1 Weird Dreams

"Its very crowded here yet no one sees me.. Why? Am I invisible... Oh God, help me please.... I want to go back. I want everyone to see me and hear me. Please help me. I beg you please...."

My eyes shot open after seeing that weird dream. The dream wasn't mine.... It was as if I was seeing someone else's dream.. It was weird. "ANDRIYA..... I want you to get out of bed right now. Get up!!!!" Yep, that was my mother. She's not like this usually but today it seemed like she was really in a bad mood. I sighed and got out of my soft comfy bed. Today I had to go to school. The most dreaded place of my life. Most of the people think we chill out at school but for me it was the exact opposite. That place ruined my life. I hated that place more than anything... that place is the place which made me wish that I never even .... .. That word reminded me of the weird dream I had.

"Andriya how long are you gonna be stuck in there for???? Get out! Fast! You are getting late.." my mom shouts from downstairs. "Yes mom, coming..." I shout back. I rush to get dressed. I pulled my hair into a high pony and stare into my image in the mirror. The girl who stares back has medium black hair and pale skin. I hate her. I hate myself

I quickly take my bag and go down to eat my breakfast. Dad is not here today. Mom was in the kitchen walking to and fro not knowing what she is supposed to do. She is always like this when she is pissed off. My brother was sitting in one corner and tapping away on his mobile. Seeing him sitting like that really gets on my nerves. I mean its really irritating when You want to talk to your sibling and they don't even seem to listen to whatever you are saying. Its really irritating.

I ate my food and started walking towards my school. The school is just a few blocks away from my house. After a fifteen minute walk I reach school. I take a deep breath and tell myself "Calm down Andriya. It would be like any other day in school." and thus I began my yet another dreadful day in school.

As soon as I finished talking to myself, someone behind me said " Hey!! What's up?" . This person was one of my crazy stupid so called 'friends'. "Hey Ryan" I said. Now you would be wondering who he is? Let me introduce him. Ryan was a quiet person who just loved to sleep. Sleep was like his soulmate.

I turn around and ruffled his hair, he hates that "Good morning Ryan. How you doing?" I asked him. "I was doing fine till 'You' decided to spoil my hair." he said, trying to make his hair sit still. I laughed and started walking towards the school. He walked with me.

When we were turning to the next corridor we bumped into someone." Ow.." "Ow.. watch where you go guys." We groaned. " Hey Zoey... Sorry for bumping into you." This is Zoey. If I start talking about her it would end up as a really long story. So making the long story short she was like an annoying little sister that kept testing your patience. She loved to know all about zodiac signs. She was like a walking dictionary of zodiacs if you ask me. It was really amazing and at the same time tiring too... Only a person with a lot of patience could get along with her. So that person was definitely not me I lose my temper really easily especially when she was around... The person who got along with her really well was Ryan. When it comes to patience and holding one's temper he was the best.

" So have you guys seen Alan yet." she asked us. We just shook no. " He is probably out with his football buddies" I said. Then we walk towards our locker, while Zoey and Ryan start talking about the latest episode of their favorite series.. I walked behind them. Suddenly I felt a little cold as if something or someone passed by. I turned around and saw nothing. Maybe it was just my imagination. I started walking towards them .

I bid them goodbye and head towards my first class which happens to be English . Whenever someone asks me about my favorite subject I would say it is English. I mean like who wouldn't like it. It's one of the easiest and a very entertaining one. So in short I just love it. We were studying 'Tempest' . I love Shakespeare and all his plays. They are really captivating. When I got into the class I saw Alan waving at me. I walked in his direction and saw that he had saved a seat for me. He loved English as much as I did.

He is really nice actually. He is caring, considerate and all but if you cross your line and piss him off he is the worst. But he is and would be the most irresponsible person I would ever meet. He literally forgets everything and loses everything. Thinking of him leading a life alone even for a few days would be drastic.

" Hey Alan.. Thanks for saving me a seat. And where were you today? Zoey was asking for you." " Oh is it.... I wonder why... Oh crap.. I had to give her some money I lend from her.. I forgot. She is going to burn me." " You always forget things, right?? I mean you should change your habit soon. You are really irrespon--- " I was cut off by him. " Okay fine I get it mam you don't have to make a speech on that. Now help me please.." " Fine but this would be the last time I would help you " " Thank you Andriya... You are an angel.." " Well, I wont be an angel next time, okay." Then Miss Jessica starts with our class.

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