1 Chapter 001 - Off-the-chart Characteristics

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White Cloud Mountain, Qiyun Peak, inside a wooden house.

Yang Zhen, having just merged his memory, muttered in shock: "Lowest aptitude? How am I supposed to cultivate? This is hopeless!"

Upon waking up, Yang Zhen found himself in a cultivation world known as Nether State, but he was the biggest loser in the Shangyuan Sect with the lowest aptitude. It was like someone told him he won a million-dollar lottery, but before he could even celebrate, the person apologized for mistaking him for someone else.

This bucket of cold water left Yang Zhen chilled to the bone.

Just as Yang Zhen was in despair, a burst of colorful light erupted from his body, as if the chants of endless celestial laws resounded in his ears, with countless currents of energy pouring into him.

The next moment, Yang Zhen felt like the entire world in front of him was different, his body felt light as if it were fused with heaven and earth, his senses were heightened as if he could perceive the origin of the world, even his breathing seemed to harmonize with the celestial orders.

An attribute panel flashed in front of Yang Zhen.

Physique: SSSSSSSSR+

Comprehension: SSSSSSSSR+

Endurance: SSSSSSSSR+

Spiritual Sense: SSSSSSSSR+

Even after the panel disappeared, Yang Zhen still hadn't reacted, muttering to himself: "This is incredible!"

The physique signifies talent; comprehension determines the destiny; endurance influences cultivation, and spiritual sense represents potential.

Among the practitioners of Nether State, Yang Zhen had spectacularly surpassed usual aptitude levels across all four attributes. This was something unprecedented throughout tens of thousands of years… only Yang Zhen achieved it!

The door was suddenly pushed open, and a young woman, dressed in a long white robe, rushed in.

This young woman did not wear any makeup, her sublime elegance suggested that she was not tainted by the mundane world. Her gait reflected a sort of worry. Coming up to Yang Zhen, she said sympathetically: "Junior Brother, did you have another nightmare?"

Yang Zhen looked at the young woman in front of him, wearing traditional clothes and her hair styled in a disorderly bun. He recognized her as Senior Sister Liu Ruoning from the Shangyuan Sect, who had reached the third level of the nascent stage. Meanwhile, Yang Zhen was the youngest disciple of Master Changyue, who had just broken through to the first level of the nascent stage.

"Junior Brother, are you okay?" Liu Ruoning saw Yang Zhen lost in thought and her worry deepened.

"You don't have to push yourself so hard. Even if you cultivate day and night, you're still no match for Duan Langcai. I will eventually have to marry into Sword Servant Sect," she said.

Having merged his memories, Yang Zhen was aware of this matter. The master of the Sword Servant Sect, together with Duan Langcai, had proposed to the Shangyuan Sect, offering irresistible benefits. Yang Zhen had landed in this world because the original Yang Zhen had died from his overzealous cultivation practice intended to help his Senior Sister, which led to a backlash from his cultivation method.

"Senior Sister, are you really willing to marry that Duan Langcai?"

The rumors about Duan Langcai were well-known to everyone in the Shangyuan Sect. This scoundrel was not only treacherous by nature but also infamous for his unfaithfulness, and no woman was willing to engage with him.

Liu Ruoning gave a bitter smile, a hint of despair flashed in her eyes as she shook her head and said,

"What can I do if I begrudge? You can't understand. Never mind, since you're doing well, you should just focus on your cultivation. My affair is the decision of the sect. Unless I can defeat Duan Langcai with my own hands in ten days, there's no room for maneuver. But... he is already in the ninth level of the nascent stage, and he has practiced an Earth-level martial skill. How can I beat him?"

The ninth level of nascent stage, Earth-level martial skill.

These two aspects alone made Liu Ruoning's destiny irreversible, no matter how hard she tried.

As Liu Ruoning was about to leave, she stopped at the door and her mournful voice echoed, "Vast wilderness evolves into dust after numerous autumns; the daunting journey to immortality brings lifelong sorrow. Junior brother, remember that only when you become strong can you control your own destiny in the long path of cultivation."

Earth-level martial skill?

After Liu Ruoning had left, Yang Zhen started pondering, sitting on a bamboo couch. Suddenly, he remembered the high-level Yellow-ranked martial skill Liu Ruoning practiced – the Wind and Thunder Sword!

Yellow-ranked was two grades lower than Earth-level. Even though they were all considered worldly cultivation methods, the gap couldn't be bridged with just being high-ranked.

The Heaven-Earth-mysterious-yellow four-ranked cultivation methods were categorized as worldly, but the entire Shangyuan Sect could not introduce any Earth-level martial skill, let alone Heaven-rank, which was a grade higher than Earth-level.

Yang Zhen had also practiced the Wind and Thunder Sword, but due to his dull aptitude, he hadn't mastered its essence. However, that didn't prevent him from knowing the method of cultivating the Wind and Thunder Sword.

Just when he thought of the Wind and Thunder Sword, Yang Zhen's mind buzzed, and a more profound and deep cultivation method appeared. The Dayan Wind and Thunder Sword!

What was this?

Yang Zhen's eyes instantly brightened.

The Dayan Wind and Thunder Sword and the Wind and Thunder Sword were similar but vastly more powerful. It seemed like it was a result of the Wind and Thunder Sword being augmented several times over.

What shocked Yang Zhen was that he had never seen this cultivation method before, and this was… Heaven-level!

Heaven-level cultivation methods were unprecedented; not even the Sword Servant Sect, which had long been suppressing the Shangyuan Sect, could produce one.

Yang Zhen was thrilled. He shot up and walked out, casually carrying the long sword from the bamboo couch.

The Wind and Thunder Sword was only a Yellow-level cultivation method, and Yang Zhen had not grasped its essence after half a year of practice. However, at this moment, he felt that he had wholly mastered the Dayan Wind and Thunder Sword, even reaching the peak of proficiency.

Was it the benefit of having such high aptitude?

Yang Zhen decided to find a deserted place to try out his new-found skill. If it proved as he thought, it would be significant progress.

There were a total of three peaks in the Shangyuan Sect, and Yang Zhen was on a peak named Changyue - where disciples led by Master Changyue practiced and lived.

At the highest point of Changyue Peak, there was a platform where the wind blew relentlessly, and disciples generally avoided the area.

When Yang Zhen arrived at the Changyue platform, he froze. Amid the fierce wind, a defiant figure in white wielded a long sword. She danced like lightning, and her elegance was an exquisite sight to behold. It was his Senior Sister Liu Ruoning.

Suddenly, Liu Ruoning grunted in pain, stumbled, and fell to the ground. She muttered in despair, "It's still not working?"

Finishing her words, Liu Ruoning suddenly stood up, desolately like a person in utter despair, and slowly walked to the edge of the platform.

One more step forward, and it would be a lethal plunge.

"Master, I apologize for not being obedient. I would rather die than marry that shameless Duan Langcai," she said.

Just as Liu Ruoning was about to leap off the edge, Yang Zhen stepped forward and shouted, "Senior Sister, wait!"

Liu Ruoning was taken aback, turned to look at Yang Zhen, and said with a bitter smile, "Junior Brother, why are you here?"

Yang Zhen moved closer to Liu Ruoning and silently looked at her.

Liu Ruoning was slightly unsettled by Yang Zhen's stern gaze. She looked at Yang Zhen with confusion.


"Ah! Junior brother, you…"

Yang Zhen pulled Liu Ruoning back, stared into her eyes, and said, "What are you thinking? You want to die if you can't win?"

Startled, Liu Ruoning recoiled a step or two. Her eyes filled with despair, she wailed, "What should I do?"

"What should you do?" Yang Zhen retorted, "Of course, you should try to cause as much chaos as possible, the bigger, the better. Let me help you."

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