Chapter 264: Young Master, I'm Late

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Everyone was so shocked that they were at a loss for words for a long while.

Not a soul spoke out.

Only the whispering voices of Zhu Xuan and a few others could be heard.

You Yi, who had just wanted to challenge Yang Xiaotian and had wished to sever his head, was now rendered speechless.

Wu Peng also remained silent, unable to use words to describe his emotions at the moment.

He had not expected that Lord Long, whom they had been desperately searching for and wishing to form an alliance with, turned out to be the youth in front of him who had control over the Divine Flame and had condensed a Divine Elixir!

It was the very same Yang Xiaotian whom he had just tried to crush to death!

Yang Xiaotian was Lord Long!

He found it hard to believe, unconvincing and unacceptable.

After a long while, the experts from the four Supreme Sects slowly recovered their senses.

But, none of the people like Zhao Jinzhou or Jiu Wu dared to make a move.

Everyone's eyes turned to Wu Peng.