Chapter 241 The King of Netherworld is Startled

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When Yang Xiaotian recognized his identity, the King of Netherworld was taken aback, looking at Yang Xiaotian with surprised doubt.

"Speak, who sent you?" Xiaotian looked at his opponent, "I could spare your life."

Upon hearing these words, the King of Netherworld laughed, his laugh raspy and extremely piercing, "Kid, this is the True Dragon Secret Realm, completely isolated from the outside, even if I kill you here, Yang Zhengqing and the Dragon Ancestor outside will never know."

"And you will spare me?"

For the past two days, he had restrained himself from taking action, waiting for Xiaotian to enter the True Dragon Secret Realm before making a move.

After all, if he took action outside, it would alert the likes of Yang Zhengqing and the Dragon Ancestor.

But once inside the True Dragon Secret Realm, he could act without any concerns.

As he spoke, the Blade of Death in his hand flashed with a cold light, instantly slicing towards Xiaotian's throat.