Is it wrong to become a scumbag?

World: Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Absolute Duo - Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Stella: "He's mine!" Touka: "No, he's mine!" Kanata: "Get away from him!" Nene: "He has promised to marry me!" ".........................." Tsukasa. The girls stared at each other, watching each other, and they were ready to fight, but then they looked at Tsukasa at the same time. "Tsukasa, who are you going to choose?!" Tsukasa looked at the girls and said calmly, "You're all mine." ".................................." They were in silence and took out their weapons without hesitation. This is just a normal story of a young man who wants to date more than one girl and his difficulty. "Is it wrong to become a scumbag?" With this philosophical question, the young man starts his journey to becoming stronger, so he won't die under the attacks of several of his girlfriends. ---------------------------------------------- I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to do --------------------------------------------- Cover not mine found it on google --------------------------------------------- Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. --------------------------------------------- https://www.patreon.com/akikan40 Maybe I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic.

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Meeting the original protagonist

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw how the minotaurs started to run away.

However, Tsukasa quickly held out his magic rifle, shooting the minotaurs one after another while shouting, "Hurry up and chase after them! There are other adventurers above! Don't let even one of them escape!"

Everyone was awoken, and they quickly chased after those minotaurs!

While those minotaurs were just small fries for them, it was a different matter for the other adventurers, especially those who were Low-Class Adventurers. If those adventurers happen to meet the minotaurs, without a doubt, they will die!

If it was another Familias, they might not care.

However, even if Loki was an evil god, her Familia had a good reputation, and those minotaurs were their responsibilities, so they quickly chased after them since if they didn't do so, someone might get hurt!

Whether it was Tiona or Tione, they quickly chased after the minotaurs.

Even Bete, who hated Tsukasa, also chased them, but he shouted, "Don't order me!"

Ais also didn't hesitate and used her magic to chase after the minotaurs!

Tsukasa wanted to kill all of the minotaurs, but he could only kill some since he didn't expect the monsters to run away.

"Tsukasa, go after Ais," Riveria said.

"Are you sure?" Tsukasa looked at Riveria.

"Yes." Riveria nodded.

Tsukasa felt strange, but he didn't think too much and chased after Ais.

Still, when everyone saw how fast his speed was, they could only be dumbfounded.

Even Riveria sucked a deep breath and realized Tsukasa was stronger than everyone had thought!

However, Riveria knew she needed to talk with this bastard later.

If one asked who was the fastest among the Loki Familia, many people would say it was Bete. It wasn't wrong since if it was just the running speed, Bete was, without doubt, the fastest.

However, if it was a dash speed, which was an instant burst speed, they would say it was Ais since she had an "Ariel" magic that gave her the ability to manipulate wind. By surrounding her body in the wind, her speed became even faster.

That should have been the case before, but it was different now since Tsukasa was there.

Some people might forget since this technique only appeared in the early and most people thought his Cockroach Dash was his fastest technique. It wasn't wrong, but he had an even faster technique known as "Shundo."

By using his magic, Tsukasa created an instant movement technique. Even if it had a limited distance since it could only work for five meters, it was good enough, considering he could use it repeatedly, and it wasn't that much different from short-distance teleportation.

His movement was so fast that many of them felt they saw several copies of him.

However, what made this movement technique scary was its quietness. It was so quiet and so sudden that before they reacted, they might have already been slain by him.

Somehow watching how strong Tsukasa was, Riveria felt quite proud and smiled happily.

It might be strange why Tsukasa decided to use this technique in this world, considering how he didn't even use this technique in the previous world. However, there was magic in this world, but somehow he felt they didn't use it well and only used it to cast a spell when in truth, it could be used to strengthen their bodies and create many other techniques.

As for why Tsukasa didn't use this technique in the beginning, it was because even if the magic in this world and his original were quite similar, they were still different. Therefore, he needed some time to adjust this change to create a similar technique by using the magic from the Falna.

Still, Tsukasa knew how precious this technique was, considering how one adventurer, especially one that focused on the magic, had lower strength, endurance, agility, and dexterity than others.

However, if one mastered his technique which was able to multiply one's strength by several times, even if they were focused on the magic status, their bodies could become stronger. Still, he didn't plan to announce this technique since it was troublesome to teach, and he was too lazy to do so.

His speed could break the sound barrier, but he limited it since if he was too fast, he might hurt the people around him. After all, the pressure brought on by a breaking sound barrier wasn't a joke.

Still, no one noticed him, and the adventurers only felt a gush of winds around them before they were pushed away slightly, which made them dumbfounded. However, they were also scared since the monsters around them were killed one after another, and they wondered whether it was done by a ghost.

It was only a moment before Tsukasa appeared behind Ais, who killed the minotaurs one after another. He didn't call her. Instead, he helped her by shooting the nearby monsters who tried to stop her path.

This attracted Ais, and she looked back, showing a soft expression.

They only looked at each other and understood each other since their tacit understanding was very good.

Even Tiona and Bete could only look at them bitterly since, even if they didn't want to admit it, they felt Ais and Tsukasa were suitable for each other.

Tsukasa and Ais helped each other until they reached the 5th Floor. However, this time, he didn't use his movement technique, so he was slightly slower than Ais.

Ais saw a rookie adventurer almost beaten by the minotaur, and she dashed quickly and killed the minotaur instantly. When the minotaur was killed, she asked, "Are you alright?" She looked at the boy in front of her and could tell he was about Tsukasa's age.

The boy was covered in the blood of the minotaur and stared at Ais in a daze.

Tsukasa also looked at the boy for a while, and he didn't know why he felt this boy reminded him of an ecchi manga protagonist.

Ais was confused and wondered whether the boy was wounded, but before she was going to ask...


The boy quickly ran away as if he had seen a devil.


Ais was also in a daze, and she was slightly depressed since she didn't expect someone would run away after she had helped him.

Tsukasa was speechless and asked, "Are you okay, Ais?" Even if Ais's expression was blank, he could see how gloomy and sad she was.

"Tsukasa, am I terrying?" Ais asked in low spirits. If she was terrying, then what did Tsukasa think?

"Of course not." Tsukasa patted Ais's head gently with a gentle smile and said, "Ais is cute. There's no way you're terrifying. If I see that boy again, I'll beat him and tell him how cute you are."

Ais blushed and felt embarrassed. She didn't dare to look at him again and could only lower her head. However, she was so happy that her heart was so jumpy. She didn't know what this feeling was, but she wanted to stay closer to him.

"......." Bete and Tiona.

"Tsukasa!" Tiona knew she needed to do something, or else Tsukasa would be stolen from her. However, she didn't know he was already stolen, and he didn't belong to her anymore.

Tsukasa could feel Bete staring dangerously at him, but he didn't care since, frankly, he had never thought of Bete as his opponent. Still, he knew he was already a scumbag, so he had to take a step forward, and he didn't have to hesitate.


Anyway, Tsukasa didn't take the initiative, and all the initiative was taken from them, so he didn't break his promise with Loki, so he was safe, right?


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