Chapter 303: Five Shots and Still Alive

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"Don't kill me, don't kill me, Yusuf Zuck, I was wrong, Yusuf Zuck... What do you want, how much money do you want, I'll give you everything, please don't kill me..." Lucy Clayton, unable to stand any longer, kept crawling backwards because Yusuf Zuck was walking towards him.

What terrified him even more was the sword above Yusuf Zuck's head, because it was actually floating there.

Yusuf Zuck could become invisible and wield the Flying Sword, so Lucy Clayton was truly frightened. Had he known how formidable Yusuf Zuck was, why would he have tried to compete with him? He could've treated Yusuf Zuck like a king.

But now, he couldn't buy Regret Pills anymore.

"I'll ask you one more time, besides you, did Middle-sea's Master Five participate in this as well?" Yusuf Zuck arrived in front of Lucy Clayton, squatting beside him, he calmly asked.