanted to do.

"......" Tsukasa let out a helpless sigh and gently patted Tiona's head.

"Hehehe..." Tiona laughed happily when her head was patted, and all the bad feelings in her heart also vanished.

"......." Ais.

In the corner, Lefiya saw all of this, and she bit her handkerchief in frustration. "Tsukasa...!" Her voice might be low, and she was the only one who could hear it. However, it was so wrenching, showing frustration and jealousy that it couldn't be hidden.

Still, Lefiya touched her head and wanted Ais to pat her head gently.

Such a thought made her happy, and Lefiya couldn't help but laugh. However, in her imagination, the person who patted her head wasn't Ais but someone else.


Lefiya saw it was Tsukasa, and she furiously shook her head, banging her head like a vocalist of a death metal band. She knew this guy was dangerous, and she quickly recalled all the cute appearance of Ais on her head, so she could firmly keep her love for Ais.

Still, when Lefiya saw Ais's soft expression, her expression became complicated. She might be in denial, but she knew, without a doubt, the feeling Ais toward Tsukasa, and it made her feel complicated.

Her heart was so tight that it was so hard for her to breathe.

'What should I do?'

Lefiya held her head in a daze, wondering what she should do.

While Lefiya was in a daze, Finn, Gareth, and Riveria watched the interaction between Ais, Tsukasa, Tiona, and Tione and thought they didn't need to worry too much about them since they knew Ais would be alright as long as those people were around them.

However, Riveria felt complicated since she could see how Ais saw Tsukasa in a special light and as a woman, even if her experience with a man was only Tsukasa, she was smarter in this term of a relationship than Ais.

One was a man that could make her a heartthrob, and the other was her daughter.

If Riveria didn't have this feeling, she felt it would be great for Ais and Tsukasa to be together. However, it was already too late, and she had already fallen. She knew she couldn't control her emotions, but was it okay to proceed with this relationship even if she knew she might hurt her daughter-like figure?

Riveria was a mess for a moment.

"What's wrong, Riveria?" Finn asked since he could see Riveria was slightly strange.

"It's okay. Shouldn't we bring everyone to talk about the request and the expedition?" Riveria asked.

Finn looked at Riveria for a moment and nodded. "That's true. Let's gather everyone." The most important thing at this moment was to continue their expedition to the 59th Floor. As deep as they could, and because of that, they had to put all their focus on it.

"Everyone, gather up!"

Hearing Finn's words, they knew they were going to start with the real expedition.

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