Is It Okay For An Antagonist To Save The World?

Markus-001 , a 9-year-old professional assassin, mercenary, scientist, and scholar of the magic arts trained and conditioned at birth to have superior intellect and physical might and to especially be completely ruthless and efficient in killing, is suddenly tasked by his masters to be the bodyguard of the young lady Sophia Rosewood of the Rosewood marquess household, although perturbed by this he would soon realize exactly what kind of situation he’s in “Sophia Rosewood...isn’t that the name of one the protagonists of that RPG game that I recently beat?” And just like that Kazuki Amagiri a recent University graduate found himself in his favorite game franchise “Fires of Valentia” and what’s more he’s been reincarnated or more accurately had his soul merged with one of the Fires of Valentia’s most recurring antagonists the “party killer” Markus Silver famous for his ridiculous dps, hard counters and incredible speed “Isn’t he a mid-boss in fires of Valentia 1 and 3 and also the final boss of the second game?” “The Markus Silver famous for being the 3rd hardest boss in the franchise and also one of the most popular characters? Due to his personality or should I say lack thereof?” “Wait! If I remember correctly, he got killed by Sophia and Reinhard during the mid-chapters of the third game...” “Oh, fvck!...” How will this university graduate merged with the super antagonist change the course of destiny? Here are my Patreon and Discord please support me and my work: permanent invite link to my discord: https://discord.gg/UHjsjzDAHT Patreon: patreon.com/user?u=87172906

cier_Tempest · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
148 Chs

In loving memory

12:10 AM ET, 5/28/2023 in loving memory of a great woman and the best grandma a Vietnamese kid can ask for.

I love you grandma and I'll miss you, alot! Your milk coffee, the breakfast you made me, the times you were there when I needed you most. My life was richer and so much happier because I was lucky enough to be born your grandson.

I know I'm not good at talking and I know I haven't always been the best but wherever you are I hope you know that I love you with all of my heart.