175 Duo is a wonderful

Tsukasa's goodbye was heard by everyone, and they could see how he disappeared from the satellite, and no matter how many times they searched for him, it was impossible to search for his figures.

Looking at Sakuya's pale, loss, and sad expression, they knew everything was real, and it wasn't an act.

The Exceed, which was known as an obedient dog of Dawn Academy, had broken the chain and escaped from its master.

However, they didn't feel surprised by the fact Tsukasa was running away since, with how powerful he was, they knew it was impossible for him to work under someone.

Wasn't it better to become a boss by himself?

The only thing they were worried about was whether Tsukasa would bring chaos to this world or not.

Tsukasa was, without a doubt, dangerous. His might was outrageous that neither of the members of the Reign Conference could do anything to him, especially when they saw how he was able to create an explosion similar to a nuclear bomb.

As for where the source of his power was, they thought it was related to an Absolute Duo, and it was impossible to gain such a power from the Lukifer.

After all, even the strongest Exceed, Mikuni was unable to replicate what Tsukasa could do.

Even now, their bodies were still shaking when they saw how powerful he was and how a tsunami was formed after the explosion.

Luckily, it might be because of his last kindness that Tsukasa stopped the tsunami with his telekinesis before it wrecked everything apart.

Still, before the meeting ended, they talked for a while and discussed working together, using their power to search where he was since there was no way they could let him go like this.

However, everyone had their own agenda.

As for searching him for Sakuya, it was impossible, right?

As for Edward, this old man had ended, and he was caught by Sakuya's subordinates.

Mikuni looked at Sakuya with a sigh and brought her to rest in her office since he knew how deep her feeling toward Tsukasa was. If he met him, without a doubt, he would punch that guy, or else, he wouldn't be satisfied.

Mikuni tried to talk, but Sakuya didn't hear his voice. Everything only came to her right ear and left from her left ear.

Sakuya felt the world turned monochrome, and she was at a loss what to do.

The two walked into her office before they were dumbfounded.

"Mikuni-sensei. Sakuya." Tsukasa greeted them while drinking tea.

"......." Mikuni was dumbfounded.

"Tsukasa!" Sakuya jumped from Mikuni and hugged Tsukasa tightly.

"Hey, hey, don't hug me so suddenly." Tsukasa let out a helpless sigh as he closed the door with his telekinesis since it was better for no one to know he was here.

"Why are you here?" Mikuni asked with a complicated expression. He was just thinking about how to punch Tsukasa when they meet each other again in the future, but who would have thought he would suddenly appear here?

"Well, I leave my bag in my dorm," Tsukasa said with a cheeky smile. However, this was also the truth since he didn't


If Mikuni wasn't afraid of Tsukasa, he might really punch him now, but when he thought about how strong he was in martial arts and his ability, he decided to become a pacifist for a day.

"Why did you suddenly say that?" Sakuya asked.

When this question fell, Mikuni also looked at Tsukasa.

"Don't you understand the reason? If I stay after I show such a might, what will happen?" Tsukasa asked.


The two were in silence since they weren't stupid and understood instantly what was going to happen.

Tsukasa was strong, so strong, that he could bring fear to anyone in this world.

It was lucky his appearance was so handsome that many people would regard him as a God, Angel, or something more positive instead of a monster.

However, without a doubt, many people realized how dangerous he was.

The Dawn Organization, which was the one that sponsored the Kouryou Academy, wasn't a monolithic organization. It had many leaders, and each of them was different, but their agendas were the same since their purpose was to reach the Absolute Duo.

In other words, absolute power.

It wouldn't be weird if one of the leaders of the Dawn Organization suddenly proposed to dominate the world.

However, if that happened, then the six other organizations would fight the Dawn Organization!

Tsukasa would join the fight and became the Gungnir of the Dawn Organization, so Sakuya and the people he cared about wouldn't die or be hurt by the other six organizations who feared his power.

The balance and the status quo between the organizations were already perfect, and there was no need to break them.

It was also the reason why Tsukasa needed to pretend he was going to leave Sakuya without hesitation.

Sakuya and Mikuni also knew how serious the situation was, and they couldn't blame him for making such a decision without telling them since the result was good. Everyone believed Tsukasa had deserted and betrayed the Kouryou Academy and the Dawn Organization.

Tsukasa had become the enemy of the entire world.

However, it was better to become the enemy of the entire world instead of letting Sakuya in danger.

After all, if it was dangerous, Tsukasa could move to a different world.

"Can we marry now?" Sakuya asked so suddenly.


Tsukasa was speechless when he saw Sakuya become so obsessed right now.

"However, the fact I am going to leave hasn't changed since it'll be hard for me to stay here," Tsukasa said.

"...I see..." Sakuya didn't stop Tsukasa since she knew it was hard to keep him in this place. It wasn't impossible, but if he stayed here, without a doubt, many people in the Dawn Organization would try to use him, and she wasn't strong enough to control this entire organization.

'Control this organization...'

In the past, Sakuya only thought of reaching the Absolute Duo, but when she saw Tsukasa's power, she didn't think the Absolute Duo would be able to reach him, so right now, she changed her goal. She was going to control this organization, so he could stay with him peacefully. "Six years."


"Six years later." Sakuya looked at Tsukasa and said, "Let's get married to each other."


Tsukasa was at a loss.

Six years later, Sakuya would be 16, and it would be legal for her to marry Tsukasa.

"Let's talk about that matter later. I know you're busy right now. I won't bother you."

When Tsukasa wanted to go out, Sakuya quickly asked, "How long are you going to stay?"

"A few days? Longer is probably a week? It'll be weird if I stay here any longer after all." Tsukasa had said he would leave, but he kept staying, so what was he doing?

Tsukasa had planned to go to another world again since he saw there was another door that would connect him to a different world again.

"A week! Stay for a wee!" Sakuya said with a begging expression.

"Okay, okay. A week." Tsukasa nodded with a sigh before he left after he made a promise to Sakuya. While he was a scumbag, he was still a man, so he wouldn't break his promise. After walking out of Sakuya's office, he didn't return to his dorm immediately. Instead, he went to Miyabi's room after he knocked on the door.

"Miyabi, it's me."

The door was quickly opened, and Tsukasa was pulled inside before the door was closed hurriedly.

Tsukasa wanted to say something, but his mouth stopped when he saw two girls in front of him.

If Miyabi and Tomoe wore a normal uniform, Tsukasa wouldn't show such a reaction, but they were wearing lingerie.

Miyabi seemed to be proud of Tsukasa's reaction.

However, Tomoe was burning red, and she just wanted to hide right now. Still, when she noticed his eyes, she was so shy and kept glancing at him secretly while hiding beside Miyabi.

Tsukasa felt his throat was dry, but he forced himself to ask. "...Why are you wearing this?"

"Is it not good?" Miyabi asked.

"No, it suits you two well. No, I love them." Tsukasa gave up on thumps, but then he asked, "But why?" If Miyabi was alone, he would become a beast, but why was Tomoe here too?

"Tsukasa, we're a Duo. We'll be together from now on and in the future, so..." Miyabi looked at Tomoe for a moment, and even though Tomoe was shy, she also nodded.

"Can you take us together?" 2x


For the first time in his life, Tsukasa thought Duo was wonderful.

The three of them didn't waste their time, and the room soon turned into a battlefield between the three, but as expected, even though they fought as a Duo, Miyabi and Tomoe couldn't beat Tsukasa.

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