Chapter 374: Decoy Li Ghost Attracts Fire?

Translator: 549690339

The nighttime streets of Tokyo were even tenser than the night before, with police sirens sounding everywhere and patrolling officers visible at every corner.

Yusuf Zuck had left, walking the streets of Tokyo alone. After sharing one last meal with Yoko Ono, he turned and walked away.

There was a bit of heartlessness, but also a sense of relief, for the longer he spent with her, the greater his guilt grew; he didn't know how to face her.

If she had been an old Japanese lady, the damage would have been done; he would have eaten his fill, wiped his mouth, and walked away without looking back. But she wasn't an old Japanese lady; she was a young Japanese girl, pure, adorable, kind, and gentle—a quality that only made Yusuf feel more uneasy the more he interacted with her.

Hence, separating, not seeing her again, staying away from her, seemed to ease that sense of guilt somewhat.