2 Chapter 002: Heaven-level Cultivation Method

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"Start a scandal?" Liu Ruoning looked at Yang Zhen blankly, "How do I start a scandal?"

The eldest sister, known for her beauty and kindness, garnered admiration from countless members of the Shangyuan Sect. The Sect Master of the Sword Servant Sect proposed to her with Duan Langcai. This led many disciples, including Yang Zhen, to train relentlessly in a bid to end the proposed union between the two sects.

Yang Zhen feared Liu Ruoning might commit a foolish act, so he pulled her towards him roughly. However, Liu Ruoning was a woman of unparalleled beauty and figure. How could she be married off to another man, let alone a man who was clearly a scumbag?

If it had been any other time, Liu Ruoning would've unsheathed her sword in anger against Yang Zhen's recklessness. But now, she was perturbed. Yang Zhen's sudden actions had caught her off guard, especially when she heard his words; she saw him as her last lifeline.

Yang Zhen stared into Liu Ruoning's eyes, and sensing her chaotic aura, he was more resolved than ever to prevent this union.

"For Senior Sister to defeat Duan Langcai, I've been racking my brains these past few days. As you've said before, only when you are powerful can you grasp your own fate."

"I can't dispute that," Liu Ruoning replied with a bitter smile. "Your senior sister knows about your feelings, junior brother. But I've been brought up in the Shangyuan Sect since I was a child, and with the master treating me as his own, I can't defy him or the sect. The only feasible way is to defeat Duan Langcai and prove that I have the potential to transcend the Transcendent Realm and enter the Celestial Being Realm. However, how easy is it to defeat Duan Langcai?"

The Nether State Continent was divided into four cultivation realms: the Transcendent Realm, the Celestial Being Realm, the Saint Realm, and the Great Emperor Realm. The Transcendent Realm was further split into four stages: the Nascent Stage, the Foundation Establishment Stage, the Minor Mahayana Phase, and the Golden Core Stage. Only by transcending the Golden Core Stage and entering the Celestial Being Realm could one truly be considered a formidable force on the Nether State Continent.

Yang Zhen blinked, looking at Liu Ruoning and asked, "How would you thank me, if I had a way?"

"You have a way?" Liu Ruoning was taken aback before crying out, "What way could you possibly have?"

Yang Zhen went behind Liu Ruoning, placed his hand between her brows, and said hurriedly as she recoiled in shock, "Hold your breath and concentrate. Memorize the path of the True Essence. I am only teaching you once!"

With that, Yang Zhen stimulated a surge of True Essence from the finger pressed between Liu Ruoning's brows and channeled it into her body.

"True Essence entering the body?" cried out Liu Ruoning, not daring to be negligent as she set her mind on memorizing the pathway of Yang Zhen's True Essence circulating within her body.

Within the span of a few breaths, Yang Zhen was bathed in sweat with his face turning pale as he released his finger from Liu Ruoning's forehead.

His current cultivation was merely at the initial stage of the Nascent Realm. Employing True Essence to enter the body was a bit of a stretch for him. Seeing Liu Ruoning immersed in enlightenment, he walked over to the side to rest.

He had already imparted the method of cultivating the Dayan Wind and Thunder Sword to Liu Ruoning, directly imprinting his profound insights in her body through the method of injecting True Essence into her body.

How much Liu Ruoning could grasp was up to her own fortune.

The Dayan Wind and Thunder Sword was merely a Heaven-level martial skill, not a Cultivation Method. Yang Zhen mastered this powerful martial skill but lacked the requisite True Essence to execute it. Feeling frustrated, he began contemplating the basic Cultivation Method of the Shangyuan Sect, the Shangyuan Scripture.

The Shangyuan Scripture was a Profound-level Cultivation Method. Though not considered advanced, it was a rare method in the Shangyuan Sect. It was said to have been found by the founder in a mysterious place. At first, the method was incomplete, but the founder refined a part of it, creating the present-day Shangyuan Scripture.

Yang Zhen silently recited the Shangyuan Scripture and began practicing in his normal manner.


An explosive sound echoed in his mind, like a stormy sea of terrifying shockwaves surging forward wildly. Under this intense onslaught, Yang Zhen almost spat out blood.

A flood of cryptic information, like a star-studded sky, reorganized itself in Yang Zhen's mind, instantly transforming the Shangyuan Scripture beyond recognition.

Shangyuan Ancient Scripture!

Four characters that looked like dragons entwining shone brilliantly in Yang Zhen's mind, emitting a terrifying aura that gave rise to fear in his heart.


Yang Zhen felt a wave of elation inside, but his face remained stoic. He took a deep breath and stopped his meditation.

This brain is extraordinary, it can automatically maximize the attributes of cultivation methods and martial skills?

Suddenly, a soft scolding from Liu Ruoning echoed beside Yang Zhen's ear. He turned his head to look and was immediately stunned.

Liu Ruoning's sword was like a dragon, resounding between heaven and earth.

Underneath the terrifying gale, Liu Ruoning was light as a rainbow, her long sword was flying upside down in her hand, her clothes flapping vigorously. A series of terrifying thunder dragons were roaring around her, surging and plummeting.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying Thunder Gang roared and snarled in mid-air, with rays of sword light shooting out in all directions. The gale was harsh, and the sword aura was even more ferocious.

Yang Zhen widened his eyes, "My goodness, heaven-level martial skills are so terrifying?"

Amidst the rumble of heaven and earth, strands of overwhelming true essence flowed towards Changyue Peak, with lightning flashing and illuminating thousands of meters, making Liu Ruoning look heroic and dashing.


At Sky-reaching Main Peak, within the main hall of the Shangyuan Sect, the Changyue Real Man's phoenix eyes congealed, coldly looking at an elderly man in front of him, "Great elder brother, are you determined to perpetuate this disastrous destiny?"

The great elder of the Shangyuan Sect, Gou Shengtian, furrowed his eyebrows, "Junior sister, don't be angry. Our Shangyuan Sect is declining, if we don't get the extra support from the Sword Servant Sect, I'm afraid we won't be able to attend the great gathering in Nether State. At that time, neither you nor I will be able to maintain the daily expenses of the Shangyuan Sect. Are we going to watch our ancestors' legacy be wasted in our hands?"

"We can't gamble with Ruoning's lifelong happiness as the stake, for the Sword Servant Sect's wild ambition. Surely, you know this?"

"Junior sister, you understand in your heart…"

"I do not understand!" Changyue Real Man coldly hummed, saying, "In ten days, if Ruoning is still unwilling, then do not blame me for being ruthless and killing Duan Langcai myself!"

"You… You are being unreasonable!" The Great Elder trembled all over, pointing at Changyue Real Man and unable to speak.

"Enough, no more arguing!" The Sect Master Lu Chenghui spoke in a deep voice, "Junior brother, junior sister is right, this matter ultimately depends on the decision of the child Ruoning. However, it is an undeniable fact that the Shangyuan Sect indeed needs the support from the Sword Servant Sect."

"The Sect Master is wise. Duan Langcai is nothing more than young and impulsive. A man who is not frivolous is in vain as a youth. He is talented and will accomplish great things in the future. Liu Ruoning wouldn't be wronged if she were to form a Dao couple with him."

Lu Chenghui sighed, was about to speak when he suddenly sensed something and exclaimed.

Gou Shengtian and Changyue Real Man also sensed something, looked out in confusion.

"This power..." Gou Shengtian's eyes flashed a hint of surprise, then joyously said, "This is the power of a Heaven-level martial skill, it must be my disciple who has broken through. He is currently comprehending the 'Rushing Thunder Movement' in Fangyue Cave. Only the 'Rushing Thunder Movement', which is a Heaven-level cultivation method, can release such tremendous power."

What Yang Zhen didn't know was that the Shangyuan Sect did have Heaven-level cultivation methods, but no one could comprehend them at present.

Gou Shengtian had a delighted look on his face, and while talking, he ran outwards. As he was running, he suddenly stopped, turned back and said to Lu Chenghui, "Master Brother, those who can comprehend Heaven-level cultivation methods must have supreme talent and are sure to become the pillars of our Shangyuan Sect. We must do our utmost to cultivate them."

Lu Chenghui's expression was strange, and he nodded, "Of course, but… this energy seems not to emanate from Fangyue Cave, but from Qiyun Peak."


As he was turning around, Gou Shengtian stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

Lightning flickered beneath the feet of Changyue Real Man and with a swoosh, she rushed towards the direction of Changyue Peak.

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