Chapter 250: Already Reached the 17th Sword Stele

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The disciples of the True Dragon Divine Sect shook their heads when they saw Yang Xiaotian agreed to the contest.

Yang Xiaotian had condensed six Nine-Colored Sword Hearts, and his talent in Sword Dao was indeed against the heavens, but everyone thought it was impossible for him to fully comprehend the first ten Sword Steles in half a year.

No one was optimistic about Yang Xiaotian.

"If Divine Yang loses, wouldn't he be unable to use a sword in the future?" a Core Disciple worriedly said, "Divine Yang has the potential of a Sword God; if he can't use a sword, how can he become a Sword God?"

Many disciples of the True Dragon Divine Sect also thought of this problem and showed worried expressions.

Yang Xiaotian originally had the potential to become a Sword God, but because of this bet, he might waste the opportunity to become a Sword God in the future, which was a great pity.