517 Growth

"That fallen spirit! How far would you be satisfied to mock my kin?!"

Riveria was gloomy and gritted her teeth.

Filvis's past had long been known to all the adventurers, especially the high-ranking Familia through the Occulus.

While they might feel empathetic about her tragic past, she had become an enemy, and the evil dragon had caused such a disaster, so no one was willing to step up for her.

All the adventurers and the powerless ordinary people could only pray at this moment.

Praying the brave warrior in the sky could defeat this evil dragon and save Orario.

Lefiya, who had the best relationship with Filvis, couldn't say a single word since she knew what was best for Filvis at that moment.

"Lefiya, are you ready?"

Loki came to her side.

Her face was neither frivolous nor serious. She just looked at this innocent elf girl with loving eyes.

Lefiya took a deep breath and knew she had to make up her mind.

This was something that she had decided before her departure.

Loki was able to cure her despair with "Filvis might still be alive" as a way to wake her up.

"However, think about it, Lefiya."

At that time, Loki said solemnly, "If Filvis is still alive, what will you do? Are you going to pretend and ignore everything she has done before? Or will you cut your relationship with her? It all depends on you."

Lefiya didn't want to escape from the "very" beginning."

She questioned her heart, and she got the answer.

This was the determination and answer she got before she walked into battle.

It had nothing to do with her will, Orario, or all the living beings in this place.

Instead, she only thought of the best answer for Filvis.

"Unleashed streaks of light, bow limbs of the holy tree. You are an expert at bowing. Shoot, sniper of the fairies."

The golden light converged and illuminated the resolute face of Lefiya.

Riveria looked at Lefiya and sighed with a complicated gaze.

"Penetrate the arrow for absolute accuracy!"

Lefiya raised her magic wand.

"Arcs Ray!"

She poured all of her magic power into this magic.

The golden light of arrows was like artillery bombardment, flashed from the ground to the sky and went straight toward the roaring evil dragon in the sky!

With a bang sound, the golden light arrows were shattered.

The evil dragon was unscathed, and she didn't even turn her gaze away from Tsukasa.

But Filvis's eyes reflected that familiar magic.

She froze in a trace.

From that splendid golden light, she seemed to see that innocent girl who brought her the light in her darkness-like life.

She could only show a wry smile before she closed her eyes slowly.

Tsukasa could only sigh when he saw what had happened. While he wanted to say he might be able to save Filvis, what about the other people who had been killed by her?

Could Filvis live a happy life under the corpse of all the people here?

He wasn't sure death was better for her, and it was also why he hesitated to kill the evil dragon since he would also kill Filvis in the process.

Still, more importantly, he was afraid to make Lefiya sad, so when he saw Lefiya's answer, he could only let out a long sigh.

Maybe, back then, Filvis had already died on the 27th Floor, and living was probably hell for her.

Tsukasa glanced down and said, "Then, I won't hesitate." He didn't hesitate to use his magic again.


Instantly, the pillar of blue light appeared again in the sky, attracting everyone's attention.

The main feature of "Balmung" wasn't its power but its instant activation, which could be done instantly.

The evil dragon and the fallen spirits froze in a place when they saw how Tsukasa could use his magic again.

Still, he ignored them and his strongest sword technique stance.

He pulled the "Balmung" back to the side and raised his sword horizontally.

His face was devoid of emotion, facing the evil dragon and the fallen spirit.

The evil dragon roared.

The fallen spirit screamed.

While they couldn't feel his emotion, they knew that they would die if they let him attack them!

It was impossible for them to escape, so they could do everything to block his attack!

An enormous magic circle suddenly appeared in front of the evil dragon.

The fallen spirit that had been preparing magic suddenly screamed, and ancient magic was cast.

It was magic to block his attack, so it could give her a chance to run away.

The fallen spirit had made up her mind to escape.

It took many things before she could escape to the surface. She didn't want to be trapped in the abyss again, and as long as she could escape, there was still a chance.


"Tsubame Gaeshi!"

Everyone, who saw everything in the mirror of god, was in a trace.

It was the most beautiful technique and his attempt to challenge god with mere human skill.

Combined with his magic, it had become a weapon that could destroy everything.

The blue pillar of light seemed serene, and at that moment, one blue pillar turned into three.

Everyone was almost blinded, but they didn't look away or blink their eyes.

The fallen spirit was unable to escape and was trapped in a place, but before she could react, three blue pillars of light cut down the magic circle and came to pull her into the underworld.

There was no screaming, but everyone could see the despair and unwillingness of the fallen spirit before it vanished into nothingness, leaving nothing behind.

Even the evil dragon also disintegrated, turned into burned ashes, and disappeared into the air.

Tsukasa also stopped flying and fell from the high altitude with a relieved expression.

That pure white elf also disappeared without a sound.

Filvis, who couldn't die even if she shattered her magic stone, was finally freed.

"May you be happy in the next life."

According to the people in this world, everyone would be reincarnated once they die.

Filvis was the same, so he only hoped she could be happy next life.

The blue light and the evil dragon, the fallen spirit, also disappeared, leaving only the shadow of the young man who fell from the sky in the mirror of god.

When he fell, suddenly he felt someone catch his back. He turned and saw Ais was there. "Thanks, Ais."

"It's okay. Take a rest."

Ais caressed his soft hair and showed a gentle smile.

The people on the ground roared in excitement.


"Win! We won!"

"Finally... finally, my child's revenge has been avenged!"

"Lili, the evil dragon has been defeated!

"Yes, Bell-sama!"

Cheers resounded through the sky.

Fill, Bell, and the others all cast relief and admiration.

"You are the best!"

Freya licked her thirsty lips with her alluring tender tongue and looked at the boy in midair, who was caught by someone.

"I can't believe it! It's impossible for me to lose! I have planned this plan for so many years!"

Dionysus yelled frantically, but he was knocked unconscious by Loki's punch.

Amidst the laughter, only Lefiya looked at where the evil dragon had disappeared, holding her wand tightly with both hands. Her shoulders trembled, and she was silent.

The growth of someone was always accompanied by loss.


A few days later, the fire that swept the city was finally extinguished with the efforts of everyone.

Nearly half of the entire Orario was destroyed by the evil dragon, with countless casualties and more than 10 billion in economic loss.

On the southern end of the city, the adventurer's graveyard was located there. It was located at the "very" edge of the city.

While many places were burnt into ashes, this was the only place that was still intact and okay.

Lefiya stood in front of the new tombstone.

Filvis Challia was the name written on this tombstone, but there was no corpse, only a wand and sword that Lefiya picked in the dungeon. These items were owned by Filvis, and it was something that Lefiya could only find as a substitute.

Soon, footsteps sounded from the side and attracted her attention.

White flowers appeared in front of her eyes, and the man placed those flowers on the tombstone of Filvis in silence.

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