Is always Happy After Ending? Book

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Is always Happy After Ending?


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"Do you know why you are here? What brings you here?" The lifeless eyes of Aurora stared with a blank expression on her face as the lady circled around her. "What is your wish? What does your heart desire, my child? Tell me about the beautiful voice that you have lost. Your sister took your voice due to envy," She paused, now standing in front of Aurora. "But you can get it back my child by stabbing her heart and wishing for what you desire the most." She said, holding her face between her hands staring into her eyes. "Not everyone is a saint here, there is always a demon hidden deep within your heart." Every story has its own ending, some make you jump in joy, some leave you a sobbing mess, some make history and some leave you in a mystery but the question is, is it always happy after the ending? 'Voice of love from the Sea' had its own happy ending where the prince and the princess lived happily ever after. The princess becomes the queen and gives birth to a beautiful child. This is the journey of a story after the ending where a character is meant to die by the betrayal of her own sister. The world of unknown where a reader transferred into the body of a character, the voice which has now lost its power. The world Daisy read is now going to be her life as Aurora, the side character of the book. The mystery which stayed in the dark will reveal now. The voice which made desires come true will now make your nightmares your reality. Will she gain it back or once again fall into the grave her sister has been digging for her? Will it end with love or will it end in pain? The unacceptable ending. Will you be the Saint or the Evil? "You are just a tool to win the love of my life back, just a tool to play with. Even if you run away, I will find you from wherever you are until the time I get Zoe back for myself, even if it means I have to kill anyone," he said, pushing me against the wall with a loud bang. 'Can I just give this brat a whack on his head? This is the reason why this brat didn't get the female lead' The book cover credit goes to its owner it has been edited by 'reinesse'. I hope you love and support my work, LOVE YOU READER-CHAN.


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