Is it wrong to be a badass in the dungeon? Book

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Is it wrong to be a badass in the dungeon?


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Since theres allot of danmachi fanfict that has A wimp mc and i cant find a fanfcit that fit my expectations i just created my own. --- what will happen if suddely smart characters from different anime suddenly get teleported to danmachi world? with a op ability they will dominate the world or maybe fight each other? also dont expect goku luffy or saitama i said Smart Characters! but expect Dio from JJBA Orikie from hyouka kirito maybe? siesta and maybe her assistant. a guy from Elite classroom and kyoya from Talentless nana also the mc is an introvert and is secretly obsesed with chocolates. NO DETECTIVE CONAN! also im filipino so expect me to be cringe!


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